An Interabled Love Story (Intimacy and Disability)

Shane Burcaw is diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and has dated Hannah for three years. Many people mistake Hannah as his nurse. Shane wants others to know that he is deserving of love and in a relationship that is both emotionally and physically intimate.

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our relationship is normal and exciting
and she helps me poop the otherwise we're just a regular couple that has fun
and gets into arguments and you know figures out like I thought first Shane
is definitely both physical and emotional I love his personality he's a
wonderful boyfriend and we definitely connect physically I love his body and
everything about him really why are you laughing that's making it so much harder
you told me to say that no don't laugh like that
did you like pushing your buttons uh yeah definitely in a loving way I think
it's funny he definitely teases me the she's a play
Internet and it's a little definite maybe in many ways it's not welcome to
SBS K join me as I travel around the world an interview individuals living
with a condition to prove no matter how you communicate but what obstacles you
face you're always deserving of love and
acceptance so without hesitation let's meet today's friend well let's just jump
into the most important question what's your biggest pet peeve about shape this
is an easy one Shane has a habit of asking me for a sip
like from a cup and then as I bring it to his mouth he starts talking and just
begins a conversation so then I'm stuck holding a cup waiting for him to finish
and it's always a long sentence Hobie like do you remember the time I'm not
sure what it was nice long sentence yeah I live in this
used for this final muscular atrophy take you and that causes my muscles to
race the way as we get older and it was my primary caregiver and so from the
moment I wake up to the moment I did that
and is doing most of my hair it affects every part of my body I never walked I
got my first real chair when I was 20 years old and today it affects my arms
like now my lungs everybody I had absolutely zero familiarity with
anything disability really did when I met him and then like the first date we
were on someone came up to the table and started praying over him and I was like
oh like what do I do and he was like oh don't worry this happens all the time so
I was shocked and that is true it really does happen all the time so that I
definitely opened my eyes to the entire world that I was completely unaware of
how much nice and good oh this must be your sister or your mom
or your nurse I can't believe the mom thing I've gotten that like five times
and he's four years older than me I have too much I know they are just confounded
by the idea that even be together and that hurts you know that it was hurtful
this is if they knew me they would know that I am a funny intelligent caring guy
that obviously was I used to hate my body like to the point where I would
leave all my clothes on at the beach like a family vacation because I knew I
didn't like the way the people looked at me and I knew from the roll-ups of the
respect I was weird I had already by the age of like step 7
experience the weight of the world assumed so much about me because of the
way I what they were on a romantic walk through the park by a lake near our
house a couple of weeks ago I thought that we clearly looked like a couple a
father with a group of kids runs up to me and is like
does he want to play with bubbles and I was like excuse me and the guy was like
just he want to play with bubbles I'm Shane was like no thank you that
kind of assumption is made all the time that I'm not capable of interacting or
conceal from herself for love for my physical what's developed in time a lot
of active I Hannah just like loving me entirely is caregiving something this is
part of your life or is it something you consider an act of love I think it's
just part of my life yeah I don't really consider it like a special thing that I
do for Shane it's just sort of a normal part of our daily lives now that we
don't even think about yeah don't look at the charitable aspect as like a chore
but rather just something that were hanging out and doing the other do you
know yeah I mean I think we sort of combine the caregiving and the
boyfriend/girlfriend yeah parts like I don't see it as like now I'm gonna be
your caregiver and now I'm gonna be your girlfriend
oh you shower yeah I want to talk to him so I think we just see it as hanging out
and yeah I think we just sort of maintain the boyfriend-girlfriend rules
all the time I really wish to the world was a little more open-minded about
disability and the fact that we are all you know valuable and how did you two
meet I saw a video about Shane on YouTube was
just like about his daily life and I watched it and then I clipped a link to
his blog and I read that for like three hours and by then it was midnight and I
was a little bit delusional so I emailed him and introduced myself I was
delusional this isn't a normal new sound and I don't know why I did it but I
emailed him and introduced myself and he emailed back the next morning with his
phone number tell me how you ended your first no I
don't want to say how I ended my cou was that she wrote this nice you know very
professional yeah we had a lot in common you made me laugh ha ha yes I think you
see you what compelled you to send that first email first his sense of humor um
I watched throughout the entire video he was very charming and cute what did you
think the first time you saw Hannah well I didn't see her just nervous and I did
that is input I read her email and I fell for her mind and her character and
her personality it was a wonderful email she's really good about AHA thought I
was just like wow I need to know more about this hell and then the first time
that I saw her face I was like oh he is a very selfless person and I discovered
that a couple weeks after he met when he was just constantly like dropping things
to FaceTime me when I had a minute that was free and just making sure that I was
like emotionally taken care of all the time you're doing amazing my hands are
like icicles sweating icicles do you comfort her often do that comfort her
off there yes there is yeah okay yeah I think that a big part of our
relationship is just like talking about and being there for each other through
hard most of the time you do it right away the other night I was well
you're in a hotel last night I was scared that there was a murderer in the
room because it was just a really creepy room there were a lot of things that led
me to baby noises yeah anyway I was gonna investigate the bathroom so that I
could be sure that the room is empty and Shane thinking that this was a moment
for humour started making like a scary monster voice from the other room and
that was exactly not what I needed in that moment yeah I don't like that so
most of the time you come for me some of the time you yes have fun this
is the mark yeah life is better when you're laughing and that idea has
allowed me to do everything that I've done in life just being able to take a
step back and laugh at my situation everyone yelling here um has turned me
into the person that I am today and has led to my relationship my career
every time what was it like the first week you lived together just a happy man
yeah oh you're like definitely out there and just enjoying that feeling of
knowing that this wasn't a visit that was hard to end it was a really
comforting and relaxed you know what would you say to a young person who does
not believe they're worthy of love you are worthy of love you might not feel
like it and feelings that you see out there in the world and that what you get
from other people right now might not make you believe that but you are and
you have unknown abilities and interests and values inside of you that other
people will find very attractive thanks for watching SP SK we believe the
world is a better place when everyone takes the time to understand one another
if you want to be part of the community of people who believe that click the big
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50 thoughts on “An Interabled Love Story (Intimacy and Disability)”

