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Hey guys Cyndi Williams here from Careers on Vacation the travel career coach I am here with my amazing recent graduate
Shannon, Shannon how are you this morning
I am fabulous Cyndi I am ready to go and having fun Good! And you know what I
appreciate about Shannon most is that she maybe is the only other person
there's maybe two or three and my mix of hundreds of people we've helped it have
the can match my enthusiasm for Disney How many times, you know how many times
you've been to Disney can you guess Oh, Disney World probably over 30 Disneyland
over 20 yeah almost 10 cruise, going to Hawaii soon, I love Disney and we're both DVC members yes yes DVC
is great it's beautiful it is great so you decided a while back
you were going to turn your love for Disney and travel and you were like I
want to start a travel business right told me about that journey for you like Yes four years and I'm talking almost ten years I have been helping people
playing Disney vacations friends family and I'd do it for them and walk them
through the process and help them every step of the way and finally after I
booked some friends on an Alaskan cruise because they were going with us they
said you know you can get paid to do stuff like this I've always want to do that
I love talking to people I have a passion for helping people I always say my purpose is helping people follow their bliss into abundance and its seems so easy you're like I get paid for this figuring out all the intricacies and
figuring it out for somebody taking that stress out of them but it's fine for me
to do like I have fun doing it I love that so much
well good well tell us a little bit about how you found Careers on Vacation,
where your business was before you went to our program and where you are now so I found careers on vacation on Facebook because I follow Facebook a
lot and I was looking for somebody to help grow my business help find clients
how do i you know advertise how do I do videos how do I do everything that I
expected travel agent to be able to do and I looked at multiple different
people and I wanted the personal touch and the passion that Cyndi had, that you
have like to me if you're not passionate about about what you're doing in life it
doesn't ring true to me into my heart so that was a big thing with going with
cruise on vacation and then I decided to do a free mastermind class and I was so
excited and I called on a Wednesday evening and after that phone call and then
went over and told my husband and I'm doing this I am expanding my business and making it for
the better for this year and today as of right now we still have that free master
class out there it's yes I'm
trying to remember fully got on my head but yeah and that's just something free
I did because I was so I just wanted people to know what their options are
for getting into the industry so that's amazing um what has been your biggest
win or celebration since you started the program? Confidence, I would say overall
and then booking stuff for clients that are higher-end clients that want to link
not only an Alaskan cruise but a cruise across the Rockies through the Canadian
journey and making it a seamless trip from them leaving their home until
getting back to their home and making sure they have a beautiful experience
and no stress along the way and I think that comes along with confidence and
researching and knowing your clients the best absolutely and as you start to
attract those high-end clients and you have better marketing in place it is a
different customer service path that you need to follow and so that's a good
point I haven't had someone bring that one out before but because culturing and
fostering those relationships that's the clients you want coming back to you so
I'm so happy for you that sounds like an amazing trip by the way I'm super
excited for them he's going on that trip hmm so that's really good so a group
trip yes I love it that's amazing and yeah it's nice when you go from helping
friends and family for free to now you're like wow I'm getting paid to do
this and it brings my eyes open to other destinations that I haven't yet visited
but still doing that research and knowing how to look for reputable
companies helps significantly knowing that my clients will go on that vacation
and have the time of their life instead of the most stress ever and you heard one detailed lady like there's not a better travel agent out
there for detail for sure I think we're going to share a couple of your pictures
from Disney – so we'll edit those in here and so people can kind of peek and
see like Disney expert wise Shannon is an expert when you first you know found us like
you jumped in quickly it didn't sound like usually I asked you it was that
hard to jump in or what would you tell people that are like sitting on the
fence like should I do this like I feel like I might need it for my business
what would you say to that person who's sitting on the fence I would say do it
is having somebody right there with you along the way and somebody who can
communicate multiple times a week with and then you also have a group on
Facebook and it's 24 hours a day if you're at 3 a.m. and you post a question
you're gonna get a response to help you grow your business
everybody's on your team instead of against you and that's what I
love is the teamwork it comes out of it and then also being in the grad group
