Up in Idaho we went up the lake, where we took out a boat and some jet skis. As we got in the water it started raining, extremely hard with thunder and lightning. Tara was on the lake when it started to lightning, everyone is okay! We had to get out of the water and head home. Regardless, this day was so much fun and we hope you enjoy the video!

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now it's really a beautiful day here at the beach I I can't complain at all you can't see how this could get any better that's what are you suggesting we're gonna try it here with mama bar who burns it to me I also here with Tara who has never burns anybody your son Milo and this is uncle Duke I guess what are you doing we're going to raspberry DS Utah right now apparently and there's a little festival called raspberry days and it's so cute because there's a lot of um good items quaint this little places a little town all right Maya it's time to be like Duke well Julie's I bet you ten bucks you won't let the leash go can you smell it pack it up this is just gonna be a whole video of Milo doing stupid things got so lazy at Duke walking Milo now never have to do anything anymore we should just have them walk each other [Applause] doing your face panic yeah we get a butterfly I have no idea where we are because you are just walked around yeah I kinda stack a sitar just found the most perfect jewelry of all time and we're gonna show you guys be ready for this it's crazy what let's go word up I know I'm starting to become an adult because I swear I looked over the Tupperware and I got kind of excited I know asking for a friend but oh wait that's cute let's go low-key making me hungry not gonna lie Duke and Milo are out of it they want to go home I'm so bad these Dukes still got his head up I was like I'm totally you're gonna just sleep here and of course what are we doing we're outta here yep we're gonna go home test to take today I lost my phone it's in my pocket Oh edit a video you guys have already seen hopefully go do something fun for the rest of the box I don't want Dukes charity moved is they were both right on tell Vitara and she wasn't feeling it he's three cats three dogs look at my look he's so gone what's your favorite thing you got today honestly you'll have to say my favorite thing I think my shoes oh yeah can I have that many sandals plus they were a cop and there didn't know I will see you guys back at house meeting soon fill out in there this is the best angle are you kidding I've had this call firm I think my two-weeks drop it I'm so sunburned the guy's like it's bad but look at this view I'm not amazing last night I took some pictures of some stars so you yeah from right here it looks like you're just nowhere what are you doing it's looking good we're getting there ooh you know what Tom you don't care that you broke his elbow you're what okay get out of the bushes crazy I like to wave at people because I don't know them they'll never see me again word up everybody uh here with brother bear Spence and him and I are gonna go down to the lake with the fishing boat this is a terre mom and dad right there they're going down with the jet skis we're gonna hit the lake have some fun switch it up a little bit so I'm going to be doing there like now is six o'clock and they are you can't use either but they are doing this stuff with the jet skis and about to load them into the walls huh I'm sitting in the car because I'm not advanced yet to do this stuff I can put them in the water that's pretty much it I'm the one I Drive a trailer to I don't know how but there's some water in the boat right now so I'm trying to get it all out there's Tara and mom and dad with the jet skis that's exciting well update for everyone started raining we've been out for about five minutes and the sheriff told us the waves are too big take this little boat out so we're throwing her back on the trailer and Tara and mom are on the jet ski still they go well so this is super eventful now it's really just a beautiful day here at the beach hey I can't complain at all can't see how this could get any better a flamingo is out there he says deuces all right we're real men so we're not gonna leave our mother and my girlfriend out there in the rain we're gonna send it we're gonna find a pack save their lives ever so glad we came to the peach there we go nice okay guys where I'm oh my god this is the best part of the trip we need the car dead man get struck by lightning finally again no just kidding hey everybody we're back homie that's so hard right there Wow I'm okay let me tell you what happened so we go out having a grand old time starts a little bit you know pitter-patter sprinkle in and then all of a sudden it's thundered and we're in a rainstorm thunderstorm full-on pouring and then we had to wait it out like thirty minutes we went home we got in the truck to wait until the storm stopped as everything is packed up the storm stops and we're on her way home and now we got in some comfy clothes and we're gonna eat dinner and have fun with family and friends and that's a little vlog so thank y'all for watching make sure to LIKE the video because we love that and subscribe did you take my party I'm sorry guys make sure to LIKE the video because we love that and you love that and leave a comment make sure you guys make sure you guys subscribe and turn that notification bellowings see you guys next time hi hi I'm hunter and you're watching dude and I'm Mickey now

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  1. So very happy to see the family Hunter I was wondering when the two of you were going to film home with the family milo is such a baby.did you visit Jake Waller this time. 👍🏽 video Tara how is your brother recovery? Keep us posted. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


  3. Wow!  I thought my few videos were okay, Yours is really well done.  Really enjoyed the entire video and will share with our daughters.  So Cool. Thanks for Sharing. We now have a new goal to shoot for, at our Mystery Trip Channel, in learning to put together great videos.  Mike

  4. I really enjoyed this video seeing Hunters family and y’all have a ball the fair both dogs were ready to go they were so cute. And the lake was awesome Tara and Hunter you both are beautiful and awesome I love y’all ❤️❤️❤️

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