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If you go hiking, you might not come back at all. Scary things happen on hiking trails!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:
1. What We Encountered in the Woods by Chris B.
2. M. by Mr. Snores
3. The Thing in DeBary Swamp by Alpha64
4. The Creepy Man by Clara
5. My Experience by Vincent

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5 CREEPY Hiking Encounters! – Darkness Prevails

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imagine you're out for a hike feeling the rush of a good exercise with fresh air all around you and then you're hit with the sight and smell of a person who has been gone for days this is what happened in Queens New York to a young girl not too long ago and it could happen to you you're watching darkness prevails the best channel to share your creepy stories with the world because this world is a strange one hey everyone we've hit 300 thousand subs and I can honestly say I didn't think I'd make it this far I just want to let you know that I appreciate every one of you from the folks that tuned in for my videos to those who donate and buy merchandise all of you hold a special place in my heart you've allowed me to reach my dreams and nightmares of course and I'm honored to know and entertain you all I've never been darkness prevails but together we three hundred thousand scary story lovers from around the world we are darkness prevails an online campfire where everyone and anyone has the right to share their story so again thank you now let's get into those stories that's why you're here after all number one what we encountered in those woods submitted by Chris B I lived in Tennessee and I was a big fan of camping and hiking in 2006 meme my girlfriend and my cousin with four other friends had gone out on a hiking trip my girlfriend's uncle had a rather large property he sometimes allowed people to stay at in one remote corner of this land he even had an old cabin that he would rent out occasionally and this property was connected to a no-man's land as some people called it you could go out there as some of us had before but you wouldn't see any other signs of people at all we intended to rough it along the back trails with the intention to camp overnight after a long hike it got dark so we built a fire and set up our small tents then we had a couple of beers cooked a few hot dogs over the flames it was pleasantly uneventful until near midnight we had been telling stories when suddenly my cousin started booking off into the dark and began to try to hush us Shh guys after a few moments of quiet I tried to ask what was happening when he bluntly told me to hush up I heard something like voices out there I think we all stayed quiet for the next a minute or two my cousin swearing he had heard voices voices calling out there past the tree line in the distance soon we began catching what sounded like the faintest yelling but we couldn't quite make out and the few of us began yelling back to whoever it was out there in the dark trying to get a response of any kind we thought that maybe someone was lost in these woods it wouldn't be hard hello as someone out there are you okay my girlfriend yelled joined in by one of my friends shouting through his cupped hands hello all we heard in reply was what sounded like muffled voices to voices as if they were calling from a great distance but it sounded like there was somebody moving around just on the far side of a nearby tree line and they couldn't have been greater than a hundred yards away more echoing shouts came from that area but they were still indiscernible it sounded like two people shouting at the same time increasingly I became nervous wondering who was moving around out there imagining backwoods creeps playing games with their victims here at midnight something was wrong I felt for a short while we heard nothing one of my friends went to his gear and retrieved the old Ruger Bearcat 22 that his father gave him as a gift if someone wants to rush our camp I'd like for us to be ready he said I nodded feeling on edge do you need help my cousin shouted again in response came two voices shouting vaguely once more still sounding distant before they had sounded like someone shouting words even if we couldn't quite make it out but now the shouts were loud and garbled wordless shouts and banging noises someone was moving around up there my girlfriend said what I was thinking quietly who are these people why are they here and why are they messing around somebody's camp right now for the next half hour there was silence besides the fire and the nightlife we set on guard around the fire straining to listen during that stretch we heard no more shouting or footfalls we resolved to keep the 22 around just in case someone came barging into our camp several minutes later we heard what sounded like people moving about only a short distance past the light cast by our fire footfalls and the crackle of branches and leaves it sounded like someone was staggering around at a brisk speed just out of our campsite a couple of us expected someone to step into the light at any moment but no one did suddenly it stopped not another voice was heard no footfalls no crunching of grass or branches nothing to indicate that the people or things that were by our camp were still there or had even gone away for that matter it was more like they had just started standing still all of us were extremely