we just landed in Cancun and it's really really crazy out there also secrets but a lot of wack so the nice man told us platform 41 platform 41 wow what an thirunal from here for anthing minute Oh crashing so I'm trying to brush up on my Spanish because my Spanish is trash see kamekona my race give me a moment I need always put on YouTube movies Maldonado yeah nice to meet you caboose is our driver for today is gonna take a resort secrets he said there's a lot of Secrets so we just pulled up here pues qué quieres dinero americano or best man look at the wolf in every row control those things gracias you got wine this is really nice way to the hotel room they got a circle card estimate oh yes please the water can they use anymore purchase press the button okay yodon't guys so we just got into the room check this bad all right let me show you guys the minibar for the fridge bottled water okay so this is the swim-up suite look how dope this is Oh yo guys my Creator and today I am in Cancun Mexico Spain and secrets Playa okay so we're in the pool area of the resort and it's absolutely amazing so take a look take a look and the best thing about this pool is that the water is heated yes so this place is massive I think the pool is my favorite part of this resort because we have like swim up bars like I said the water is heated there's like a few jacuzzis let me let me let me take you guys to this one spot that's super super okay so this spot is super dope there's like a few of these here on the site it's like a cool little jacuzzi spot all right so I'm gonna take you guys to the beach let's see how it is let's see if FC whee let's see if there's anything cool down here I think there's a bar I'm not too sure water is really really warm those good but there's so much seaweed I check this out yes I'm probably not gonna pull the water to so much seaweed is crazy but like I said they do have a track they're coming around trying to maintain it trying to clean it up very this is so cool it's like an adult playground I can see myself gaining like 1015 pounds in four days just because of all the food that's here and the food is amazing 24/7 room service the drinks are amazing I highly recommend the Superman drink and when we were drinking that in the pool a bunch of people were asking us what type of drink was and then I started to see everyone in the pool with the Superman drink so I highly recommend that drink it tastes so good alright so I'm looking for the bar there supposed to be a bar out here oh I think I see it oh yeah early morning drink it's about 9:00 in the morning so let's start the day off right guys I don't want the need most important thing that you need over here water what time does the bar open what time does the bar open 10 o'clock I think so the bar opens up at 10:00 so I can yeah check out this hot tub there's hot tubs everywhere and one thing about this resort you got to come early because ABC you guys see these towels those are people who woke up early to save their spots and you know now now those seats are taken so make sure you guys wake up early enough to come find a chair that you want so you can reserve it check this out I'm actually walking it's kind of trippy I'm actually walking on top of a hallway check this out pretty tricky I'm gonna get off you're good so as you can see people come here super early grab towels and post spots and then I guess they go back to the rooms and then come back a little later and they have a really cool spot to chill that at the pool I finally do the same thing grab a few towels with me my friends just because I'm a nice guy like that all right let's check some of the stories that are on this site this one's called Pier 27 Ola they celebrate being is and stuff like that cigars snorkeling gear if you guys are gonna go snorkeling so they have all that good stuff there it's like a diamond store I'm not gonna go in there and because I'm not looking to buy any diamonds but if you guys want to buy some diamonds check it out and the famous piano bar I was there last night and there's actually there's like maybe one couple in there go Sunday so I'm gonna maybe Friday Saturday and Sunday it's probably more bad but when I went it wasn't compacted oh okay I think I found water good ice yeah finally I've been drinking drinking drinking and I forgot to drink some water B most important thing to do fall out here on vacation because if you don't kind of orders crystal water I was told that I should only drink bottled water when outside the country so I've been stocking up on some bottled water okay guys so I'm gonna end a video here that was basically the resort if you guys liked this video make sure to LIKE comment subscribe all that good stuff and until next time I'm out [Laughter]


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