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Rekindle the passion of life with a Mediterranean cruise or a Greek Island cruise with Princess Cruises.

Be swept away by the romance of Venice or the sparkle of Monte Carlo. Be inspired by what once was in Athens. Discover the history and culture of these cities that grace the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

Start planning your Mediterranean cruise vacation with Princess Cruises today!

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picture yourself on a gondola navigating the narrow canals of Venice strolling amid the unforgettable masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona sipping wrath Cena and a seaside Taverna on one of those sunkissed Greek Isles that's the irresistible allure of the Mediterranean from the time I was in high school I wanted to go to the Mediterranean and I absolutely loved it it's just awesome everywhere you look it's giving you another oh my god moment it is just that kind of place our Mediterranean cruises feature the signature places you most want to see Athens Rome Florence and the Greek Isles with thrilling destinations like Egypt Israel the Black Sea and more there's nothing quite like waking up and stepping out onto your balcony to discover the skyline of a great city like Istanbul Naples or Venice on the horizon or perhaps your Vista is of a quaint town that defines the spirit of the Mediterranean such as Italy's stunning Portofino beautiful Mykonos or charming Dubrovnik in Croatia going ashore in each port you'll enjoy all the region is known for people watching from a cafe on a picturesque City Square strolling amid the timeless streets and remarkable museums of Renaissance Florence and exploring the historic arches of the Roman Colosseum and you'll return each day to you're comfortable welcoming princess ship for something unique try small ship sailing in the region cruise with fewer guests and visit distinctive ports larger ships often bypass or choose a land and sea vacation which combines your cruise with a land tour so you can explore even more that's just a glimpse of what is sure to be an incredible Mediterranean vacation whatever voyage you choose with princess you are sure to enjoy a journey beyond imagination Princess Cruises escape completely you

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