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Hey guys Cyndi Williams here the
Wanderlust CEO travel career coach from I have the
amazing Jennifer here from Across the Globe Travel Agency. Jennifer how are you this morning? Pretty good how are you? I'm good! Jennifer, guys, is one of my recent graduates from the Careers on Vacation
program and she has launched her agency. You owned another business non travel
related then launched your agency in the past twelve weeks. Can you tell us a
little bit about where you were before you started Careers on Vacation program and
where your business is today? Oh my god! Well I have a landscaping business with
my husband and have been working with him forever
but in this past week it's been great like great! We have our Across the Globe
travel agency, we have our business account, we have logos, we have tag lines,
we have so many things we are like set up we're like, you helped us build like a
house and we just have to go and decorate it that's so good was it
helpful to have the roadmap of how to build your travel business ? first it seems like scary but no it's easy you have everything like A B and C and we
just follow it and everything is great I love it Jen, what was your biggest
win or celebration since taking the program? I believe having the business
something that you my passion um showing my kids also that doesn't matter how old
you are you can achieve your goals and I think that's like pretty good believing
in yourself believing that you can do it I love that I
love that so much as sort of my favorite things because I always a coach said to
me years ago they said you know what is your daughter learning from the actions
that you're taking you know and it was one of those things or it was like a
moment like I don't want my kids to grow up and not follow their
dreams I don't want my kids to grow up and not do whatever they want so what a
beautiful answer I love that and are they excited that Mommy has a travel
agency now yes and they know that I'm gonna start traveling and I already have
some plans so they're happy to go with me whenever I can they're like we get
discounts we can travel or we get all these perks I love it that's amazing so
Jen you know in our program I'm really big on mindset kind of meeting every
client where they are where you know everybody has different things that they
deal with in different places where they feel stuck which is why doing the
mindset we're going from the various backgrounds that we work with with
people to say hey you're gonna be your CEO of your own travel business you're
an online travel business what does that you know what do we need to work you
pass to fully kind of take on this new role so you can be the most successful
as possible. How did the mindset work affect your business or your life as you
work through the program I think that was the most important part because
you're clearing everything negative that you have that you have built for ever having knowing them you can do it you
great you this you're a rockstar also implementing in your life in your
marriage and your kids in my other business so it's like very very
important you you I believe its not only for myself or for the travel industry
but for anybody anybody who can set up and clean everything negative and knowing
that maybe not everybody near you you know giving you all this good thoughts
so you learn you learn what to put aside so I think that was where I'm very
grateful for you to have that in the program then maybe sometimes we don't
think about it and in this very major it really is you know make
that that shift and having that like oh you put it like having that
clearing because if you're doing something big sometimes other people
don't understand that and you've run excuse me you've run another business
which is amazing so you know what it takes to run a business which is great
but taking on something brand-new out of an industry you know and sometimes
people are you have to put your mindset in the right place but also you have to
sometimes filter out you know other things and I always say like you're the
average of the five people you spend the most time with which is why this
mastermind formats so great because for 12 weeks you're around hand-picked
positive people all working on launching or growing their businesses and we put
you in this little fishbowl and not only work on the mindset but have you have
this new community that you get to be a part of so whether you're in the program
or you know going into the grad post program you have this new family to kind
of support you on your journey which is which I think helps along with that with
that mindset piece um Jen when you found us was it hard to jump in like what did
you have to overcome any hurdles before you started the program? I was very
scared I was scared about I guess going back to the mindset about can I do this
am I able to complete this program I saw you in all the videos possible I follow
you everywhere I believe like everybody does and I'm like there was something in
you that says she's real and that got me to check out the webpage and then I got
that call and it was like my hands were sweaty I'm like should I shouldn't I but
I did and it was scary for me for getting that step but after our first
call after the first call like no you have everything set up so easy that any
thing that I'm I felt it went away and I was so
grateful to have done it so by the first call guys and did you get what you see
on video with working with me Jen? Even more I think cuz you are so authentic and
you are so fun this is great I love that you shared that you were scared and you
were nervous because and here's the thing everything great that anyone will
ever do in their life it feels really scary like when you're at that edge and
you're like do I do this this is the real deal is this you know I get it guys
like I've bought programs and did different things and you know it's one
of those things where do I take the leap but I love that you said after the first
call was like oh my gosh this is best decision right so which is what we want
like I always I always say to people like my job is to get you results my job
is to help you make the most money in the least amount of time and I'm serious
about that stuff I don't smoke on YouTube cuz I'm on YouTube kids now if I
could swear I serious about that yeah right so because I treat every one of my
clients like you are you know my best friend and I really want you to be
successful so thank you I love that you know it's not just a show on videos and
then you get the program and it's whatever no like we're gonna roll up our
sleeves together and let's launch across the globe travel agency yes and your
branding by the way turned out so gorgeous which I can't take credit for
you picked, we gave you the map on how to go through the mapping the process
and coming up with the imagery for your company but you it turned out so cute I
think we're in this place and your logo here when we go through the editing
process but I just love it um so Jen now that the stress is gone you're gone to
the program you did all the steps you have your agency you know you went
through that period of being scared leaping in making the decision now you
have done all the work you have this beautiful agency that's up and operating
booking travel um what would you tell other
who are in the same spot you were before you started the program what would you
tell them about doing the Careers on Vacation program? jump in jump run climb
don't be scared don't be scared like I was it's okay to be scared but don't be
scared now with you you are real it's not gonna take long for them to know
they just have to be committed and really want to really have this business
it's not easy cuz you do everything yourself like you said you're helping
them you're helping us but you're not doing the work for us so just you never
will alone that's another amazing thing you're gonna be you hold our hand
basically oh the way tips tricks advices concerns you are there all the time and
that is so amazing whoever you are you're looking at this just jump in just
call call Careers on Vacation, email them look at their website just research and
believe me buy the first call you will be in the next program starting next
month or whenever is gonna start just jump in coming from someone that was
scared that I didn't believe in myself that I could do it and I did it 12 weeks
later have a business with my husband and life changes not only for yourself
for your self-esteem you're making money Oh and Jen you are such a pleasure to
have on the program I love that because it like you said it isn't it's normal to
be nervous but like like it's gonna be fine you can be in Jen's spot in 12 weeks
guys look like Jen said you have to be serious about it we can show you how to
take that passion for travel and turn it into profits we do it all day long but
we can only do it with a few people every month
because we're we're running sold out so we only can let people in the program as
others graduate and it's a 12-week program so get your applications in and you can do the discovery
call that's all it is there's no obligation exactly what Jen said, like my
palms were sweaty that was nervous to hit you know whatever but she did it and
look at her now like snap her fingers came from a completely different
industry and know she has her beautiful operational travel business up running
booking travel Jen I just want to say congratulations I'm so proud of all the
progress and you were one that you were showing up asking questions doing the
work and it is self-paced so you don't have to if you have some mom stuff to do
I built the program with some buffer in there so you can get through it in 12
weeks and even if you don't get to the very last module you still have they
don't go anywhere you have a life right it's that's how we set it up so it could
work for moms and dads and people everywhere from that from that
perspective so Jen congratulations again for joining us and we're your
cheerleader for life you're going over to grab group and actually you're coming
out to our gold-digger retreat in New Orleans yes New Orleans, okay to retreats this year guys which
are also getting a really tight on space so um we're gonna see you in New Orleans
so we'll see you in a couple months Jenn and will even talk about next level
stuff to make your agency even bigger better so I love you so much it's been a
pleasure working with you. Ill see you over in the grad group!

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