nervous especially with how the sounds of footsteps had just stopped instead of moving away we were sure somebody was just watching us from a ways off and waiting for us to fall asleep we managed to organize ourselves to sleep in shifts at least two people to stay awake at all times while the others slept in our tents it wasn't easy especially with an odd-numbered group but the rest of the night passed without incident thankfully in the morning we nervously gathered our gear and decided to leave the appeal of being out in the woods having vanished in the night what disturbed me was how far off the voices had sounded yet how closely the movements had come to us and how they had disappeared so suddenly I was certain that this was not just some people deciding to prank campers or any sneaking backwoodsmen having a good laugh this was something else entirely number two M submitted by mr. snores it happened about two years ago my friends Pete and Joe were spending the week at my house it was summer vacation after all we lived in a small town to the west of Tennessee there were plenty of fields around where I lived so we usually went out on hikes it was getting late one evening we had just finished watching some scary movies and were having trouble sleeping of course that's when Joe had the bright idea of going to a nearby field for a bit of a midnight hike I told him we weren't allowed to go hiking at night but he didn't care Pete wasn't so sure at first but after he was convinced the two of them convinced me and sure enough we started to sneak out luckily my parents were fast asleep so that part was easy now we had never been in this field at night we were aware of coyotes and such so I had brought my machete just in case as soon as we entered the field we immediately got the feeling that we were being watched we tried to ignore it because to me it was probably the fact that we were out where we shouldn't be when we shouldn't be around 20 minutes later we decided to stop for a break Pete and Joe decided to sit down for a little bit but I couldn't I got that same feeling again as if we were being watched or even worse hunted I decided to go over to a nearby hill so I could look out over the fields it wasn't too dark due to the fact that it was a full moon and we were in a large open field at the time this field was growing wheat and the wheat grew to about my waist so anything I spotted it could easily slip away into the wheat grass or not be shown at all because it hid underneath it at first to my relief I didn't see anything but after a few moments I spotted movement and then I saw them these bright yellow eyes they were about 100 yards away I nearly jumped when I saw them remember what I said about the wheat grass being to my waist well I was about five seven at the time and these eyes were easily four feet above the wheat grass whatever it was it was tall taller than me and I was so scared that I couldn't move shortly thereafter Pete and Joe came up to the hill to see what I was doing one look at my face and they knew something was wrong horribly wrong Joe asked me dude what's up but I couldn't speak barely breathe all I could do was point at those awful yellow eyes after a few seconds of looking they both saw what I was staring at and we all just stood there motionless when all of a sudden the eyes disappeared into the wheat grass as if the creature was now crawling immediately we turned and ran we ran so fast it all seemed like a blur we didn't even know if this thing was coming towards us but we were not waiting around to find out when we finally got to the end of my road we all stopped to catch our breaths assuming we were safe but we were wrong that's when we heard the loudest deepest hair-raising howl I'd ever heard then we heard panting and loud footsteps as if something the size of a bear was running towards us again we turned and ran down the street until we were next to my house then we did something stupid we looked back and what we saw still haunts me to this day it was terrifyingly close to us I could see it perfectly it had stopped under a streetlight about 50 yards away but it was standing on two legs it had a muscular torso like a person but the legs were bent and shaped like a dog's legs its arms were long as were its legs and it had the head of a wolf forbear it was covered in black fur and it stood there watching us we couldn't take it anymore we ran inside we locked all the doors the windows but before we could feel safe again there was one last window that we had to lock upstairs but because of the positioning of the window it was too scared to go up that window had a perfect view of the creature which meant it had a perfect view of me eventually I built up the courage to go to the window while I was locking it I couldn't help but look down at the street and there it was still and just like I had feared it was looking up at me I logged it as quickly as I could and ran back to tell Joe and Pete then we all ran upstairs to watch it but it was gone by the time I got back we didn't sleep that night the next day we felt it was best to tell my parents the story but the only part of the story they wanted to hear was the part where we snuck out at night Pete and Joe went home and I was grounded anyone else we told wouldn't believe us but I think we know what we saw and I will never go to that field at night again like I said it's been two years and I finally convinced myself to go back to the field for