Africa Trip Highlights 2017

In April 2017, President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush traveled to Gaborone, Botswana and Windhoek, Namibia to demonstrate their continued commitment to the people of Africa through the work of the George W. Bush Institute’s (GWBI) global leadership programs. The trip highlighted the work of the Bush Institute’s affiliate, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon®, a global partnership fighting women’s cancers, and the Bush Institute’s First Ladies Initiative, which engages and supports first ladies from around the world to effectively use their unique platforms to improve lives.
I heard that a pandemic was destroying an entire generation of people it touched my heart I know you never mean that the supported Africa in the fight against HIV which we provided a air base for the people were infected with HIV I thought was in our interest to the nation to do something about and there was the genesis of petrol [Applause] [Applause] what books electroweak this will be our very first international break this look at the yearbook to human mostly warm and barley foundation remember the class teacher has a respect of female makes me feel so proud – Hector can you shook my hand I don't think I'll going to watch the same again there's more work to be done we can't stop at this stage of the effort of sending human life HIV is more likely than not to get somewhere for any lions in these villages of communities where woman has been given less and then guys needlessly based awareness and screening and treatment and so we start we go [Applause] morning so experiment then GT maybe we should go to attest that the best part about this program I gave is we are you are forced to work for intensity now I know both my mind because voice and very people you look at what works and I believe saving 11 a half million lives is proof that PEPFAR work [Applause] every life matters and every soul is precious and that's the whole spirit behind not only PEPFAR but pink ribbon red ribbon god bless you all god bless your work and God bless this wonderful country and ours as well thank you [Applause] you

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  1. I believe every life is the matter. Black Americans, White Americans, Spanish Speaking Americans, Asian Americans and other Americans, all Americans’ life is the matter. This is why I believe the better life must depend on America’s principles and greatness to be able to dream for it and working hard self on it to live better by building our country America’s greatness together by America’s own principles. The former President Bush also thinks about to bring our country America’s greatness and kindness to Africa for them to live better by helping African women to conquer their AIDS and civic cancer women to live better and more confidence to conquer their illness. He also danced with them and brought paint and brushes to paint their house with his wife the former 1st Lady Laura Bush together. He is not even an African American President Bush. This is absolutely not easy and must accompanied with their own big heart of the gold. This really touched our hearts. No one can be 100% perfect, only trying to do own best. The former President Bush has tried his best for principles and kindness nature by principles for America’s greatness and the peoples in the world for more freedoms and equality of opportunities to shine our country America’s world leadership greatness and status together. He is great! We wish President Bush and his families healthy always.

  2. President Bush 43 and his wife the former 1st Lady Laura Bush's kindness and generous mind to African women and children as well as to the cervix cancer and ADIS African women are very touched my heart. God bless those Cervix cancer and ADIS African women and young children. I still remember that when President Bush 43's 2nd term of his Presidency, he was attacked by medias a lot viciously. Actually, he's a great patriotic President who lead and governed by America's own rules of the laws of constitutions to maintain, protect and defend America's own Capitalism systems of liberty and entrepreneurships. He is also very honest, sincere and kind to Americans of all races genders, middle-classed Americans and between the rich and poor. President Bush 43 believes the principles of the equality of the opportunities instead of the equality of the properties of the ideologies in Communism systems countries. Even after he retired from his Presidency leadership, he still involved in much public services just as his dad President Bush 41 to promote America's greatness by encouraging the disabled vets Americans from his own precious retired time to appreciate and encourage them to cope with their lives better. He and his wife the former 1st Lady Laura Bush even went to Africa to help those African ADIS women and cervix cancer African women to conquer their illness to live in more meaningful life. He even painted their houses with brushes worked very hard with the former 1st Lady Laura Bush together and danced with them happily altogether. This is why I believe that we owe him an apology, although he's very humble. I will always love President Reagan, President Bush 41 and President Bush 43, also President Nixon too for appreciations of what we have for other people to dream for it by their tremendous sacrifices and efforts from their own recognitions of America's own foundations and constitutions for America's own greatness of liberty and entrepreneurships. God bless America.

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