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Take a virtual tour of the brand new Carnival Magic. She arrived to her home at the port of Galveston, Texas after sailing Europe in early 2011. Carnival Magic offers a truly unique experience out at sea by debuting all-new ways to have a good time while sailing. Featuring SportSquare, the world’s first ropes course at sea. This is also the ship that introduced cruisers to the popular family-style restaurant, Cucina del Capitano.

With other excellent onboard dining and activities, not to mention the sweet staterooms, there’s no doubt you’ll have an exciting vacation on Carnival Magic far away from everyday life.

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Carnival Magic: Virtual Tour | Carnival Cruise Line

there's a certain magic that happens when families get together in pursuit of fun every time a pair of old friends share a belly laugh it's the kind of magic we could all use a little more of in everyday life but this this is a few hundred nautical miles from everyday life this is the all new carnival magic and here magic is part of the plan it starts the minute you stroll into carnival magics atrium for the first time take a look around this place is totally designed to make you say whoa hey we could stay here all day but we have more fun stuff to see so come on let's lace up those flip-flops and head out to the ocean Plaza wait flip-flops don't have places anyway we built carnival magics Ocean Plaza to blur the line between indoor and outdoor just take a look at this amazing space there's the fun hub internet cafe even a dance floor and fun stuff going on here all day and night but are we inside or are we outside who can tell speaking of outside make a splash at our amazing waterworks or play around at our always active sports square go ahead enjoy the great view wave to a dolphin and then make your way toward another great place to hang outside the tides pool you know we realized that nothing says fun like meet me poolside so we reimagined carnival magics resort style pool to be more fun than ever with the big screen of carnival seaside theater shady thatched roofs and a bar with blenders at the ready of course if you're feeling like taking a little adventure with just the grown-ups you could always drop the kids and teens off and our award-winning youth programs camp carnival circle sea and Club o to then head to the promenade grab a bite of sushi for the road and take a nice casual stroll to our all-new Spa it has separate areas for working out and chilling out and how perfect is that or head outside to serenity our adult only retreat just the place for me time or wee time anytime and speaking of we time let's grab a few friends there's a great place to hang out a few decks over after all we knew our guests needed a fun casual spot to relive the day so we created the Red Frog pub a perfect place to sip a drink grab a bite to eat catch some great live music and tell a few stories and if those stories have a few embellishments well your secret's safe with us but we didn't stop there we rethought every dining area on the ship making our main dining room even more posh our Lido dining area more welcoming than ever and our steak house even more cozy which is when a really big idea hit us our guests love their friends love their families so why not make our new Italian restaurant family-style of course and that's why carnival magic boasts Cucina del Capitano a place to eat laugh and just enjoy each other's company bellissimo by now it's time to wait we almost forgot go back to the Red Frog pub we almost forgot thirsty frog red it's our own custom beer specially brewed for Carnival how cool is that anyway like we were saying by now it's time to head out for the night and on Carnival magic great nightlife is definitely part of the blueprint we designed a classy new lounge a more fun than ever casino and a main theater that's perfectly calibrated to make you stand up and cheer we even added a chic dance club with swanky lounge areas and an outdoor section that looks out over the ocean so when you finally need a little break from the dance fever you can always step outside look up at the stars and just have a moment because in the end carnival magic is designed to make great vacation moments happen the moments that always pop up when you get together with good friends and close family when you look around see the easy smile on everyone's face and realize that this this is magic and on carnival magic that was the plan all along

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  1. been on 7 cruises and now its my last otem on bucket list ro take my daughter and her husband on magic for 7day. booked on spa deck and want them to have trip of a life time
    so looking forward to spoiling them on this cruise. Aug 2018

  2. Im only 13 and this is my 10th cruise, but first time om magic.😎 I'm am going on November 4 2018. I just can't wait.😉😆😋😄😃😀😁😅😄🙄😏☺🙂

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