hikes during the day but every now and then I get that same feeling like something is watching me number three the thing in DeBary swamp submitted by alpha 64 I'm 15 years old and live in a remote part of Florida a couple of years ago I was really into hiking and going into the woods with friends to start this off me and my friend Liam were out together hiking in the woods we would always go in the weekends just to wind down and relax or to have some airsoft wars in the drier parts of the woods after one long day of fishing we were unpacking our gear as the Sun was beginning to set when Liam noticed something strange with the tackle box we had brought along with us hey Blake he said dude come check this out and I came over to him a little annoyed as I was still setting up my tent and it was a pain in the butt to pitch what is it I stopped as I now saw the long scratch marks that were engraved in the top and side of the now mangled tackle box what in the world did that I asked still examining the scratch marks I couldn't seem to figure out what kind of animal had tried to get into his box I don't know he replied but it was like this when we had come back to set up the tent I was now a little on edge thinking great there's probably a bear in the area keep your knife close by you when you sleep tonight I said clutching my pocketknife I had brought along we made our fire and began talking after a little while the thoughts of earlier had drifted to the back of our minds until we both heard what sounded like footsteps of some sort of animal coming from the underbrush we both looked over at the source of the noise thinking about what it could be those footsteps were too loud to be anything like a raccoon or a squirrel so we had our knives out just in case it was a predator stalking us but what emerged from the underbrush has permanently scarred my mind it was a tall thin and pale looking creature almost pathetic looking and how scrawny it was but its hands were claws that were bigger than any I'd seen attached to an animal I don't think it even had eyes only dark pits over the I should have been but I knew it was still somehow staring at us and then made this ear piercing shriek lowered down on all fours and began to charge at us by then I couldn't keep myself from shrieking this unmanly sound from my mouth and I did the only thing I could think to do and I kicked the tackle box at it and a quick attempt to distract or hurt it as soon as the box hit the creature Liam and I made a mad dash toward the bathroom building that it was inside the nearby camping area once we made it we locked ourselves inside we didn't get an ounce of sleep that night still hearing the wild pattering circling the building and occasionally hearing the creatures shrieking and clawing at the outside walls of the little building we were in I was afraid that it was going to come through the door at any moment we had stopped hearing the shrieking at one point and the pattering died down but we still waited to go outside until the Sun rose just in case it was waiting for us when we finally did emerge from our temporary safe haven we saw claw marks all over the door and walls of the little building we quickly made our way back to the camp keeping out a close eye on our surroundings when we made it back everything was destroyed and thrown all over the place we turned around and got out of there as quickly as possible not picking up our stuff and not wanting that Bing to come back to us when we got back to Liam's place we decided not to go back out there and did not tell anyone what we saw because despite what we just lived through the sound of the story made it seem insane number four the creepy man submitted by Clara when I was 16 years old I lived in Michigan I am a huge athletic nerd and I go hiking everyday unless I feel lazy on a particular day I picked the wrong day to go because I met someone and experienced something I will not want to experience ever again so one day I drove to my favorite hiking trail it's the one I go to just about every time I go hiking and right away I saw this weird guy he looked to be in his mid-30s but me being as stubborn and hard-headed as I was I ignored my gut instinct which was telling me to just go home today swipe parked got out and went on the dragging trail before I disappeared on the trail though I got a short glance at the guy he was looking back at me too so I looked away and went off I got 200 to 300 yards away from the entrance and I took a short break and that's around the time I heard this scream it sounded like it was from a man I looked down the path to see if someone needed help but my heart sank in my chest it was the guy from the start of the trail he was running straight toward me my adrenaline pumped and I began to run away from them as fast as possible but he was catching up to me quickly and I thought I was pretty fast the guy ran like he had taken two shots of steroids or something when I realized him catching up to me was inevitable I began to cry and panic I took a sharp turn straight into the woods and I started to run back toward the parking lot area but I never stopped hearing those footsteps not too far behind me soon though as I kept running the footsteps behind me were growing faint they were going slower than before and I was getting closer and closer to the parking lot to my escape at last I broke through the treeline and I ran from my car once there I logged the door as I took out