the same teamwork mm-hmm everybody is rooting for you and I love that about it
that's something that really it breaks my heart to know that there are people
out there who are against people when Cyndi all about building everybody up and I
love that passion and the foster of that environment is beautiful well thank you
and that was when I you know when I created this thing so long ago it was we
ever that's a wealth consciousness thing
right so understanding that there is enough business for all of us I promise
you travel is a trillion dollar industry so we can all support each other in to
be in abundance I mean I've had people contact me and go why are you telling
people all of our secrets like like here's the thing you know if my whole
thing is I want to I want people to travel let's make the world a little
smaller and the love a little bigger so if I can impact someone that's gonna go
out and book 300 occasions next year then somehow in my little way I touched
that 300 vacations but that's the group that we've cultivated and I know what
you're talking about because I've seen that on other forums where people have
been agents as long as I look I started back in the 90s I'm hitting my
twenty-fifth year this spring of when I started in travel I'm like oh my gosh I
know that ages me but I don't care so but it's one of those things where there
are some people from my generation and that have been agents for a long time
and they there is a little bit of a mentality of they don't know what
they're doing or who are you to know this but guess what like in my heart and
core I'm a trainer we all started at some point I happen to have when I was 19
years old right fresh out of travel school and I didn't know what the heck I
was doing back then and so when people are new now it's an honor to usher
people through that process so let me show you you know if I could go back in
time and give this you know dewiness to yourself sure so but yeah we
only do things from a positive perspective and I'm glad you mention the
grad group because even though I know you're mentioning right before we
started the interview today you're like I missed the calls I do I miss the calls
I miss that having somebody right next to me as a mentor that I know is right
there with me even though you're not getting any of my sales I know you're
right they're cheering me on every single day yeah and that's my cabinet
and get a coffee mug I now think of Cyndi every single day
and go I wonder what mug Cyndi's drinking from today Oh my gosh, you got me a mug. You actually came down from one of
our workshops in Austin and Shannon was so sweet she brought me a month's in
Tennessee but I didn't bring the right Monday but it's one of my favorites my
son loves it too cos as blue on the inside my favorite color but but yeah I
mean I'm always there to cheer you guys on and as a consultant like my role is
to teach you how to scale up and then teach you what you need to know for the
rest of going forward and you're part of our grad group so even though we and we
don't have those calls from the when you're in the program did I do training
for the grads periodically just the video last let you guys know about stuff
going on and we make sure that you're part of this beautiful community and it
is you jump in you throw a question there and everybody's jumping in because
they know all the secret systems and they know all the best practices and
you're like what does anyone remember listen you said about exploits yes everything oh my gosh I'm not gonna I'm
not gonna claim that title I I know just enough to be dangerous and I definitely
know enough to help you grow and scale your business to six figures and beyond
that in travel I will take but I don't know everything for sure but I will take
the compliment thank you so much well Shannon you have been such a pleasure I
know you're coming down for a VIP day here at Austin at some point and yes you
had an amazing journey through our program I want to wish you so much love
and abundance as you move forward you were just you're already knocking it out of
the park making group trips and booking Disney and doing all this amazing stuff
but thank you for sharing your story to inspire others today and
keep in touch with our community and guys listen if you are thinking about
starting or growing your own travel business reach out to us at apply to get in the mastermind
we have limited spots every month we just announced that we have our new TV
show bliss to abundance on roku and amazon since then the phone lines and
applications have been nuts so we try to give precedence and priority to people
that are in our Careers on Vacation group on Facebook but at any rate and
get your applications in because I know once we're sold out for the year like I
only can work with so many people at a time and it's just gonna be it's just
gonna be what it is because I can't do I can't do service to you or to Shannon or
to everyone else going through the program unless I can only work with a
limited amount of people so definitely get those applications in and you can be
in Shannon seat twelve weeks from now talking about how amazing your new
business is so, Shannon thank you so much oh you're welcome I really appreciate
you I just I'm so happy I went with you for training and everything yeah well
it's been an honor to be your mentor and I'll continue to help you as you move
forward and scale

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