3 Day Backpacking  And Bushcraft Trip In Ontario

3 day backpacking trip to Queen Elizabeth Wildlands Provincial Park. The weather was super hot…over 32 degrees, so we just took it easy and enjoyed nature.

The water filter we are using is the Squeeze™ Water Filtration System.


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like late afternoon or no like new dish well whenever you're done with God that's our first official day tonight super late didn't get to camp until maybe 11:30 great movies here ready to hit the trail Paul would have been moved 30 corner we're gonna do it in three days but it's just so hot we decided just to do an easy trip now tell them link less than two hours from Devil's Lake Road and Queen Elizabeth wildlands Provincial Park so we're here for the night we'll see what we do tomorrow night move wait stay you see on mini tonight so we have for the tent instead of bringing the fly we opted to just throw a tarp over the tent he's dead gives a lot more airflow making it a lot cooler so it's not a good rain protection I'm sure well we're at the same site we were at and spring here on the outside of Sheldon Lake and when we're in the spring we found this communal but there was still pretty chilly out you can check out the video to see the weather conditions on our campsite we found this canoe on shore and along with these paddles and then underneath the canoe we found a note in the bed was found on this Lake by niklas piper and Django on Friday April 22nd of 2016 the pair of macgyvered handmade paddles were made and used and now left for the next pair of explorers pay it forward to your fellow outdoorsmen the new dinos see if she is indeed seaworthy stay tuned well the SS newbie nose is indeed seaworthy

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  1. I saw you cooking some bacon, but it didnt look like Canadian bacon..lol…that steak looked awesome though!….that is so cool finding that abandoned canoe…that is what I call "good medicine!"

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