Cruise Passengers Stranded at Sea

Cruise Passengers Stranded at Sea. A Boater returning to port was flagged down by 5 cruise passengers sitting on Jet Ski’s. It turns out they were left alone and without keys for the jet Ski’s by their Tour Guide.

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hi everyone it's dawn and I hope you're having a fantastic week well somebody needs to be fired so this incident sounds almost like a little bit of road rage on the high seas and the story goes in Bermuda a doctor was returning back in his boat when all of a sudden he looked over and he saw five tourists on jet skis trying to flag him down trying to get his attention so he pulled his boat over beside them and ended up finding out that they were part of a shore excursion a tour guide from the cruise ships and they had been abandoned by their cruise operator in fact they the story goes that the cruise operator apparently was irate about the way they were handling the jet skis now we all know there's no age set on here there's no discussion of how they were behaving because it's the people telling the doctor the story so they're not gonna say how bad they were or if they were bad but apparently they was unhappy with the way that they were operating the jet skis so what he did was he called them all over into a group when once they got into the group he took out all their keys and drove away left them out in the ocean with no supervision and no powered vehicles just sitting jet skis that is fired as far as I'm concerned no matter how I rate you might be at people you wait until you get back to shore to handle a situation you find them you charge their credit card you call the police you do something then you don't leave people who are novices out in the ocean what if you know they they got into trouble when they were out there what if a boat came by just thinking that they were out there and as a joke they they send a huge wave towards them and they topside what happens if one of them says you know what I better go for help and deciced a swim to shore and drowns lots of things could have turned this story into much worse situation so apparently the doctor they help tie off the jet skis and he told them back into Shore and nobody was panicking from the group they weren't you know screaming hell or high water for justice or anything like that the most thing they were concerned about was missing their cruise ship and in all point of fact I kind of think that's what this person was hoping to do to teach him a lesson oh yeah well let's see you get back in time for your cruise ship now and it's gonna cost you thousands of dollars hahaha yeah that's kind of a situation there oh we don't have to be responsible because you were misusing the equipment so it's your responsibility and yeah that's kind of seems like what it is now once they got back to shore the people just headed off to the cruise ships they never stayed at which cruise ship they were on but there were only two in port that day so we had the anthem of the Seas for Royal Caribbean and we had the Carnival sunrise neither one has come out with a statement yet about any incident so this is coming from the news in Bermuda the newspaper that's run there the doctor says the tour company was KS water sports and he doesn't know who the tour conductor was but they were the ones who were running the shore excursion now they also have not commented yet on the situation but the doctor reported things to the maritime police and the police in Bermuda are investigating the situation and chances are charges will be brought because this is not a good look for any tour operator can you imagine if one of these people had gotten into trouble or drowned because this person left them that person could be charged with second-degree murder because they were directly or indirectly responsible from their actions for somebody's death so not a good look not a good look at all and I hope KS water sports comes out with a statement saying you know this person's been let go we apologize etc etc etc and I you know something like this can make you lose your contract with the Cruise Lines if this if you know if the story gets so that this is exactly what happened is very easy company can lose an entire you know your entire livelihood because of one individual stupidity out there so yeah it always goes to show you got to be careful everywhere you go even people who are doing tor operating with you some of them are just jerks there's jerks everywhere in the world and so yeah always be aware always be aware and by the way if you're all in a group in the middle of the ocean on jet skis and the torque conductor looks a little upset with you and he starts taking the keys out of the jet skis after the first to stop them don't let him take your keys because he's gonna do something stupid but you don't take everyone's keys in the middle of the ocean to have a talk he's being an idiot he's doing something bad don't let that happen just an FYI well I hope you like this news update if you did please give it a thumbs up we'll see more tips projects more travel blogs from around the world hit that subscribe button until next time have yourself a safe and a great vacation

47 thoughts on “Cruise Passengers Stranded at Sea”

  1. My mind jumped to the possibility of shark attack. I can't imagine what that guy was thinking. Please don't you ever do business with KSM Watersports. Stay safe, Don, and God bless you for continued recovery.

  2. No matter what this group of people were doing, and they could not have been that bad, because they allowed this guy to take the keys from their jet skis, I total agree with what your saying Don.

  3. On stories like this, I always reserve any judgement either way until I hear both sides. It's quite possible that this was the case, but it's equally possible that the tourists are fabricating/exaggerating the entire thing. "Middle of the ocean" could mean "10 feet from shore" for example. I'll wait for the facts.

  4. Sure would like to hear the whole story.  These people must have been seriously abusing those Jet Skis.  Doesn't excuse leaving them out in the ocean.  I'm thinking more like a $1,000 repair charge for each ski.

  5. I guess I have a few thoughts here, 1. I doubt it was a registered excursion through the cruise company as no one would want to tick off the cruise company like that. 2. What on earth were they doing to those jet skis to push this guy to this point? 3. If it was me, those gas tanks would have been full of sea water by the time he came back for them, Good luck getting them started after that.

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