Amberlynn's Vacation Consists of Eating, Sitting and Shopping

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Original Video by Amberlynn Reid.
Reacted to and Transformed by PettyKitten.
hey guys so I woke up a wee bit ago I'm still in the middle of getting ready so today Becky and I are gonna go on a little vacation vacation she has an appointment first so she's gonna do her appointment well I'm still getting ready but I wanted to show you you guys know that I have been doing a lot of like therapeutic coloring of mandalas and I recently bought more markers and I wanted to show them to you this came with a free sketch marker pad that's actually kind of cool because I didn't even pay for that they gave it to me oh my gosh and this is like a little thing that you can wear in your hand this is professional here is the bag nothing markers come in but actually I don't know the brand oh I just opened them you guys this is a dream why am I putting my face in them whoo I have no idea are these just two pens that came with it dang this was a deal this was a deal and then it also came with this smooth writing on the surface of different materials this is me but this is what the Pens look like oh I guess the brand does touch new there is a skinny tip in a chunky tip and look how cute this one's called Kosmos love it also comes with this I think this is actually the blender are you guys so I am already I just put some stuff in the car pillows my duffel bag Becky is getting her fan and her suitcase yeah I bring pillows my own blanket I'm really weird about hotels doot judge I've just seen a lot of like what do you call them like experiments where hotels really don't change out the seats or wash them after every person has their safe so it creeps me out but any who's all for me I'm super excited for this Becky and I need a little getaway but it breaks my heart to leave my fur babies especially Twinkie because she has separation problems I'm just very grateful that Erica Newark you're willing to watch them for this time I wish I could bring all three of them with me but Becky and I are staying at like not a fancy hotel but it's like a little bit more expensive and they don't allow animals so that books first stop we need gas and we both haven't ate all day today because we know Lexington is a place where they have food that we don't really eat like I am craving Mediterranean food so I'm probably gonna have that today so I told myself I'm not really gonna eat but here I am gonna get some beef jerky and a diet coke beef jerky because it's like protein hopefully we'll fill up high and then a diet coke for some caffeine situation and there's no like calories so sorry for the beeping but I do want to document this that I don't know if it's the medicine that's working but I have been wanting to go to Lexington for a very very very very long time probably a good seven eight months I've wanted to stay in a hotel and just have this you know fun time with Becky and I didn't do it I couldn't do it I'd plant it and then I wouldn't follow through it was like my depression and I don't know what it was mood swings I don't know but the fact that I'm doing it and I'm like excited for it that's not a feeling I'm used to and I really think that it might be the medication that's helping me y'all I might complain that I don't like Kentucky but look how beautiful it is that he loves Kentucky she's obsessed like that is the first thing I noticed the first time I ever was in Kentucky was wow it's pretty and it has really big rocks and a lot of trees because I've never had that anywhere else I've lived like rocks like that just everywhere with these beautiful trees I love it so we're currently in the elevator for nine not very happy about that kind of scared of heights but the hall are still my duffle bag broke so I'm not very happy about that oh my god nightspore that's scary come on Big Bertha isn't heavy y'all I'm laying on the then it was torturous getting up here but if you guys have ever heard singles probably like crazy if you guys have ever heard of the Rupp Arena in Kentucky it's where they have tons of concerts like ariana grande when is she supposed to be here November that's the cool so that's where we're staying actually it's a really really nice hotel a little expensive yeah I'm just chilling on the bed like girl we just ordered food I keep getting pasta from a place called pasta garage I'm getting my Mediterranean food it's like a chicken kabob that's gonna be veggies I am so excited this is gonna be right I'm starved no you're not so I'm actually filming a whole video like what I'm eating on vacation vacation okay um I don't know if that's gonna be up before this or after this one who knows but yeah I just needed to take a load off for the Knicks I was a long drive and lugging the little buggy thing in here was hard and so we got here pretty late so we didn't want to do anything we're gonna like do stuff tomorrow and one of the things that I am most excited for just going to Target going to Target I am so freaking excited I'm sorry so we've just been hanging about and we're actually watching the movie it's called it Greta with Chloe Moretz I love her so much I'm having like an allergy situations I'm like I don't know I know it just feels really stuffy and stuff so that kind of sucks so I want to show you guys the bathroom it's Kiel so I love the lighting in here you know it shows true colors I look insane oh my god I love this mirror every time I stay at this hotel they have the ball Mashour like goals shower but yeah it is the bathroom tis me hello outfit of the day I wear this all the time nothing special sure shows you guys leave you earlier but look look how pretty I don't know why but I can get down with a view to me that's pretty Hilton's over there I think that's the Rupp Arena over there really pretty lights down there I'll show you guys what it looks like in the morning y'all look what this hotel supply is he would have earplugs so if you guys like BlackBerry's vanilla lotion and bath & Bodyworks you need to try this lotion it is freaking OH like I felt like bathing this oh I'm sure they have um soaps of it but when Becky went she's the one who got it and I fell in love with it when she went and got that I don't think there was like actual soap but it smells so good but yeah I'm just sitting in this chair I actually love it Oh y'all I'm sorry for dropping you I dropped you because my hands are like super you know cuz it's below on but you guys know us big booty Judy's there's arms on this and I still fit like this is what it looks like I'm rather proud I mean it's kind of wide so but it just feels good because like when you're as big as me you get worried about things like that so a lot of people have been asking about you know how far can you walk now I honestly haven't been exercising but I have been moving more so the first time that I walked and stopped watched myself I could only walk for a certain amount of time and I'll show you the video right here actually had it uploaded on April 7 when I first started walking I had pain everywhere I'm talking such horrible pain and tightening in my legs that I could almost not bear to walk so I just want to say that I don't really feel that anymore at all my breathing is just really really bad and it's obviously because I'm over 500 pounds but it's really nice to see the changes with that like how I'm not in pain like I used to be so that's a change but I did a soft watch I didn't record myself doing it but I want to show you guys I walked for 3 minutes and 13 seconds that is 7 seconds more than I could do before and I'm totally fine with that because any progress is good progress and just the fact that I don't feel like in pain like I used to is amazing and the only reason why I stopped is because like I feel like I couldn't breathe like I was breathing so hard but he was looking at me like are you ok yeah anyways though enjoy this video and I'll see you in my next one bye

29 thoughts on “Amberlynn's Vacation Consists of Eating, Sitting and Shopping”

  1. Imagine explaining to everyone about a diet yet eating your whole life and body away. It’s sad that people follow her for positivity and weight loss when she is the LAST person to look up to. Sheesh

  2. Okay, why are you all so mean? You're obsessed about her weight and her going on a diet, like seriously. Instead of making fun of her why not give her advice to help her get through it all. Sorry if this is offensive or something in some way, but I honestly don't thing you should be making fun of her

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