10 Most INSANE Celebrity Vacation Homes (Jay-Z, Ellen, Taylor Swift)

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There are many things that separate celebrities from us normal human beings: they drive fancy cars, wear expensive designer clothing, and live in humongous mansions. Some of them even have luxurious vacation homes around the world to make us even more jealous. If George and Amal Clooney ever need a break from reality, they can just zip over to their opulent Villa Oleandra on Lake Como in Italy. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a beautiful Spanish Baroque vacation home in New Orleans that was once a Presbyterian church. Even Rihanna has a $19 million condo in Barbados — the country in which she grew up in. Being famous can be mentally draining, and these celebs rely on their vacation homes to help restore their peace of mind. Plus, when you’re worth millions, what else are you going to spend your money on? Check out this video to see the 10 Most Luxurious Celebrity Vacation Homes.

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one of the best parts about being a celebrity is that they can afford multiple homes around the world real estate is a great investment and the celebs on this list decided that owning their vacation homes was a butter idea than renting on Airbnb stay tuned until the end to hear all about Miley Cyrus's country chic Tennessee House Before we jump into it make sure to like this video and subscribe to the ridges also click on our community tab for content that goes beyond ur videos now let's get into the ten most luxurious celebrity vacation homes Taylor Swift according to Business Insider Taylor Swift owns at least 84 million dollars in real estate across four states while that is an incredible feat in itself the fact that she's not even sturdy yet makes it all the more jaw-dropping while she seems to own property in Los Angeles and New York City for work purposes her seventeen point seventy five million dollars seaside estate in Watch Hill Rhode Island is where she goes to get away from it all this eleven thousand square foot mansion boasts eight bedrooms nine bathrooms and 700 feet of shore lines it is rumoured that the pop star paid for this little slice of luxury by wiring seventeen point seventy five million dollars in cash to a real surf back in 2013 you may recognize this vacation home as the backdrop for Taylor's epic 2016 fourth of July party which featured the likes of Blake Lively Gigi Hadid Karlie Kloss and north wall stickers of the place taken before Taylor bodice seemed to lack an imagination we're sure that she brought in the best interior designers to make the place fit for a celebrity of Calem jay-z and Beyonce in July 2018 Forbes announced that jay-z and Beyonce were worth an estimated 1.2 hundred and 55 billion dollars they can afford anything their hearts desire which becomes evident when you take a look at their vacation home in New Orleans this 1925 mansion was purchased for a reasonable 2.6 million back in 2015 names like Casa de Castillo the Spanish baroque home was originally a Presbyterian Church and then a ballet studio before it became a residential property boastings 13,000 292 square feet seven bedrooms and the largest residential green roof in the city of New Orleans this vacation home is definitely a stunner right when you walk into La Casa de Castille you are greeted with a breathtaking open area that looks big enough to host a basketball game and there's more than enough space for privacy if ever the Carters want to have guests stay with them as this mansion is divided up into three apartments this division of the space will especially come in handy once Blue Ivy and the twins become teenagers and want to hide away from mom and dad George Clooney after falling head-over-heels with Italy George Clooney decided to purchase a stunning villa on Lake Como back in 2002 known as Villa Alondra this 18th century summer residence is located in the quiet village of Rio sixteen years ago George and a friend were gallivanting on their motorbikes when one of their bikes broke down near the gates of Villa Olli Andra the owners at the time the Heinz family brought George into their home and then proceeded to sell the home to him for 7.5 million dollars this 25 room mansion boasts an outdoor theater a tennis court and a room dedicated to making pizza the aimless actor believed that this villa changed his life because it helps him to get away from the pressures of Hollywood George also bought Villa margarita in 2004 to increase his privacy which is located right next door to Villa and rest while you might feel compelled to go take a look at these properties next time you're near Lake Como you could be slapped with a six hundred dollar fine if your boat or car is sound loitering within 100 meters of the two villas Oprah Winfrey while we always should be goodbye a luxurious multi-million dollar vacation home that dream only seems to become a reality for the rich and famous billionaire Oprah Winfrey owns many multi-million dollar homes and her 21st century farmhouse in Hawaii is a perfect place for her to go to relax located right on the water and surrounded by horses Oprah describes the place as such a real normal house whatever that means but if she ever tires of the Aloha spirit she can chill out at her eight-point 275 million dollar Orcas Island estate instead with seven thousand three hundred and three square feet four bedrooms and a four bed guest house this waterfront compound makes for the perfect cabin in the woods vacation it even has a built-in pizza oven in the kitchen and a library area with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a wine cellar and tasting room the guest house is no less luxurious with its 2948 square feet there's even a barn structure on the property that hosts a gym and yoga studio on the lower level the property also includes a sauna private hiking trails and a half mile of pebble stone beach it doesn't get any more luxurious m-matt Brangelina Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are no longer happily married but are still both hanging on to their Chateau Mirabelle and friends purchased in 2011 for 60 million dollars this 1,000 acre estate is where Brangelina got married back in 2014 built in 1841 the 30 plus room French country-style Manor is definitely big enough for all of Brad and Angie's kids this luxurious home is surrounded by 926 acres of fountains Gardens olive groves and Woodlands it also boasts 74 acres of