my cell phone and I called the cops not so long after they arrived they searched for the man and found him apparently he was a 37 year old homeless man and better yet he was carrying around a butcher knife in one of his coat pockets something he had found behind a restaurant in a dumpster so what was he going to do with that I wonder who this day I am still glad I did ROTC throughout high school or else I'm sure he would have caught up to me or I would have run out of energy faster creepy maniac homeless man please stay away from me and number five my experience submitted by Vincent I tell this story not as a call for attention but as a cautionary tale I was 14 and in a Scout troop our Scout troop was relatively small we were camping in an area adjacent to a large Hill it wasn't tall enough to be considered a mountain but if you fell you would probably break a few things and it was super steep this is necessary for the story and after we had pitched our tents it was dark it was only about 10 p.m. so we had some time to ourselves we all decided to climb the hill together we were scouts so hiking was our thing the hill was quite steep though so we had to bring a rope and tie it to the fence after I made sure it wouldn't come undone we began to ascend we walked around and found a section of fence that appeared to have been trampled over behind that fence there was an old circular concrete building we began to walk around the thing and we soon found an entrance there was a small box with a ladder that went up maybe about 20 feet or so we all climbed the ladder and found a small steel door that gained us roof access and the roof was huge across the roof there was a heavy steel trap door we opened it and found at least a 25 foot drop there was a ladder however so us being the brave Scouts we thought we were we began to climb in the area inside was cavernous and massive with concrete braces holding the ceiling up and aligned blue tarp along the walls it was incredibly dark down there so visibility was extremely limited now some people in my Scout troop they were funny so the two people standing guard and the roof closed the trapdoor and I mean we were trapped then as if something inside with us could tell that we were stuck we began to hear a certain click click clicking we all thought it was ambient noises or rocks falling from somewhere so we tried to ignore it and went on but moments later one of the scouts shouted who is that he knew nobody was there Mike what's going on someone else asked him I felt someone breathing on my neck Mike was now shouting knives drawn we got close together somewhere else we heard a laugh not that of someone laughing at a joke but a distant echo of a laughing insane person it echoed throughout the old building someone turned on their flashlight and to our surprise we saw a man he appeared to be homeless his face was old and worn his hair untidy he was only wearing an old ripped and stained pair of jeans and he looked as if he had not seen the Sun in decades he was an intimidating and deranged sight the man himself only scared us a little bit what really scared us was the knife he was holding keep in mind we saw this man suddenly and over the course of a single second then he began screaming thank the heavens that the screaming they heard concerned the two people that were on the roof who had trapped us they knew us so they knew that we were not capable of such an ungodly noise they opened the trapdoor and shouted what was that and with that the man ran towards us we all wild B ran toward the ladder and not with the first guy literally jumping on I happen to be the one in the way back I was climbing up the fifth rung when something grabbed ahold of my foot panicking I swung down at him what I didn't realize was that I was still holding my knife it was thankfully closed and I ended up nearly bashing him across the skull with the grip he screamed again and let go thankfully this allowed us to fully escape I climbed up the ladder and as I resurfaced on the roof I saw the man bleeding he was now climbing the rusty ladder just then the door closed trapping him in there not wanting to take any chances we ran back to the small door taking us to the room with the ladder to the exit again I was the last one there and I blocked it off I ended up tying the bar to one of the ladders rungs using an old bicycle tire that it was nearby I got onto the ladder myself and I rushed down I met back up with my fellow Scouts over by the accent we all silently decided to never speak of this moment we'd probably get in a lot of trouble anyway we got over to the trampled fence and we made our way back down we didn't go back up that hill again to make sure nobody else got any bright ideas I untied the rope and I slid down the hill the rest of the week was uneventful but on the last night I could have sworn I heard a distant screaming not that of a man in pain but that of a man who had been driven and madness remember if you do go urban exploring bring something to defend yourself if I hadn't had my knife in hand I may not have been here and to type this story hiking is probably my favorite way to get some exercise you get to see the great outdoors be a part of nature again nearly get eaten alive and turned into a monster turd mmm that's the best part hiking can be scary too the deeper you go into the woods the more likely you may never return so the next time you and your Fitbit go get your steps in keep your