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Discover your Celtic story on an authentic Ireland and Scotland vacation planned by the local experts at Brendan Vacations.

Dedicated to ‘Taking You Personally’ on each of our hand-crafted vacations, enjoy a range of travel styles from Guided to Private Chauffeur, Locally Hosted and Self-Drive offerings.

Visit and start discovering your own Brendan story.
my name is Katherine Riley and I would like to welcome you to Brendan vacations the name Brendon vacations comes from Saint Brendan the patron saint of navigation in 500 AD he went off in search of the promised land we share his passion for travel at Brendan and have been putting together in planning vacations for 45 years we have for travel styles depending on how much support you would need while you are traveling so we have our guided vacations we have private chauffeur vacations we have locally hosted vacations and we have self driving occasions we're true locals we have a dedicated team and Michelle and from a local perspective Ireland is just such a country of meeting people experiencing things and the people of Ireland all love our country when you come here you always get more because it's just such a rich experience you never know who you're going to meet which is lovely from all over the world that's what I love meeting people there's a great exchange going on always in brand and everything is taken care of I always say that we're going to wrap you in the brendan blanket the Irish was such a welcoming group of people you know that we love to see the visitors coming here and to show off the country the welcome if they would guess here you know when first exceed any other country Catherine's collection is actually a collection of hotels castles manors and bed and breakfast gems that I have worked with I know all of the proprietors the owners probably know most of the staff in all of them we'd like to just team up with professional companies that share our core values and I think that is genuine Irish hospitality and that's what we be provide here at the Morton I know that's what when the vacations also provide like Saint Brendan were always out and about looking for new discoveries new experiences new places to share with our guests what's the scale which actually means what's the story we actually use that on a greasing so we're inviting people to tell their story and then be able to have their own story in memories we have the green carpet house we're waiting to put it all together for you you

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