Disney Desserts Have Lost Their Minds!

From way over-the-top crazy shakes to the most adorable character treats, Disney desserts are losing their minds! Today, we’re bringing you all the crave-worthy sweet treats you’ve gotta add to your Disney snack list.

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29 thoughts on “Disney Desserts Have Lost Their Minds!”

  1. Definitely think DFB doesn’t give Storybook Time at Artist Point the spotlight nearly enough! I’ve watched endless dfb videos and rarely if ever hear you guys mention it. For sure tops the list on character meals and desserts! Thanks for including it in this vid 🙂

  2. I need a carb/sweets feast now lol. I haven’t had carbs in almost a year. Time to eat. Lol. No but for real I’m back in Disney in November and I plan to break my no carb trend that entire week

  3. AJ the VOICE of the Magic and our Ambassador. You continue to show with each video why this channel is the Standard and why you and your team are the hardest workers in the buisness.

  4. I like watching your videos to help plan for our Disney World trip. However when you reference Stich, It’s “six two six” not “ six twenty six”. And it’s “twenty three nineteen” not “two three one nine” for Monsters Inc.

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