10 Money Saving Cruise Tips

10 Money Saving Cruise Tips. many people avoid cruises because they think it’s just too expensive. Here are 10 money saving tips that just might help you change your mind about cruising.

Most of these 10 money saving tips take very little effort to do and you won’t feel like your missing anything on the cruise.

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hi everyone its dawn from Dawn's family vacation today I'm gonna give you ten money-saving tips and yeah I'm gonna throw in one more at the end as well so let's make it 1111 money-saving tips for your next cruise or your first cruise or just some hacks it'll help you save a little bit maybe you can actually do more cruising because of them and we're going to talk about it right after this number one my first money saving tip is and a lot of people will say well this is kind of self-promotion Don you're an agent of course you're gonna say this but here's my suggestion yes use a travel agent because for instance myself I have a websites that I can search for a carnival cruise I don't just have to look on Carnival I have other websites at my disposal that the ordinary person doesn't and here's what I suggest everybody look online find your cruise that you want to take and find how much it'll cost you then contact an agent tell them this is the price I have and if the agent can at least match it you're still gonna get a lot of benefits from using an agent so you're not gonna pay any extra for using the agent because it's the cruise lines that pay them so what you see on the cruise lines website and the agent quotes the same price that's the price it's gonna be no extra charge to you the difference is so say you're booking now we're gonna go on a January 2019 cruise so about a year and a couple months in the future are you gonna check the cruise lines website every week to find out if there's a deal going on and you're gonna save some money no but guess what the agent does the agent logs on the sites every single week if not daily to see if anything's being announced and anything's good can cost you some saving some money so what you cost if he notices oh you know what here's a deal from your state or your province that's gonna give you an extra $50 a person off he will make the changes and then he'll email you and say look I got the exact same thing but you're saving $100 you won't get that if you're booking it by yourself more people lose out money that way by not using an agent because they think an agent cost some money and an agent should never cost you any extra money than the exact same price you get on the cruises website number two you're looking for an ocean view cabin and so that's what you search here's a little tip search for the inside stateroom first get the quote on the lowest price one that you can find continue on into the ordering process as if you were gonna book it and suddenly a little what you like to upgrade screen comes on and you'll see balconies ocean views and upgraded inside staterooms but quite often you can get an oceanview stateroom upgrade from the inside stateroom cheaper than if you booked the ocean view directly sometimes a hundred dollars a person cheaper so don't be afraid to investigate that as well I know most of us travel agents will do that just to see if we can find you a better deal so keep that in mind start off with the stateroom that you don't want just below the one you want and see what the upgrade cost would be then try looking at what the cost would be if you booked it directly you just might see some savings there number three a lot of people who go on a group cruise or their returning guests on cruises and they get onboard credits or even an agency will offer onboard credits for booking through them if this happens if you don't use those onboard credits you'll lose them completely so here's a tip what you can do you can use it in the casino if you want on the last day or you can use that money to pay off the gratuities that they're going to charge to your room for staying on this on the cruise anyway which is anywhere from twelve to sixteen dollars a day per person so if you have $50 left over on onboard credits and you didn't really buy anything on the cruise and you have it just put it towards your gratuity because if you don't you're just gonna lose that fifty dollars and every little bit helps when you're trying to save money number four I'm not saying for everybody but for the majority of people out there the non-alcoholic classic beverage package is the best deal out there it covers water soda and specialty coffees so that's pretty well what most of us drink on a daily basis now one more on vacation sometimes we like to splurge and have a few breaks here and there and things nice so price it out to yourself the difference between the alcoholic package and the non-alcoholic package if you're only gonna have a glass of wine at night maybe one drink chances are the non-alcoholic package would be a better deal for you than the full-blown alcohol package which would cost $80 to $90 as a person so keep that in mind as well and buying two pops a coffee and a bottle of water a day will automatically cover usually the cost of what that non-alcoholic beverage package would be number five you're at a small port you're not traveling around the two-and-a-half hour excursion out to the Mayan ruins or something in the Riviera Maya or in Cozumel but you're staying close by in to where the ship docks so why not come back to the ship at lunch to eat because it's already included in the cost so why have like three or four years out on an excursion and spend a hundred hundred ten dollars on lunch waiting to just head back to the ship get back on board in 10 minutes 15 minutes eat and then head back out and do some more sightseeing it's a great way to save some money because it's already paid for in the price of your cruise number six any luxury service like a spa service or any kind is much cheaper if you booked it on a port day when everybody's off the ship because the spas are looking for customers then so they're less busy a lot of prime time are ready and available you can spend more time there they don't rush you so if you're looking for the best spa deals make sure you do it on a portent day number seven I