Corey Goode Vacations $$$ and Blue Avians

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hanging out in the Red Rocks it sunbathing god it's so funny good times yeah blue avians secret space programs bikinis getting tans kids playing on the beach whole family having a good time travel in the world fooling people there is blue a being guy good old time sacred space program guys revealing aliens government just can't seem to Wow silence there's also microchipping that occurs on the highest levels all right you know and then you've got the guy here with his family running around like it's Easter Sunday you see what I'm saying it just continues to get more absurd I know the blue avians I'm from a secret space program that's right I haven't been killed because I've been allowed to tell the world about the blue avians and the Draco's that's right well hello and welcome to another fantastic episode down the dark deep spooky whole of on spirituality okay so I haven't done a video on Cory good and/or Wilcox in a while so I plan on doing a few of them today so this one is on quarry Goods vacationing and so I want to show you a couple things for those of you who aren't aware of quarry good he published this book I'm sorry this website a number of years back he came kind of out of nowhere and claimed to be raised in secret government programs and he met some aliens in that program called the blue avians which are bird-like creatures right here and then he became David Wilcock protege and the two of them I've done a number of videos on them exposing just the total bullshit of these two and I mean just one thing after another thing after another thing where they're telling their audience they're using stuff that's been completely debunked already and their audience and there's still two on there audience and their stock audience is still buying it okay so let's get to the meat of the matter so because of project Avalon revealing where is it is it here yet art project Avalon exposing quarry code again which I'll get into another video he was interviewed about all of the different parts of this the accusations in this expose of him apparently people who knew him when he first started out and so he's asked specifically about the money and if his motivations were for the money so here we go I make most of my money through blue avians calm its the affiliate program anyone that signs up through Louie viens comm I get a dollar a month for them and people will come in they will binge watch a month or two and then long-term so that's anywhere between episode that money I use yes the support my family this house that we moved into prior the house we moved in before of the house would get really forward around 1700 a month some unpleasantness happened at that location and some people reached out very generous and paid for us a year in this house and this house is twenty five hundred dollars a month after the first year is a cheater lease we didn't realize I was signed after the the year we were responsible for paying and if I'm getting twenty four hundred dollars a month three thousand approximately from the affiliate program just have to pay rent and have just a little bit money left over so yes I have to find ways to to make that's that's not a lot of money you know that's that's not the big money that people think that I'm making now you know I have to make my money at conferences and and in other ways so people that want to criticize me for finding a way to support my family I really just it's it's an argument that I really can't process you know there's a lot of shame that goes on in this community if you make any money in the process but most of people shaming you are making money from what they're doing right but they're making very little bit about money and they proceeded thus ensure on TV you're making a lot of money anyway so you know he's just playing the whole violin thing of how rough his life was and how poor he was well so with his alien story after he came out with this silly alien story I have noticed all of his vacations that he shares with people and it's just funny because he's traveling the world and he's videotaping him and his family going to all these various exotic places I just give you we're gonna just look at a couple samples here okay anyway so there's them on the beach isn't it interesting folks that again it's not that difficult to just ponder this thought that someone would reveal massive information about secret space programs and be able to just run around with their family filming vacations like everything's normal I mean don't you think that our government has enough control and I can tell you this you know everyone talks about you know in this field they have an Insider I actually have really do have an Insider okay somebody way way up but I can tell you from what I've learned there's no way in hell anybody would be able to do this without getting snuffed out I guess I need to fill some people in my wife did have some sort of a neurological episode a seizure oh and just by the way pretty much every time something happens to one of them they have to go in the doctor it's a conspiracy somebody's trying to stop them it was pretty scary it happened last Tuesday and okay it's a long beach here's the Mexi vacation I know the blue avians I'm from a secret space program that's right I haven't been killed because I've been allowed to tell the world about the blue avians and the Draco's that's right all right anyway this is the airplane on their big adventure now they're gonna go see you know I intend it had the same thing happened to him there told me about it in college and then I was out hunting with a buddy of mine and I'm sitting there by a cornfield and I see this red sight seeing a good old time sacred space program guys revealing aliens government just can't seem to wow silence let me show you something else that is a bit revealing listen to I found this part in the video where David Wilcock starts laughing just after Corey's talking about aliens exploiting human body parts and I thought it was really telling because again anybody at watch watches this team on stage who you