Ben Fogle's Guide to Scandinavia and Russia

Watch as Ben Fogle explores a selection of cities ideal for shore excursions along the North Sea available with Celebrity’s European Cruises.
From the Stockholm archipelago to the spectacular palaces of St Petersburg in Russia, why settle for just one breathtaking destination when our luxury cruises can offer you all of them?

For more information on where our European cruises can take you visit:

celebrity cruises holidays to Scandinavia and Russia offer such a rich and diverse mix of heritage and culture from Copenhagen Stockholm and Helsinki to the palaces of some Petersburg in Russia I share celebrity cruises passion for destinations and on a cruise like this to northern Europe you take in so many different cities you wake up in the morning in a new city almost every day Stockholm is such a magical city it's based on about 14 different islands a very watery City you've got the old park gamla stan' with all the old shops the beautiful architecture but then you've got this fantastic gateway or exit to the city itself where you go to the archipelago I think one of the great things about going on the cruise is that you end up in cities you wouldn't normally visit Copenhagen in the sunshine is a beautiful place it's very outdoorsy very healthy it's all about cycling fresh food being very close to nature it's the sort of place that I love he'll think he's really rich in its culture and heritage it was once a part of Russia and it's got a real sense of that as you walk around a real smooth board of architecture here I think northern Europe actually has a huge amount to offer beautiful countries for me they kind of ticked every box from what I want for my holiday experience they're very outdoorsy they've got extreme temperatures so very hot in the summer very very cold in the winter beautiful people great food great fish and a bubble they can embrace life it's it's that kind of wildlife their celebrity offer a variety of cruises from 8 to 14 nights leaving Southampton between May and October to a huge variety of different destinations you

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