Cornrows x Box Braids: Fun Vacation Hairstyle

Here’s a quick tutorial showing you guys a chic hairstyle to try for your next vacation! Just some simple box braids and cornrows in the back.



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hey guys it's me Tommy and I'm back again with another video in this video I'll be showing you this beautiful cornrows and box braids hairstyle that's why I this style is not for beginners it's a little advanced but I'm still gonna show you guys how to do it so let's just jump right into it so the gap that I'm gonna be using is this synthetic canker line here you can get at your local beauty supply store but the number one question I always get when I do my braiding video is how many packs did you use so I just inserted the clip so you guys can see I use seven packs in here you see it right there okay so first things first let's just start with freshly washed hair because you can't have dirty here when you're doing a beautiful hairstyle so my hair is freshly washed deep conditioned I'm gonna use my seamless comb that I purchased from hot combs net fYI this video is 100% not sponsored and all of these products I purchased out of my own pockets so I'm gonna section my hair into four sections because I want to moisturize my hair the technique of moisturizing my hair is going to be the loc method which is a liquid oil cream so we're gonna start off with our liquid I'm sorry not liquid and I leave in so my leaving is going to be my cancel leave-in conditioner I'm gonna use the tray hands to massage that in and I'm also going to use that as I am grow here only reason I'm using it because I'm running out so now for my oil it's my own special concoction of my mixture of my oil salt put those ingredients below so you guys can see it because I am clipping through this video like crazy so it's not too long let's use the pray hands massage that in and then for my cream I'm gonna be using my African shea butter that I purchased from my local beauty supply store I love the shea butter because you can use it for everything so I'm gonna put that in my hand I'm gonna rub it together so it's nice and melted and then what do you think I'm gonna do I'm gonna use those pray hands guys yes I'm gonna use the free hand digits massage that in and then for my scalp I've been using this hair fertilizer I'll link it below that I purchased from Amazon and then found out that it was in my local beauty supply store but this has definitely definitely the growth of my hair guys I've been using it for the past maybe three four months now and I've definitely seen a difference in the thickness of my hair fYI it stinks really bad so I'm gonna go ahead and use my Denman brush to detangle my hair starting from the ends or working my way to the top and then Swit it away and because of my boil subbies you guys have been with me since I big trap so I'm just gonna show you guys a little length check show you yeah the shrinkage was real look at that boom fYI I will be straightening my hair next month so stay tuned for that now let's go ahead and Meister eyes the rest of my hair and I love using that hair fertilizer with my edges because everyone listen the edges is your life so definitely do that another thing you guys always ask me is how I'm able to make clean parts in the back and the secret is I use two mirrors guys that's just all I do granted I have been braiding my hair since I was 9 years old and I'm now 34 but still I always use a mirror to see the back of my hair so just showing you a clip of that as you can see my shirt change because a girl like me did go to sleep because I recorded that late at night so what sleep realized and changed my shirt so here we go so now I'm going to show you guys how I am doing my box braids what I do is I add some edge control to the base of my hair to make it nice and smooth that's the edge control but I'm using data from Sally's gonna frame both edges so that it could be easier and so when you fray the edges it just makes it easier from the hair to not travel so that's what I'm doing and I'm just using the basic method of braiding box braids so I'm not using the the cross tiny method I'm just using my own grip technique to do my box braids the only difference that I'm doing with this is I'm making sure that each section is even so since I have the synthetic hair kind of divide it into two and my natural hair in the middle as the third part for the braid what I do is I try to gather synthetic hair as I'm traveling down the braid just to make sure that while I'm traveling along that's the braid is even I do have previous video so you guys can see what I'm talking about as far as the grip method and then I also have one if you guys don't know how to grip your hair how to do bas braids with a rubber band method so I will link all of that in this video in below so the back is done took me about three hours to do but let's just jump right into the front so the front you're basically going to cornrow your here I'm just freestyling it it was just a style that came to my mind I'm like why don't I just do it that no part because I'm a big forehead and it helps take away the illusion of my big forehead so I'm gonna start with the first braid I've written it at an angle now for the parting of my hair you guys want to know how do you know how much here to put when you're doing the cornrows just take the regular amount of hair you would do for your box braids use that as your cornrow and then separate it into little pieces because we're going to do the feeding method so make sure the thinnest piece is going to be towards the front and then the bigger piece is towards the back and as you braid along once you get to the end of