don't care if you cruise twice a year or once every five years whenever you take a cruise join their members services it's free it doesn't cost you anything and it's a great way to accumulate perks whether you go on a cruise I know people who have been on one seven-day cruise and then go on that same cruise line five years later only the support find out they get a free bottle of champagne because they cruise for seven days if you don't sign up for that service you're not gonna get any of those perks and they can add up quite fast being someone like myself and cruises a lot I'm at the top level of a couple cruise lines out there and if I was to pay for those items I'd be paying two and three hundred dollars more cruise for those items I may not use them but they're there and they're free what the heck sign it up register they're gonna send you a couple emails once in a while you just delete them if you don't want to look at them but those perks will add up especially if you like to use the same cruise line over and over again number eight unless that's included in the cost of your cruise skip the internet packages there's two reasons for this one of the reasons is it's very expensive onboard another reason is they may say oh look it's you can get two hundred and fifty minutes but then there's also a data usage attached to that so yeah you can have two hundred fifty minutes but you may only get three gigs of data or five gigs of data and some people go online and they think they have 250 minutes and they start streaming a movie the next thing you know they oh one other hundred dollars because they've gone over their usage so keep that in mind if you can avoid it at all skip the Internet you're on a cruise you don't need to surf the web just enjoy your cruise number nine while it's okay to shop on board the cruise ships especially window shop in the beginning I would not buy anything on a cruise in the first half of your Kruse because there's no real deals to be had but closer you get to the end of the cruise that's when you start seeing things marked off 40 50 60 percent as they're trying to make room for inventory that's got that they've already ordered for the same display cases so if they don't sell those items in the display cases they got a store those items somewhere in the back rooms and they don't want to do that so they're just they're ready to mark off they're ready to mark down and I've seen 80 percent off on the final day of a cruise and I did see the exact same price at full price on the first day so it does pay to wait be patient don't be one of those people say I gotta have it now what if you wait three days you could save 50 percent number 10 if you know that you're gonna do these things anyway so you know you're gonna have you're gonna want to eat in some specialty dining you know you're gonna want to have a spa day buy them in advance of your cruise instead of waiting until you're on board you can save up to 25 to 30 percent sometimes by ordering in advance instead of waiting to you get on the ship the longer you wait chances are the prices are only gonna go up so if you can book it early and finally number 11 a lot of people don't know this but when they're looking for a cruise they'll just say I'm wanna go on a cruise in February and they'll punch February in is the month and they'll look at the first cruise that comes up and they'll look at that price well believe it or not cruise the exact same itinerary the exact same ship the exact same port and cruise from one week to the next can be drastically different for instance I'm taking a Norwegian getaway cruise on December 3rd this year December 3rd the beginning starting price for me was around $1,000 the very next week one week later was $1,400 the exact same cruise the exact same stateroom the exact same number of stateroom so if you're looking for a cruising you have some flexibility and when you're gonna trip make sure you check all the different dates of the month you want to travel in because you could save 4050 percent sometimes depending on if you're getting close to a holiday or kids are off school so don't be afraid to search more than just the month check the date of the month because December can go up 80% the closer you get to New Year's and closer you get to Christmas so there you go there's a quick 11 items that can save you quite a bit of money if you happen to catch all of these at the same time you would save an awful lot of money on a cruise and I hope you like this video if you did please give it a thumbs up if you want to see more trip videos and more tip videos please hit that subscribe button and we're gonna be doing some live blogging soon and some live question and answers coming up in a new year also because some people have been asking me lately have been getting a lot of emails my health is getting much much better you can see my hair is growing back and everything and that being said I decided to go back with my agency again this month and so I'll be starting up being able to book for people if anyone's looking for anything or even if you just want some suggestions or some hearings don't feel that if you contact me I'm gonna pressure you to book with me or anything like that ask anybody who's contacted me so far no pressure whatsoever no charges whatsoever if you just have some questions I'm gonna answer them for you and I'll get back pretty darn quick so down below I'm gonna leave a link to my email address if you have any questions whatsoever but like my first tip in this video suggested check a price find out what its gonna be get yourself a ballpark and then contact an agent like myself because then you're gonna know if you're getting a good deal or not and if you're getting at least the exact same price the cruise line is going at least you have that agent working on your behalf yet things get lower in places or if something happens so again until next time I hope you have a safe and a great vacation

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  1. Great video Don, but the key question is how many Travel Agents are going to have your interests in mind to save you $50 more even if they could, I guess if you find a great agent who works for you you are in luck, key is to find that person and how do you do that for someone new?

