Colorado Backpacking Trip | Part 1| Travel | Sand Dunes National Park | Holy Cross Wilderness

Part One of the Colorado Road Trip. Traveling and the Sand Dunes National Park!


This is the first video of two! This video shows my friend Cindy and I traveling to Colorado and going to the Sand Dunes. It was a super cool experience, even though it stormed on us while on the dunes.

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[Laughter] David go get my luncheon and finish laundry but most of my clothes we are to Colorado hi I'm Cindy and we are about to take off for the 17 hour drop ceiling the way I seem to always run into traffic around this part of Illinois Oh at least we have Game of Thrones to keep us company so this guy was passionate and he lost his tailgate light and a Nikoli finger to help as little red shards of not happiness we're coming towards me feed it to Missouri and we're pitstop and for some dinner so we just cease the rest stopping pieces that I always sing it every single time I come get their it again who'd it do you think anybody will notice this sticker thirty-six hours that we go extra [Laughter] we made it

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  1. Hello again, my outdoors friend. Thank you for sharing another fine video. You have a great eye for filming the beauty of God's creation. I just came across your channel this evening. Do take care out there and always have fun. 🤗

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