AMAWaterways River Cruise Ship Tour Disney River Cruise Adventures by Disney

AMAWaterways River Cruise Ship Tour Disney River Cruise Adventures by Disney Take a tour of the AMAWaterways AMA Leia river cruise ship.

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hey guys a lot of you have been asking about the cruise ships that we sail on that you know and you love our vlogs but you want to learn more about just the ships itself so we are gonna do that for you so today's video is all about the ship that we're on today which the cruise line is called ama waterways we are here for an Adventures by Disney so it's a little bit different than the typical waterways cruise but the ship is still the same in the name of the ship is the AMA Lea this is a brand new ship that just came out June 2018 parkland brand-new cruise ship now this cruise ship is a little bit different than a typical ocean type cruise ship much much smaller so you know you have to be able to sail down these rivers you know you have to be able to sail down the Danube River and sometimes it's super super shallow today it's only 11 feet deep so these huge ships need to be able to you know sail down the river as well as get into those lock boxes so throughout certain rivers they have these locked boxes and if the ship is too wide it can't fit into the box if it's too long it can't fit in the box so they have to be a specific size so these ships are much much smaller a lot more intimate so to speak than the typical cruise ships staterooms themselves are only on three decks they're on three two and one and view wise the least expensive view is actually an ocean view and then the most expensive is actually a suite but there's you know you really can't get lost on the ship because there's really only three decks that have staterooms and the staterooms are much much smaller than the big cruise line staterooms for sure through on board this ship they have something called the chef's table and this is it right here with The Adventures by Disney it is actually included in your price which is pretty amazing but the chef is over here and he prepares these amazing dishes for you and it's just a nice little intimate setting and it is delicious delicious even Hunter went with me and she loved it it was a really good experience now when you do the Adventures by Disney the kids don't always go to the chef's table unless they want to those adventure guides have all kinds of activities for the kids to get out and have fun and have popcorn and chicken nuggets and things like that so it could be just like a romantic dinner just for you and your spouse or you and your significant other but the chef's table is just a really nice thing they have here on the Melea this is kind of cool it's rainy and it's been rainy this whole trip so we haven't taken advantage of it but when it's nice and sunny out and we're out for it's a call the AMA waterways will actually put out these bikes so you can just hop on a bike with your family and just tool the town which is great because a lot of cities in Europe they bike a lot more than they drive so it's nice that they have these complimentary bikes let's talk amenities definitely on these cruise ships there are not a lot of recreational amenities they have the very top deck which they're down right now but they have when it's nice out they actually have these up and they're seating underneath them they have all kinds of tables that you can play board games or cards there's one pull and when it's cold it's heated and then they have a huge chess game they also do have a walking pack that I'm on right now but not a lot of recreational activities these more intimate ships are definitely more about you know the destination and actually getting off at the port O'Call and then spending more quality time with your family playing board games you know playing chess and I can say I was a little worried that's why hunter came with me on this cruise because I wasn't sure if it was really good for families me say we have not been born there has been so much for us to do even on the ship we've had a great time I don't feel like there was any time that hunter and I were like what do we do there's nothing to do it's been go go go this entire time this is kinda cool this is where the actual captain hangs out and you can actually see him throughout the ship he is all over the place and it's kind of cool that walk up here and just watch them working we are in what they call the lounge area and we have a lot of activities in here for kids they'll have like movie time in here they have like a musician and they have you know dance time and then on ventures by Disney there's a bar behind us for venture buys Disney you actually have something called sip and sale so in the evening hours they actually have a complimentary drinks during that sip and sale time which is amazing talk about value so the kids can go play with the venture sky event your guides and then the adults can enjoy a drink now for the normal AMA waterways cruise they do not have sip and sale that's an exclusive for Adventures by Disney but this is the really cool lounge area that you can just hang out and just relax and get a drink they also have non-alcoholic drinks now this other area right here is Hunter's favorites they have a like hot chocolate in coffee station and you can just come anytime you want and get a warm beverage and for us cuz it's been a little cold this has been amazing so we'll come and grab a coffee and then head to our room so certainly have been enjoying this and then they do have one little teeny-tiny gift shop but it has some really cute stuff I've actually you know after getting off at the port O'Call I've actually wanted to come back here and get some of the little knickknacks that they have on for it just some really cute stuff you can get like the AMA waterways merchandise if you want like a jacket or something like that and then they have a bunch of local little knickknacks like you're this little mouse for the holidays so cute and a lot of like locally made stuff so this is kind of cool and then of course similar to other cruise ships you just actually pay with your shipboard credit or you can just pay at the reception desk so super simple this is actually a library right next to the loans they have this little library area so same type seating area super comfortable then they have some books that you can sit down and enjoy from the area you know in this trip we were on Austrian Germany so we can open these beautiful books and look at some amazing pictures of where we've been you don't have a cute little fireplace I am on deck 1 and this is the bottom of the ship for guest areas and this is where the little fitness room is so still pretty small but they have a place that you can do weights they have a place that has you know a treadmill that's actually in the ground if you can see that which is kind of cool a couple bikes towels water they even have mats over here if you need mats and they even have like the picture window and I know I mentioned that they have kind of three decks they have deck one and there's for all ocean view and when we say ocean view these are actually the picture windows so in the window you have these two windows and that's your ocean view so kind of up high so to look out you do kind of have to go in your tippy-toes and look out but it still brings some sunlight into your room and then on deck two and three that's when they have the the balcony staterooms and then of course deck 3 is where they have the super nice balconies sometimes twin balconies and then also the bigger Suites but this is great so you can eat all the food that you have during the cruise and then actually come and do a little bit of exercise if you choose to they even have water bottles and all the staterooms do have water bottles as well so every time the stateroom host comes in they actually leave water in the morning the evening I love that they don't do that on a lot of the other ocean cartload ocean type cruises so it's really nice that they actually do that on this ship so when you get back if you're a little thirsty you can enjoy that they even have like German stuff sanitizer stuff and they have water and lemon so this is the little Fitness Center here in actually right across one fitness center they also have massage in their salon so to really small very very small rooms that you can get you know massage and then if you wanna get your hair done like I said no manicure pedicures but they do have where you can get your hair at debt which is really cool you

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  1. Alison thank you SO much for this great tour and video! I am loving all your videos. We homeschool as well are getting ready to start traveling more with the kids and seeing more of the world. It is wonderful to see you guys spend time together!

  2. Thanks Alison we have been curious about the River Ships and how they cater for families, we are also interested in seeing more Adventures by Disney as like your family our son is eager to see beyond the parks on our travels but we would still like our adventures to be family friendly. Wishing you all sunshine The Watt Family

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