come to 368.

dd pop-up MAY 18+19 2019 11AM-7PM 368 Broadway NYC 10013
video song –
Shawn Mendes song –
in light of the James Charles Totti controversy I've realized how powerful a makeup channel could be and I'm here to announce today that I'm officially changing my channel to a makeup channel so what do you think hmm just just kidding just a um just a snapchat filter but good works now fun things are great okay that was a joke obviously I'm not switching to a makeup channel there is no amount of makeup I could put on this face that would that would have that would this is an announcement video though very big very exciting announcement which is that this weekend at 368 we're doing a pop-up for david dobrik it's gonna be dope it's open to everyone you should come well I got to here though I I'm working on some great videos hang tight one is a review video of the new DJ I like action it's basically a GoPro but made by DJ I really excited to share with you my thoughts on that spoiler alert it's very good also also announced yesterday was the new boosted like boosted board but it's a scooter from boosted this also warrants a really thorough in-depth review video it's incredibly so overpowered anyway I'll do a real review on this thing soon all right then also also also Zack from the the channel jerry-rigged everything he came by the studio and he showed me how well he and I together dipped an Apple watch in actual 24 karat gold and we plated the watch real gold and it's right here that's real gold in any event I get it I get it I gotta edit that video that's coming soon alright and then last or also also also also something like that Shawn Mendes came this isn't like I'm not making a video about this but this is like too good not to share somewhere but Shawn Mendes came out with a new single last week and like instead of emailing me an mp3 he sent me this let me show you Shawn this might be the coolest musical present I've ever received a pop up this Saturday and Sunday May 18th and 19th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. the david dobrik pop up at 3 6 8 I'll just go see what it looks like is this all this one are you guys just freaked out this is all March Oh [Applause] so be sure to come by three-sixty for the david dobrik pop-up saturday and sunday between 11 7 p.m. you guys think you'll sell all this stuff really okay good luck

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  1. My bro still skates surfs kayaks 40 + miles every other day and he turn 60 on new year. I think we all have some shared genes somewhere. I’m still riding and pointing my horse at 6 bar gates and flying over ditches on her at random I’m in my 40s! We love this lifestyle!

  2. REPENT!!
    A Huge Tsunami will Hit the New York City, East Coast very soon!!!

    It's a dream/vision revelation from the LORD God Almighty.

    REPENT! And ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save you today!!

    Do Not DELAY!!

  3. Hey CASEY I’m new YouTuber , you can send me everything you don’t need from the fun mail people send you , I’m gonna Appreciate it a lot 😎 I’m going to pay for the post 😎

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