vineyards in which the actors produce their own wine in fact the first six thousand bottles of their Mirabelle Rose a sold out within five hours hitting the market back in 2012 this historical property sits in the heart of Provence and is strictly off-limits to the public you'll have to go to the nearby Femi para and tasting room if you want to have a taste of their wine while there were many rumors that Brangelina was looking to sell this estate it is believed that they're hanging onto it as an investment for their children Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis don't want their kids to grow up to become entitled to rich kids but that didn't stop the couple from purchasing a 10 million dollar beach home just outside of Santa Barbara located in a gated community this 3,100 square foot vacation pad is located just a few hours away from their Beverly Hills home when it's six bedrooms six bathrooms and its prime Oceanside location this property screams luxury the classic California home has many windows to allow natural light to flow in it also boasts a Jacuzzi in the backyard for the stars to unwind in after a long day on set this secluded home has everything that they need to feel like they're on vacation without having to travel too far even though these two can definitely afford to travel anywhere in the world we're not sure what we love more the fact that Ashton and Mila have one of the most beautiful vacation homes that we've ever seen or the fact that Jackie and Kelso are finally living happily ever after Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson may have just bought a three-bedroom flat in Lisbon Portugal but that's not the only vacation home that she owns back in 2014 the actress bought a Hampton beach house located in Amagansett dunes in new york she reportedly paid 2.2 million dollars for the 3,500 square foot home which sits on a 1.4 acre lot this 4-bedroom 5-bath vacation home is so big that Scarlett can easily hide away from her guests if she ever feels like it custom built in 1999 this private home has ocean access and it's right next to the Peconic Land Trust Preserve and na fiag state parks that alone should give you a hint at just how beautiful the surrounding areas are boasting a loft like airy vibe pine flooring throughout and a stucco double fireplace we can see why Scarlett had her heart set on this handsome home plus who can resist that sun-soaked pool deck area of Rihanna Rihanna may be an international superstar today but she grew up in a humble home in Barbados while her career in the u.s. is too big for her to live in Barbados full-time anymore she still owns a villa there's purchased for 19 million dollars Rihanna has a condo at the one Sandy Lane estate while she doesn't own the entire complex there are only eight condos in the opulent building her condo has five bedrooms five bathrooms and three partial bathrooms but she also has access to the building's luxurious amenities a pool spa gym and tennis court are all at her disposal Plus this Caribbean Oasis is located right on the ocean what a lot of celebrities worry about safety Rihanna is as safe as can be at the one Sandy Lane site guards patrol the boundaries of the property and biometric fingerprint technology is used throughout there's even an around-the-clock concierge and service staff to make sure that her every need is met while staying there Miley Cyrus for some celebrities taking a vacation doesn't have to be an extravagant affair Miley Cyrus prefers to go back to her hometown of Franklin Tennessee whenever the bright lights of Hollywood become too much for her to handle in 2017 the pop singer paid 5.8 million dollars for a 33 acre farmhouse style property if anything this beautiful home proves that Miley is still just a country girl at heart with five bedrooms and six bathrooms this 6,000 689 square foot estate has something that you've probably always dreamed of having in your home an elevator it also boasts an eat-in kitchen a wet bar two fireplaces and a spa this home is super secluded and can only be accessed by a private road besides the standard pool at all celebrity homes feature Miley's Tennessee backyard has a mini golf course this is just one of the many gorgeous properties that the Malibu star owned Ellen DeGeneres we don't know about you but we believe that Ellen DeGeneres truly deserves her Carpinteria California vacation home she worked so hard to make us all laugh every day which is why she should have a secluded piece of paradise to spend some quality time with her life she bought the home for a whopping eighteen point six million dollars which is the highest on market sale of 2017 in Santa Barbara County with five bedrooms and five bathrooms this beachfront property overlooks the Pacific Ocean the property also boasts a guest house a clay tennis court and a plunge pool even more luxurious the 6000 square foot home features a second floor master suite with a private office of bedroom and a walk-in closet and a bath that overlooks the water are you jealous yet while the home had already been extensively renovated before Ellen bought it many are wondering if the talk-show host will eventually change anything as she's known for her house flipping skills that's all for ten most luxurious celebrity vacation homes if you could choose which of these homes would you like to spend the night let us know in the comments below thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe

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  1. I d just be happy with a quaint, cozy, little cottage with a wee bit of land to grow a garden….. Ahhhh,. and besides it matters not the size of ones ginormous mansion, Manor,or lavish estate ,30 + bedrooms, powder rooms a plenty…..keep this in mind , one can only occupy one single room at a time, so why the need to own so many empty rooms. There's actually people in the world that would give anything for one of those rooms and a bathroom, having a place to lay your head at night is such a tremendous relief to a homeless person

  2. Sorry but some of these people just need to stop and realize what they are doing is ridiculous and disgusting. Nobody needs 5 vacation homes with 7 bedrooms each. Sure build a beautifull multi million dollar dream house with your hard earned money and get one or two vacation homes for you and your friends/familiy that are somewhat reasonable but some of them are just outrageous and completely out of touch with the real world.

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