AD_Test/Unboxing of Alterola IE600 wireless earbuds with charging case using an iPhone 8

Worked fine after charging out of the box. Haven’t test any other ones, and they look like I have a giant tick in my ear, but they sound pretty good and pick up my voice fine inside at least.

Test/Unboxing of Alterola IE600 wireless earbuds with charging case An Achy Dad video

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Contact: “[email protected]

I’m an older achy dad living with my wife and two young kids in the state of Vermont, in the USA. I focus on sharing product reviews and experiences as we strive to live a simple lifestyle below our means. But we are also both technology and eco-friendly. We’re focused on healthy food, education, community, and sustainable living practices, with an eye for responsible retirement.

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I love to review products and services. I can’t guarantee an excellent review, but I will be thankful, positive, and fair. Contact: “[email protected]

I will review almost anything, but to give you an idea of what product, services, or experiences I tend to like, here’s some clues.

~ My favorite products that are available on Amazon are listed here:
~ Safe for families
~ Gear for families with young kids that have an older achy father
~ Electric assist family cargo bikes and regular bike gear
~ Home improvement and lawn care
~ Exercise equipment…I need this!
~ Energy efficient, especially solar
~ Eco-friendly
~ Video, audio and photo equipment for vlogging on a budget
~ Camping equipment, small pop-up RVs,
~ Canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, small sailboats
~ Children’s books and books on our lifestyle choices
~ Food grown in healthy soil, eats healthy and lives healthy. Also, low sugar, sustainably sourced foods. But we have desert Fridays and aren’t draconian about only eating these kind of foods.

~ My wife and I both teachers.
~ Our kids have very little screen time. Movies once a week. Some educational YouTube videos. Lego speed builds. We have no cable TV in the house, we stream mostly noncommercial video, except significant sporting and other live events. Vacations and grandparent time is open season though.
~ We use some iOS and educational Web games, and want to find more that are fun, but also actually educational with no ads or in app purchases unless requested.
~ For family time we like garden/yard hanging out at home around a fire pit time. We have a tiny used sailboat for lakes, and we like to rent paddleboards/canoes/kayaks. We hike, bike, and go to the ocean in southern Maine, where i grew up, whenever we can afford it.
~ My work: Educational technology and instructional design in higher education.
~ We have a few egg-laying backyard chickens.
~ We love our indoor/outdoor Siberian forest cat.


I love TubeBuddy. Here’s my affiliate link:

Cameras: iPhone 8. Backup is a slightly broken Canon G9 X.

Edit: Final Cut Pro. Or one take in camera with trimming or KineMaster.

Computer: MacBook Pro.

Backup. 2 external USB drives in a manual raid for off-camera backups. Time machine, iCloud, Google Drive.

Tripods: Joby or DigiPower

Microphones: PowerDeWise lav. Old AKG C 1000 S.

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