Back at It | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E1 (Season Premiere)

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Sean Pettit attends the Powder Awards and gears up for the first winter session of the season at Whistler, Canada, joined by snowboarders Mikey Rencz, Eero Niemela, and Iikka Backstrom. The Groovemeister begins his new career as a restaurant owner.

4:04 “Save Me” by Limitless (Sounds of Red Bull):
7:59 “Dedication Of Nations” by Limitless (Sounds of Red Bull):
12:30 “A Bleedin’ Feelin’” by Limitless (Sounds of Red Bull):

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35 thoughts on “Back at It | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E1 (Season Premiere)”

  1. I have one ski video on my channel and in a few months I am going to make another one, so if you want to go and check it out and give me some feedback i would very much appreciate it

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