Disney World Family Vacation November 2017 - Hi! We are the Coley's and we like warm hugs!

After FINALLY finishing this video and watching it in full we all looked at one another and laughed. We said we must be related to Olaf from Frozen because the whole video seems to be full of HUGS! haha We are ok with that but I will apologize in advance for the repetitiveness.

I’d be lying if I said this was the absolute most perfect vacation we had ever taken. Jack Jack had a rough time with many meltdowns, more than we even care to admit. They definitely took their toll. I took him screaming and kicking out of the parks at least once per day during the worst meltdowns and tried my best to settle the smaller ones to keep them from turning into bigger ones. Those are hard. He was also sick for several days of the trip which was heartbreaking to have him feeling so bad on vacation. He was in a phase where he would not let Ethan or Landon have anything to do with him so you will notice the lack of that interaction in much of the video. The part where he and Landon are sitting together talking was an amazing moment because we had not seen that happen much in a while.

Even with the setbacks we still made the absolute best of everything and tried to enjoy every moment we could. Jack Jack LOVES the characters and they bring out so much in him, hence the overwhelming amount of video being character interaction. That is when he was his happiest and I can’t thank them enough for the love they show him and for not judging his meltdowns. He loves giving gifts to them and other cast members. Landon just adores being a mini cast member and spends so much of the trip interacting with much of the cast members we come in contact with. He loves to dress like them and talk to them about what they do. He also loves to help spread magic to others and I am so proud of him for that. Ethan is, as always, an amazing son and brother – just more than you could ever ask for. Being a teenager we don’t push the pictures and video’s on him as much as when he was younger but he happily agrees when we do ask. He just loves being there and taking it all in. He loves chatting with others and EATING. Eating is his favorite thing. he loves Disney food. haha He is such a happy young man and I am so beyond blessed to call him my son!

We feel so blessed to be able to do this with our boys each year. We would not trade these memories for anything, even when we have to take the rough times with them. Autism is rough and nobody ever claims otherwise, but Disney can be such an amazing place for them BECAUSE of all of the amazing cast members out there who strive to go out of their way to make them happy and be sure they are enjoying themselves. We can not thank them all enough and can’t wait to see them again.

12 thoughts on “Disney World Family Vacation November 2017 – Hi! We are the Coley's and we like warm hugs!”

  1. I just love those videos of your sons enjoying theirselves at Disney World. I have to say that Jack Jack is very special since that he is autistic, like me because all of those characters have been sooo nice to him. Those memories made me cry because they are just amazing

  2. Love the "I'm having so much fun!" song in the beginning. And all hail Jack-Jack, aka His Highness, prince "Mr. Steal Your Heart". Jack Jack is the reigning KING of stealing hearts. Nobody can tell me otherwise, because i wouldn't believe it.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your Disney vacations! They truly put a smile on my face! Your family is wonderful and the quality of your videos is incredible, you can really see the effort put into them! It truly is the happiest place on earth!

  4. The BEST video that I have seen all week.. Great job with the entire video Amanda.. May I ask what it is that the boys are giving to the characters.. Looks like Jack Jack is falling in love with Daisy, but it is easy to see who is still his favorite..

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