Christmas in Dollywood + Mining for Gems! FUNnel V Holiday Trip to Pigeon Forge, TN

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by going there and cross your arms and now close your eyes [Laughter] look they're gonna go on that one no mommy is then do you like that my brain feels like it's out of place your brains out of place so what's different from usual that one is the one that just went upside down like that go that says dagger and it says dynamite dynamite you guys are like little hatched eggs oh no there's still another baby waiting to be hatched there it is Paul this one's drained for the winter can't go on this one big boy wanna try it I'm gonna go slow Oh Oh No you look so full Sean forget the eagle waiting for mommy Lex and chase because Mike got off the ride let's start let's make what are you doing the mixin you free are you up yet sleepyhead his nickname is it bubbles how you doing monkey did you like it Mike and I are riding the wild eagle right dude yeah it goes upside down this might be much it might be who this be your first upside-down ride yeah Wow I'm pretty sure you're gonna cry like a Bubba Mike look it says scream loud no not here not here oh yeah oh yeah look it's so fluffy chase look fluffy unicorn well the derpy fluff man you ready you guys got to try to get the ring done let's I guess we made a big mess on the floor let me see what you get the Yeti 100 come on you gotta get the last one come on come out yeah got a pride all right chase didn't want to play step one choose your cookie step two choose your aching I know it's the same thing you're not really choosing you're just picking your shoes you're topping you can get all the toppings if you want though [Applause] you have a lot of icing thank you we let you just bang your head on a crash cymbal hey little man glad you finally woke up Hawk crying this is Shawn outside that's creepy checking his butt it's a mistletoe Merry Christmas he doesn't wanna be kids Shawnee you gotta be kidding this is baby Shawn's first time at an amusement park is that funny you're still eating your cooks I'm a little scared there is no buckle Oh would you like that yeah I loved it I liked it I liked it all did you like it a lot or a little oh why didn't you ride it he's knocked out wake up monkey he can pies delicious alrighty we're down low Hollywood you guys have fun it was pretty crowded Dollywood it's pretty crowded so we don't get to do everything and we're kind of skipping the Christmas parade which is supposed to be awesome this fun place we got to come back when there's not all these human beings here bang your head Oh [Applause] hi buddy Chace you see that giant tree Oh y'all just made him cry you ran him into the wall burn party in an elevator oh sorry Oh what is that what is what is that is that why you're crying dude they poop through your clothes that was gross haha hey cheese look it's scratch and smell oh Chase is gonna change the baby's diaper you are alright as long as I know how to change this oh you sure you want to change that good come here look guy you stinky Shawn there's supposed to be a pantry right here let's see oh my goodness look at it it's filled with food [Applause] all right Mike Shane in a diaper yeah look but you got this middle part look at Mike pushing his little little brother shot sure what hi love it I can't see you time in the chain we almost got ran over is that cool to the lights in the water say hi guys I found him a car porta-potty eat your soup eat your soup Lexia my get going [Applause] good job lady before mashed potaters – slaw some chicken good wait no you missed your mouth bro and there it is potatoes chicken and some banana pudding if and you ring the bell you'll be a dead ringer don't push this here button hi one two three say cheese Oh it's a beautiful day and that pays in foot whoa is that a little tree saying hi We're leaving Pigeon Forge Hey hey you this way move your head lady follow my finger I can't see my reflection you're gonna scare no careful yeah little wild monkey trying to raise this one normally oh you turn what is that a little alien talking your butter lives on pancakes yeah does he like where he lives roosters here we got this coupon called scene feed live five bears and get a half of four pound on the fudge we're going to see Jesus we're gonna go gem money right there crystal he met a fan who gave us a crystal uh-oh car came on very quickly Oh God Santy Claus Jesus Saves Oh guys there must be a sale going on ah is your name Jesus so you can't save me one sided sale is this far guys look for live bears you see live bears that's not annoying I know it's crazy or yeah what are those we get oh yeah you know feel like that work I got a joke Priya what does jazz rock like the most of that school LLL shoot your eye out Mike don't you'll shoot your eye out see Mike now your eyes gone great job say hi the Bears hi bears I can't see his face oh there it is that bear there looks like he has a stick going through his head are you okay okay mr. bathing's not moving but we can't feed him because the the sign back there said we we just missed it oh cool this guy's shy supposed to be five bears only for the other one must be in the bathroom there's the ferrets where we went on close your legs nasty look at that place guys double decking go-kart racing oh you can go downstair oh oh there's a bear cave look that's actually where you dropped a food notice the Bears licking the rocks these trees are spread around the enclosure I found a great layer cake I'll see any extra bears can't see bears let's go up there let's see if it gets real great to them and not get kicked out chase is very carefully walking in home just to come on you can do it yeah you did did you hater and the bear didn't know it was a grape dude it was food while there's it great he doesn't know let me watch out the Bears coming okay like the bear attack this no is it Felix no is it cold yeah it's cold – chill – it look at chase just did mine your own gold and gemstone he's alright oh my goodness homemade ice cream the gig this go dig man we're going to get some rocks paying for gyms let's go what's kind of bucket do you want you want a $10 bucket alright so we're gonna take two of the 65 and then one of the Smokey Bear yeah we're gonna get you shovels so one scoop put it in there keep going until you're just left with rocks yeah kind of sideways oh and now go now lift it up get some of that water out oh and keep doing that to all that sand is gone let's see Mike that's a cool one that's a cool show this one here put it in your bag find shark-tooth mommy sure too no idea it's like a weird beanie chase look you got shark – that's gonna it's gonna getcha get my bag I get Mike's bag already but they gave us a buy three get one free so now we have this giant one dude look at this yeah put it in there let me see che said this one looks like Oreos you got it mom so you're struggling a little bit how'd you get let's see just got one of those like a cabbage brussels bro that let's see what it looks like wow that cool but it's clean now we could put it in your right back but he's almost done chase can you lifters up oh not too heavy yeah alright let me see I could try wow you have a lot man this one is Lexi's right look you can lift weights with this one he said he didn't get to go gem mining alright those are the stones we got and now the kids have some certificates to go get some free ones let's go see what they have look at these fools gold nuggets give your certificates and then looking at the pic one you got this one that's a nice one you get to get two more alright say bye diner that was the pinger shuttle we saw

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