know knows about the stuff that they're saying has already been destroyed debunked knows they're already bullshitting everybody okay so check this one out this is funny one they want to understand the anatomy and how different anatomies develop in different environments but also they are looking for two for a way to exploit genetics and to exploit different parts of the body that may produce medicines or other things for us that we can use okay well know if you're having a little tell we're fine we're fine a little tell we're fine we're fine well I didn't know if you're having a little tail we're fine we're fine okay well so you know you got a wonder it must be hard to keep a straight face when they're doing all of this seriously all right let's go back to vacation time let me see let's go to dining wining and dining to 20 years now and the whole time Corey good keeps this straight look on his face because he can't break character but he just doesn't realize I don't think he realizes what he looks like that no one can figure out that he's full of shit that's the thing I find funniest part is that he doesn't think anybody's onto him that it isn't it isn't that obvious you know it's like the lying that you know the lying kid you know he's totally been caught totally exposed but he can keep the lie and somehow thinks that if he just doubles down on dumb that somehow you know he's gonna get away with it sorry let's take a look at let me see oh the Hawaiian adventure let's see this one blue aliens are take it out on the boat scuba-diving enjoying Hawaii it just goes to show that you know regional motions ranch if you make up a silly enough story enough of the human herd will you know throw money at you so that you can go on vacations this is something that people should pick up on who are struggling with their jobs I mean seriously like you can make up anything you know just just tell people that you work for the government and that you're talking to elephant like aliens with elephant heads and then just do it you know do a little course and storytelling and just be very convincing and then see if you can you know meet somebody like David Wilcock who has already been successful at doing this the kids playing on the beach the whole family having a good time travel in the world fooling people there is glue avian guy god I'm surprised that the negative I'm really surprised that the negative forces he's always telling people about on his blog and on stage why are they not getting him when he's on vacation well you know I'm fascinating but seems maybe he's just safe maybe the blue avians protect him and his family when they're on vacation do you know how much in you you you know you know how much money it costs to just go on vacation yourself and then double that to a family I think it's a family of he's got two kids okay to an entire family take how much that's costing I keep pretending Cory keep pretending or you go live travel and live in luxury bamboozling everybody and then here's a crowd of dumb people the US Navy secrets here's the thing about Corey Goode and Wilcox okay all of their evidence is anecdotal it's all comes from insiders no one knows who the insiders are right and then you've conveniently got memory-wiping Corey's experience memory-wiping so there's some things that he can remember you know that enough to fill in a three-hour seminar right but there but but he uses memory wipes only on specific things he can't he gets caught on said I'm saying so again it's all an adult evidence there's actually no fucking evidence to any of this shit nothing and people I'm sorry guys I don't know where I've got so many windows up trying to find it what the fuck is this oh sorry over here but people like this these crowds they're all every one of them these kind of people you're gonna tell they're always feeling what you're saying now I'm all for feelings folk if you know my other work on Kundalini it's all about it but there's specifics you need to understand on the path okay these people you know you could tell them the earth is round they go it's not feeling that way for me today you know it doesn't feel round okay that's the kind of silliness the level the level that these these tick crowds are so let's check out his Huntington Beach vacation see oh this is just a short clip okay they're driving to Sedona here for the toy truck over a good group of people show them the thing that I did the David miss Jerry mom see they're just having a great time as a family revealing the deepest darkest secrets of the government yeah really I mean one of the things most anybody would know if you're going to be a whistleblower and you're gonna break the the deepest darkest secret in the world you better ask not have a family okay I mean I know things about these my insider okay there there are things that they that they put into operatives necks okay and it enables them to do certain things there's also microchipping that occurs on the highest levels all right you know and then you've got the guy here with his family running around like it's Easter Sunday you see what I'm saying it just continues to get more absurd okay hanging out in the Red Rocks sunbathing oh god it's so funny good times yeah blue avians secret space programs bikinis getting tans anyway so I'm sure there's more but I just wanted to give you a sample of some of Koree goods of family vacations and comment on it alright so I'll have some more videos coming out on this topic of the Wilcox and Corey Goode team and so stay tuned for that Wow thanks for watching and I hope this was informative feel free to like the video it helps the channel and if you haven't subscribed I invite you to subscribe and hop aboard the unspiritual bandwagon alright we'll see you guys in the next video

31 thoughts on “Corey Goode Vacations $$$ and Blue Avians”

  1. All blue Avians are evil! Don’t trust them. They just want energy and will do anything to get it, they will betray you, steal from you. They don’t follow the Devine creator. They are liers HONESTLY FUCK THE MAJORITY OF ALIENS THEY ARE ALL MESSED UP IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER.