  2. Thanks Don, I love your videos. I’m from Australia and love cruising. We have booked a cruise with princess to go around the
    British isles next year, any great tips for that part of the world.

  3. A money saving tip that I have not seen anywhere is this: Carnival Corporation offers stockholders who own at least 100 shares of Carnival stock on-board credits for as much as $250 for a 15 day or longer cruise. The cruise lines under the Carnival umbrella include: Princess, Holland America, Carnival and others. The only requirement is for the stockholder to provide a copy of proof of ownership mailed to corporate headquarters at least 2 weeks before the cruise date. Contact Carnival Corporation directly for more information. Princess also offers Military active duty an Veterans a great OBC.

  4. I never pay extra for anything at all.   No internet, no spa, no bar, no speciality dining, no photos.  I always go back to the ship for lunch.  I never use their excursions unless there is no alternative.  I don't get a drinks package either.  The free water tea and free juice and soft drinks bought ashore are fine for us.  We still manage to have a great time.

  5. I'm confused in one part of video you said #5 -book a spa treatment on the days youre in port (cheaper – no wait) but in #10 you said to book these in advance to save money, so which why is it ?

  6. when you use a travel agency do you still earn peaks or credit towards that cruise line like for instance when I go on a carnival cruise I always take a large group 12 to 16 people do I get that credit or does the travel agency get that credit or perks

  7. Great tips! It’s 90 days til my Cozumel Cruise in April. It’s our first cruise so we’re very excited! So this info is extremely helpful. We have credit so we will use it well.

  8. I don't care for his rants because they are often based on peeves of his and not necessarily something that you will find on every cruise. But, this had good information and can help to save money. I'm not a fan of spas on ships for any reason or price. For the tours at ports you should do your homework. In San Juan I checked google maps to see where the ship came in and what was close. I saw that the old fort was within a short walk through Old San Juan. You can walk to the fort, pay $7.00 each to get in, pay for a tour the national park has, explore on your own, then take a leisurely walk back to the ship and eat there as Don suggested or eat a local restaurant and pay about a third of the cost to book a tour to the fort. The one interesting suggestion he had on this video was to book early for restaurants. In a previous video he complained about having to book early for something on the ship. So, avoid his rant videos.

  9. Here is my #1 cost-saving tip for cruising: If you want to go on a shore excursion, book it through the cruise line and NOT through a private business. If you book through the cruise line, this guarantees they will get you back to your ship before it sails or they will pay to get you to the next port stop on your cruise. If you book privately and the excursion is so late getting back that your ship sails without you, you will be stuck with all the expenses of traveling to the next port to catch your ship.

  10. I was looking on a sight on my own and realized for carnival cruise for 6 people. Of course we have to get 2 rooms to cover everyone. I put in several ways and realize the amount changes. I ordered one balcony room and one interior room across the balcony. I found that if I put 4 in balcony and 2 in interior. I only was being charged 1907.12. Where if I put 4 in the Interior and 2 in balcony I was being charged 2400. Why? So if I call a travel agent, would they find that cheapest way or give me the more expensive one…would you look for this the way I did. Looking for the cheapest way to go with the 2 rooms?

  11. The travel agent my family uses has booking fees and flight fees. I feel like it’s worth it because she takes care of all the details. And the fees aren’t very much less than $100.

  12. Question Don, I recently see where you can get 10,000 points through a Royal Caribbean Visa if you charge within a certain amount of time. Is that points that would go toward my Crown and royal Status??

  13. Hey Don, I live in the Washington DC area and I am relatively new to the cruising scene. I did my first cruise about 3 years ago, it was a 10-day cruise to the Western Caribbean with RCCL and I just booked my second cruise for November of 2019 with RCCL. I have no idea where to search for reputable travel agents. I'm hoping you might be able to give me some referrals or even take me on as a agent. Thanks I hope to hear back from you soon. ^Edward

  14. Like u said just do not stream any net .in my personal thought they should give u internet.much ad u pay for a cruise and as many people spend a lot of money on them.they can afford to give some free internet.even abroard.not phone minutes I understand that s with ure provider,but internet ya.but anyway. Not gonna happen so.

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