Behind The Kitchen Door with Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza & Grille Restaurant

Door County TODAY’s new Dining-oriented segment visits Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza & Grille in Fish Creek and one of its key food suppliers, Narrowgate Farm in Sister Bay, producer of local grass-fed beef.
root the wild tomato pizza here in fish creek with the better half of the young cover family sarah and her husband bread are owners and chefs here at the wild tomato pizza is it's like a canvas for creativity it's not necessarily about you know sticking with traditional pizzas for us it's about taking a lot of the things we've learned and put it on a canvas and just bringing food down to a really casual level I think it's about community and being a part of your community and giving back to your community and we love Wisconsin it's where we were born and spent a lot of time in Door County we try to source as many local ingredients as possible we get our chickens from Wildwood farms in sister bay and a lot of our produce as well and we get our beef locally from narrow gate farms in sister Bay Area so you think this is at render this is long-lasting that you know the emphasis on local foods the healthier boobs the foods that we know where where it's coming from the trailer I think this is last I think it's a lifestyle change people are definitely more aware of what they're eating these days but now it seems to be when people are vacationing and going out to eat they're looking for healthier choices so and they want to know where their food comes from it's always been kind of part of everything I've done it no matter where I've been there's always been Pizza involved somewhere we're going to start with this fresh tomato sauce we have a lot of herbs from the garden in here and a lot of garlic it's been fantastic to be able to just run out side of the kitchen and grab some yeah absolutely i mean there's nothing like I mean that's about as fresh as you can get right there yeah absolutely and these little tomatoes are right from that garden same with these peppers that part we get from one of our local farmers down in southern Door County fresh mozzarella some local peppers everything here is local and some of its from our garden right outside so fantastic for us and this location to be so close to two great cheese makers so that's it will pop it in the oven here and it'll only take about five six minutes for it to cook yeah at fun because I mean there are just no rules when it comes to people to the colors and ends the things that that pizza is so vibrant yeah let's uh let's cut it up and eat it thanks oh that's spectacular good morning good morning how are you fantastic how are you good to see you Jonathan good to be seen so here we are at narrow gates yes sir door county grass-fed beef yep fantastic so you're gonna show us around today yes I'll take you on the back arm yes show us your herd yes sir be great let's get started let's go so how long have you been in business oh we've been in business about eight years now about eight years so what got you into a grass-fed beef a healthy beef for my family is what started it beautiful so you've got a mix here you've got Angus here you've got Galloway's the the curly haired the brown and the black yes sir god I saw her furred in there I do have a Hereford yup yup she's my lead animal and so how many head of cattle do you have right here grazing in this six um we always hover somewhere around 50 as we try and mimic mother nature we try and mimic the great Buffalo hurts okay we Mobb on the soil and then we move and we give it a long rest period by doing that cattle are harvesting their own feed they're also spreading their own manure so I've eliminated two pieces of equipment and the fossil fuels as well and we always let that grass regrow so that we're never grazing down we're never disturbing the soil we're committed to that soil web life we're trying to mimic nature as much as possible attain ability that's the sustainability part of it yep is to build our soils and we've seen we've seen improvement over the years that we've been grazing cattle that way we've seen improvement in sward density drought resistance we still have a long way to go we're on the beginning of the learning curve right but every day is a new challenge you can see these animals live an awesome life that that every cow would dream of living out on pasture where they were supposed to be so when these animals come back to eating their natural diet you bring me Oh level of omega-6 is the ratio back a balance and provides much healthier meat for you we go to farmers markets there's a couple farmers match up here in northern door county and sister bay at the corner of their ass and Ron dinner on the top shelf on main phase i also have a couple of stores that sell our beef the top shelf and sister bay stocks are beef and the healthy way in Sturgeon Bay both stock our beef and also we have a some restaurants the wild tomato in fish creek all the beef on their menu comes from us and it can find you online right they can find us online and what's that oh yes the the website is Gray's through narrow gate calm great all right Jonathan thank you for your time this is when John appreciate you coming out 50 but you

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