your braid it'll be evened out like the rest of your box braids so hopefully that makes them to you so here what I did it that adds an edge control to my roots and to the front this edge control does leave you here a little bit white but as you can see – once at another video that it's not gonna be white forever it does melted here so don't worry so in order for you to do the Braden method which I've showed you guys and a lot of my videos I can show you doing it on someone else's here first is doing it on my own so when I do it on my own I like to take one part and put it in my mouth so I can hold that piece down right a little bit down and then take the other part and bring it into my hair I personally think this is a great way to do it if you're doing the feeding method yourself it's very simple to do just pay attention to the length of the tank line here so that it goes as long as the rest of your braids so the braids that I have I didn't cut in half I left it the way it was in the patch so it has its own language to it so when I do the feeding method I want to make sure that I'm consistent with that length so if once I'm done with the end of the braid at land where the rest of the boxspring clinics so hopefully that makes sense because I'm used to doing this method I didn't really mad you right so I would say to measure it before putting that piece in your mouth and started to do the FINA message so it's gonna take some time guys this is not a two three hour hairstyle this just takes time and patience I don't know if you guys paid attention to my watch when I was doing my box braids in the back and I was demonstrating it my watch did turn on a little bit insta ten o'clock and now I'm doing the front and it says 2:30 so this is this hairstyle does take time and patience but it's a really pretty hairstyle it can last you about two to three weeks if you need to refresh it up you can always take the form roast out in front we braid it in a different hairstyle and the bounce rates in the back don't really get infected cuz they kind of get blocked by the braids in the front so that's why I love this look so far I've recorded this last week so far is it's still holding up I do need to wash my hair but I'm just going to be lazy and not do it because I really like the way that style looks and I don't feel like me braiding it so enough of me rambling about that as I'm doing my feeding braids so when I do my next section this time I did it by my ear because I wanted a special angle with my braids so as you see I put the edge control the front and to the roots of my hair we're gonna braid a little bit of my hair but this time I got a little bit confused with the feed-in message since my husband was talking to me who actually watching a show when I was doing this so I did it on the opposite end so you see me look confused here like wait what am I supposed to do so I look at a little confused so instead of me doing the feeding on the top part I'm doing on the bottom part but it's the same thing you just braid put the cake lining it here bring a little bit down put the other people looking funny in here that's basically it so I'm just gonna work my way to the top until I am done with this section of my hair so you guys can just see me with it and do that in fast motion alright so this side is now complete I'm loving the way it looks so it's time to do the other side of my hair so the other side decided to do the opposite on a separate angle so instead of it going to your left on your left side this one's gonna be going to my right right side I'm gonna start with the corner first by my ear then I'm gonna work my way all the way up to the top now that I'm done all the way in the back I'm just like hmm maybe I shouldn't go to another way so I did two of raids going towards the left did the feeder method on that side and then when I was done with those two braids and I decided okay so let me go ahead and do two more braids on the right and I prayed that going back and that's basically how I did the front so I love this hair stuff because you can just create any look that you want with it and then the last step because I feel like I never showed this in my box braid videos is to seal the ends basically what I did is I just put some warm water put it in a bowl put in the microwave for two minutes I'm and then just dip your hair in it just make sure you're very very careful because it's really hot water and you need it really hot to seal those ends so just be very careful especially if you're doing it for a client you don't want to burn them so try to keep a towel around them to definitely keep a towel nearby so you just dip those ends let it soak in there and that definitely will seal the end for the time that you're gonna have this hairstyle these braids are long I'm 5/7 these braids I'm hitting my booty and that's basically it guys umm to me as a simple hairstyle so if you know how to braid you'll love it it just takes a lot of time I just think it's a beautiful hairstyle very tropical especially if you guys are going away for spring break which is probably only for you guys but it's very simple hairstyle to do and towards the end I'm gonna show you guys the clip of the road band method so definitely take a look at that video if your grip grain grip game it's not strong and he'll see you guys in the next video bye guys

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRL! I started braiding my hair about a year ago cause it's a bit expensive to get it done by someone… I didn't have enough time to do my whole head, so I turned to youtube for inspiration. This hairstyle was PERFECTTTTT and it turned out so cute.



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