21 thoughts on “100 Greatest Neo Soul Songs of All Time || Neo Soul 2018 Mix || Neo Soul Music 2018”

  1. 0:00 A Long Walk
    3:32 Brown Sugar on Letterman
    6:42 Killin' Me Softly
    11:45 Sumthin, Sumthin
    16:42 Other Side of the Game
    26:15 Untitled (How Does It Feel)
    35:07 Georgy Porgy
    42:05 Brown Skin
    46:23 On and On
    50:12 Soul Sista
    53:54 Rebirth of Slick
    56:31 Comin' From Where I'm From
    1:00:57 Umi Says, Austin
    1:03:32 Makeda
    1:08:41 Ordinary People
    1:12:45 Brotha
    1:16:12 Butterflies
    1:19:14 You Got Me
    1:28:46 Say Yes
    1:31:21 Fortunate

    If y'all can help me out with everythin' that follows Fortunate, I would be appreciative. lol

  2. I was just arguing with my girl no words to say from me and I played this mix on the biggg speaker and need I say more. My feelings come from the soul and this mix is on point . Be happy and positive. Be grateful. Love yourself and love your loved ones!

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