eyes peeled for any weird nature around you because nature is always watching you good night be sure to LIKE share comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and don't forget to send me your creepy stories from the zoo at darkness prevails org slash submit if you want to support this channel even more go on the Google Play Store and download a spooked which is my ab or you can donate one buck a month on my patreon at patreon.com slash darkness prevails and get your name in the credits at the end of one of my videos or purchase some creepy cold darkness prevails merchandise at morbid monsters calm now here are my five favorite early comments from my previous video about five disturbing forest ranger cases a chicken boy game arrow six says Yogi Bear is going crazy oh yeah we all knew picnic basket was just a metaphor for your bowels miss fen says I saw this video up here when watching another one of your videos I love the ones about forests those are my favorite as you can see I'm finding any excuse to keep reading scary forest stories any homeroom says I love you darkness you have gotten me through some tough chores and horrible homework thanks so much hey if you ever need some extra cash I want someone to do my dishes full-time that crap sucks Juliana me says the scariest park ranger will always be smokey bear what does he say again only you can prevent fire crotch and Jesse bar says I love how you post so much so quickly I never get bored anymore this is my full-time job and I'm here to please you guys so the more the better I never want to become one of those nasty once-a-month uploaders well that brings us to the end of our stories today I hope you really enjoyed here are the credits for the people who continue to donate on my patreon I love them so much and as always until next time stay safe out there and stay creepy you

38 thoughts on “5 CREEPY Hiking Encounters! – Darkness Prevails”

  1. Creepy hiking encounters huh? Think I got one. A few years back, I was backpacking (Basically the same thing as hiking only you carry a heavy ass pack full of food and all your camping equipment, as the hike takes more then a few hours, essentially it's hiking for people that aren't pussies) through Philmont, a large BSA high adventure camp out in North West New Mexico, with a crew of about 18 people from my troop. It was about a 2 week long trek. At base camp the morning we where to head for the trail head, our ranger couldn't help but stress one last time the rules about backpacking through bear country, as the year before, a rather large bear they suspected had come down from Colorado had attacked a camp, slashed through a tent, injured both scouts in that tent before being driven off. Then the damned thing came back and attacked again while the crew was waiting for a medical evac of the injured. They drove it off only for it to return and this time it gave chase of the truck sent up to recover the injured. He went on to tell us all that after the attack, staff and rangers had set up bait camps all over the place trying to entice this abnormally aggressive bear into the cross hairs of rangers. As of the time he told us this, he stated that they had yet to find the bear.

    On our second day out from base camp, every thing seemed normal, but that night, a heavy 4 legged animal came into camp, it walked around camp for a few minutes before walking off into the woods. That morning, our ranger was supposed to accompany us for about 5 miles before he would part ways at a fork in the trail that would take him back to base camp, how ever that morning we awoke to find he had bugged out some time in the night. 8 or so days, this animal came into each of our camps, even a staffed camp at an old mining camp that had over 60 people camped out in lean-tos and cabins. Then, three days out from returning to base camp, I had to pop a squat, a buddy from the troop had elected to stay behind and since there wasn't any out house around, I had to dig a hole and burry it, this set my buddy and I back by 15 minutes. As my buddy and I arrived at that nights camp site 15 minutes after every one else, no sooner had dumped my heavy over burdened pack, this massive bear came out off the trail behind us, a trail my buddy and I had just came from. We finally had seen our mysterious camp intruder. We scared the beast off and decided to not chance it. We all voted in favor of waking up at 3 am the next morning and pushing all day, as hard and fast as we could and pass by out last nights camp on the trail. We where determined to reach base camp that next day. This bear had been following us damned near 10 miles a day for damned near 8 days. We never found out if the bear that had followed us all that time over all those many miles had been the same bear that had attacked that crew the year before. But what I do know is that day, I damned near found out first hand if bears really shit in the woods.

    I've spent many nights out in the woods, and wild lands of the Continental United States, from Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. In all those years, I have learned one thing… I much prefer the wilds over the cities any day, that bear may have been scary to most, but it's nothing as scary as walking the streets at night on the west side of Houston. I thank my lucky stars every day that moved back to a small rural country town in a large sparsely populated county.

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