  1. It's a rare love, but I believe most aren't giving credit to Shane than they should. He has a good personality, and it's very magnetic. As guys we always think with strength, looks, and financial status…You can have all of that but still be a dud in the end. Us guys can seriously learn alot from Shane.

    In Hannah's case, she's one of a kind. That's all I can say about her.

  2. SBSK Has shown me so much about people with such a wide range of disabilities. What Shane said about how the world makes assumptions about him because he looks a bit different. That hit home. I do that. And how Shane looked when he explained that made me feel bad about when I've done that.

    This channel is so enlightening. And Chris seems like such a genuine person!

  3. Straight gold digger.. only with him for his monet nd things.. jst cuz she dnt wanna work.. dats not love u could tell no affection .. someone whos in love will kiss with affection not staged kissing.

  4. This is so inspiring to me. There's someone out there for everyone, and it will happen naturally. This has honestly made me feel really good about my prospects of finding someone in the future.

  5. My family was not made after my dad got hurt but before and my mom was the o.g. special relationship starter – maker lol and they were the same way my dad and mom were always joking and that made it great for my brothers and I ..i love watching you guys

  6. So much respect!! He's a very brave and kind person. Proof that god is still here. I dont know much but he must have a wonderful soul to make up for the tragic thing that happened to him. This video makes me wanna be a better person. U inspire so many people ! Love from South Korea!

  7. Comments are on? Btw i think Hannah is great, and shane is constantly dogging her out… This spin on the whole thing is why they have such a following. Love you guys! SBSK and Squirmy and Grubbs yall make my day every day!

  8. My fiancé isn't disabled, but if anything happens to him (pray with all my heart it doesn't) that should render him disabled it wouldn't change my love for him, it would only make me love him more,….so why shouldn't this relationship make sense to people, why shouldn't Shane be loved, we are all equal.

  9. I think you two are cute together, just because Shane has disabilities doesn't make him any less of a person, everyone on earth deserves love, love that is only based on the physical aspect doesn't last, at the end of the day it's about personality and Shane has a great personality.
    I'm happy for the both of you and you shouldn't pay any attention to haters.

  10. A message to you. I watched sofis video and cried. Please give her this message of love from a spinal cancer survivor. I was 3 and I can see sofi for the loving and amaxing lady she is. Please keep strong and knoe it will get better, you have so many here whom love and want to hug you. Big hugs from Tara in the UK xxx keep smiling beautiful xx I'm sorry I could not post thos to your video but i wanted you to have this message xx

  11. Shane… u are Completed with your handicap .. love u guys soo much … please .. dont take care about other people time on beach take all your clothes off, and show the world your MUSCLES 💪👀 … u are unique … !

  12. So beautiful and warm hearted realtionship! Thank you for showing us and letting us being a part of your daily life and enlighten the society :-). ALL MY BLESSINGs!

  13. Sweet both of you. I really hope you reed this. I've just seen a few of you're videos together and it made me cry. Because you 2 actually say to me that true love, unconditionaly still exists. This is very inspiring. Bless you both ❤️

  14. Wow, can totally see how you ar so in love. You two remind me a little bit of Scott Moyr and Tessa Virtue in the way you look at one another. May your love last and message to the world travel far x

  15. Good for him! I’m so jealous I would never be able to find someone so beautiful and caring as her. Good for him, and good for her. Wish them the best for many years

  16. Why is she so afraid to admit that care giving can be tiresome at times? its rewarding as well but ….You can still love someone with all your heart and recognize hardships. I feel like there is some denial. No this doesnt mean im a hater. But every relationship is work. It's easier if you actually recognize that. Theres value in work.. maybe focus less on "proving" yourselves to everyone on YouTube and just enjoy each other.

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