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Learn more about river cruising with Avalon Waterways at www.avalonwaterways.com.

Avalon Waterways river cruises & small ship cruises sail to Europe, China, Egypt, the Galápagos Islands, and more.

River cruises & small ship cruises to Europe, China, Egypt & the Galápagos Islands.

Avalon Waterways sets the standard in river cruises and small ship cruising with the newest fleet and amazing itineraries. Travel on the youngest fleet of ships with modern, contemporary designs and the largest staterooms with remarkable amenities. Enjoy fine dining and complimentary regional wines with dinner.

Avalon’s cruise vacations through the intimate waterways of Europe, China, Egypt, and the Galápagos Islands are unparalleled.

River Cruise and Small-Ship Cruise ships include:
-Avalon Panorama
-Avalon Vista
-Avalon Visionary
-Avalon Felicity
-Avalon Luminary
-Avalon Affinity
-Avalon Creativity
-Avalon Scenery
-Avalon Imagery
-Avalon Tapestry
-Avalon Tranquility
-Avalon Scenery
-Avalon Angkor
-MS Mayfair
-MS Kasr Ibrim
river cruising is different the proximity to the destinations the intimacy of the ships and the inclusiveness of the amenities is appealing to land travellers and cruisers alike today travelers like you are more interested than ever in seeking out this unique travel experience and because of this avalon waterways has taken river cruising to a level that defines the industry from its inception anthlon was inspired to change the way we travel and that inspiration came from focusing on the most important aspect of the travel experience you and since Avalon is the only River cruise company personally involved from ship design to delivery traveller inspiration makes its way into every aspect of the cruise experience every feature is inspired by you the traveler every detail is thoughtfully designed to deliver a European river cruise that's nothing short of legendary all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself as we take you on an unforgettable journey across the world's most celebrated waterways from you we learn that space was important that's why every Avalon room is 15 to 30 percent larger than the industry standard and includes floor-to-ceiling windows and when inspiration strikes you can slide open your windows to let the beauty of the outdoors in you told us that you didn't want dining to be routine and predictable so Avalon added flexibility and choice to every meal from elite laser breakfast to the open-air Skydeck Bistro and our exceptional room service you'll dine anyway you like with Avalon you also ask the question why do all River cruise ships look alike thanks to Avalon's inspired design now they don't and because we only sail the newest fleet on European rivers you'll be surrounded in contemporary design world-class elegance and state-of-the-art technology only an Avalon ship can offer you said that what you do on land is equally important to your experience on ship and with Avalons partnership with Globus land excursions aren't an afterthought you'll explore port cities with guided sightseeing engaging storytelling and lectures as well as VIP access to must-see destinations allowing you to immerse yourself in your deep cultures and without question you have told us time and time again you want choices when it comes to where you travel so Avalon developed more than 100 cruise vacations ranging from three nights to three weeks from China to the Galapagos and from Egypt to Europe you'll find yourself on the world's most beautiful waterways waters that weave together their stories histories and cultures of the world in Europe alone choose from sailing along the Rhine wrong Danube Seine or Moselle thanks to you Avalon waterways is proud to set the standard in river cruising and with introductions like the recent panorama suite chair featuring the industry's only open air balconies and panoramic views our dedication to you continues well into the future from ship to land not a single detail has been overlooked and it's all because we were inspired by you to provide the best travel experience possible

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