APT's Europe River Cruising - Your Questions Answered

Learn the ins and outs of Europe River Cruising with APT. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about our tours and gain some insight into what it is like traveling with APT.
if you have never river cruised with a PT before you may have some questions so before you book pack and board we suggest you watch this video you'll be pleased to know that you will never feel crowded for every three passengers on board there is one member of staff so you are assured of superior service your accommodation comes complete with sitting area writing desk and chair indoor/outdoor space and your own ensuite along with you our own climate control you'll find your suite is superbly fitted and equipped for your total comfort the bathrobe slippers hair dryer toiletries and personal computer we provide in your suite should help you travel lighter onboard you just unpack the once with your clothing stored crush free in the ample wardrobes and drawers the cost of your river cruise covers everything you need put away your wallet or purse on board you won't need it feel free to enjoy all delicious buffet breakfasts hot and cold restaurant or alfresco lunches as well as 5 course ala carte dinners the afternoon tea is not to be missed what'll it be fine wine beer spirits soft drinks juices European tea or coffee simply order knowing the tab is covered our long-standing relationships with local experts and naval us to offer unique signature experiences on shore we also give you freedom of choice options and yes all these experiences are included – you're even welcome to grab a bike on board to take ashore maybe an electric one of course it won't cost you anything if you can climb a flight of stairs with these you can do everything we offer if not there are options you will have a choice of active or gentle sightseeing we also offer small group excursions so you'll be with others who are similar with apt you will also go straight to the head of the cube when visiting the sites and if you feel like a rest you can always relax on board rather than go ashore on a PT collection area and Conchata river cruises many suites offer butler laundry and room service ask for more details at the time of booking of course all suites are serviced twice a day with fresh bottled water provided when it comes to clothes pack smart casual outfits with comfortable closed Footwear also something that covers your shoulders and legs if visiting religious sites layers are good for changing weather and include some cover in case of rain no events are black-tie traveling by River is calm and quiet the only exceptions are when we passed through locks and these are actually entertaining torch staff will know you by name and you make many new friends further to this an apt crews director will be on board at all times we also have experts on the ground for grand city stays and extended land journeys plenty of me time is factored into every itinerary if you want to shop visit family and friends or explore your own pace you can join us on our award-winning fleet to visit superb destinations in fact you could cruise with us for years and not run out of unforgettable experiences at apt we hope we've answered your questions but if you have any more please feel free to call

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