  2. Everything is AWESOME to Americans. If God parted the clouds and looked down and said Hello my people they would not have a word to describe it because the most fitting one has been hijacked for anything from a cup of coffee to a new pair of trainers.

  3. It’s funny how Corey’s so excited to see the Mayan Temple? He should know all about it and been there hundreds of times because his buddies are the Mayans that built it, you know they left earth to live in space and ride around on their Space Rock SpaceShips?….. I can’t stand this Corey Goode and his boyfriend David Wilcox anymore ripping people off.. I think I should go to a Conference then take his ass to court for lying to the public and stealing their money? It be no different than being in a gang stealing people’s money, if he can prove that he’s not lying to the courts then the million dollar lawsuit will be dropped, and if he plays the freedom of speech then he’s not doing the freedom of speech because he doesn’t let everyone know that it’s fiction and it’s freedom of speech info your paying to listen to, he’s selling this as Fact not Fiction, him and Wilcox should both be charged with R.E.C.O act because they are a gang deceiving the people out of their money by lying to them as Fact info they are giving…. they need to be stopped… it’s just sad for the people that really do have experiences that these assholes are making money by their lies and just wrecks it for the real truth tellers that no one wants to believe them…..

  4. Yeah I'm 54 years old the last time I had a vacation like that I was eight when people can actually afford and families could afford to do that shit unless they were sucking the butts and screwing people out of money

  5. I’m not saying they aren’t full of shit or defending them, but you are pretty much doing the same thing. You have an insider my fucking ass. What do you have a few hundred views on this video. Who the fuck are you that someone would put their life on the line to tell you shit.

  6. This is absolute entertainment! But aside from that , you are doing a service for mankind, Zzenn. Some people need a hard reality slap in the face. These silly spiritual alien guru teachers are just FULL of wacked out nonsense and they keep making it up as they go along.
    And they put their nutty shit shows out there for the world to gaze upon, so anyone who can critically think is free to respond as they choose. But hey, so are the ones who choose to literally buy their bullshit and send them on vacation!😅
    And really…if they or their followers don't want to be criticized or if the government is making them sick on purpose, etc, why not simply ask the blue avians to come here and stop those who are doing so? Surely such magnificent, advanced beings can do so.
    Or why don't these people just change their reality, slip into a higher dimension or even travel back in time to change the outcome of these unfavorable situations? Why don't they do this though???
    Hello? Hellooooo?
    Bueller….. Bueller…😅

  7. You’re a cyber-stalker. What’s wrong with a man taking his kids on a vacation? And what 2-faced frenemy took that video and sent it to YOU? Whether u or anyone believes him or not, you’re the slimiest of the bottom-most slime dwellers. Filming his children like that. You must be a very odd fellow….. you have absolutely no respect for the privacy of an innocent child. What is wrong with u? At least Corey’s not a perve!

  8. Well, well, where is all the $$$ coming from for these exotic vacations? I haven't been on a vacation in the States for, uh, err, I can't remember when. Aside from the wackadoodle "story" what parent in their right mind (oops, he has no brain), would post public videos of his family, his CHILDREN??? If he is so paranoid that "They are out to get him…" Thank you for another excellent breakdown on these delusional freaks. Love ya Zzenn!

  9. These guys are how I ended up finding your videos. I was following the story for awhile, but his new website with the theatrical graphics pushed me off the fence of thinking maybe it could be true. The vacations are a good point.

  10. 1 minute 55 seconds into this and I'm already cracking up! I'm actually embarrassed for those blue avian vacationers. This is top notch woo, proof of how completely ridiculous people can be!

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