Anchorage hits 90 degrees as record-breaking heatwave hits Alaska

America’s coldest state was one of the hottest on the Fourth of July and scientists are sounding the alarm. Anchorage, Alaska, hit a record 90 degrees on the holiday. With the summer sun beating down all day and most of the night, there’s little relief. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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48 thoughts on “Anchorage hits 90 degrees as record-breaking heatwave hits Alaska”

  1. Why are people so clueless.
    Well there is a media blackout on climate breakdown.
    The real truth is ALL the ice in the poles will be melted by before next summer.
    No glaciers, no jet stream, no cool air, no food.
    The food chain is already collapsing. This is not fear mongering. Or media can't be trusted to tell the truth.
    They are run by there giant corrupt corporations. There same ones that spray our skies in a last ditch effort to cool the planet.
    Those of us who are awake and are listening to there hearts and intuition. You know the planet is dying. There is no escape. They lied and said we had more time, time is up.
    The feedback loops are going to speed up, no ice, no jet stream….do the math.
    We will be cooked alive.
    When the power goes and it's 130 degrees out. The oldest and the youngest will perish first.the sick and disabled won't to have a chance.
    Only the healthy will have a chance at life. Humans will have to move deep into the Earth once again to survive, there are spots deep down where it's cool, and there's water. there will be mass Exodus so very soon.
    Spend as much time with your family right NOW. If you live far from your family and loved ones. Stop whatever job your doing, and get back home to spend the last summer together. End of August is gonna be HOT HOT HOT
    Eventually there planet will cool again and Earth will be plunge into another mini -ice age. Meanwhile pockets of the elite humans will be living on permanent bases on the moon and Mars. History repeats.

  2. If you want to know what "caused" global warming. YouTube search: A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945. It shows the 2053 (YES 2053!!!) nuclear explosions from 1945 to 1998. Think about how many BTUs of heat have been released from all of those explosions. Now you can re-think how "emissions" caused any increase in temp. I'm sure emissions have an effect… but they can not even come close to what nuclear explosions have contributed to excess heat released into the planet's atmosphere.

  3. Obama was the worst President ever on climate by buying steel from China while they were choking their own people to death by using the nastiest coal on earth to make cheap weak steel while all the time we had the cleanest coal on earth right here in our own country Clean Met coal with almost zero emissions we had to buy our steel made with high emissions high sulfur low BTU high ash content worthless coal ……….Shame for shame on Obama .

  4. Ignorant rubes. The previous Anchorage record was 90 degrees set in 1926. Since then the urban heat island effect has certainly increased in Anchorage. Accuweather says that issues with the thermometer cause meterologists to question if this is a record. 1 degree is hardly reason to invoke the climate change hysteria. Massive high pressure system is the cause. That is weather. Deal with it. Enjoy the warm before the next glacial GW idiots.

  5. The accuser always point finger first(woman).Man or men's are not the cause of damage.Woman or women's are the cause of every damage from the beginning till the end.Its men's or Man who took the blame of something they didn't do or cause. Women's or Woman is the reason why Man or men's were fallen. That's why human never became more advance because of women's.We build up we fall down because of women's or woman always wants to rise up.From the beginning of Time.Many Ancients city were fallen because of woman or women's.Every cultures and bibles and etc,mention women's or woman is the cause of destruction and chaos.Its sad but true and women's do like to point their finger at men's so quickly.

  6. I recently applied for an oil drilling job on the North Slope of Alaska. I need everyone's prayers so that I can get this job, because I need help getting my student debt paid off. Whether your pro-choice, pro-life, Democrat, Republican, atheist, or Chrisitin, I need you to prayerfully fast from food for me for 48 hours so that I can get my student debt paid off. Hopefully I will start the oil drilling job in September 2019.

  7. This might be a message of gloom or a message to speed up our efforts to colonize, Mars. Mankind can one day be a two planet species. We have made the leap to the moon, now we must soar to our new home.

    Also make space marines the Emperor wills it. Lol

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