Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Skyliner, and DVC Riviera Resort Update!

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Skyliner, and DVC Riviera Resort update is what’s happening in today’s video! The Disney Caribbean Beach Resort construction looks like it’s complete! The Disney DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Riviera Resort construction is looking good, as well as the Disney DVC Riviera Resort Skyliner, and Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner! If you are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort in the future check out the Caribbean Beach Resort map we look at in this video so you can prepare your walking path to and from your room to the lobby, to the Skyliner to the Caribbean Beach resort pool!

We take a look at the Sebastians Bistro menu and the Disney Banana Cabana bar menu right next door to the pool and Bistro! The Caribbean Beach Banana Cabana food looks so yummy! Hope to try the Caribbean Beach Resort dining soon! Everything looks amazing. Gorgeous tropical and relaxing feel to this resort.

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15 thoughts on “Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Skyliner, and DVC Riviera Resort Update!”

  1. love your video! Good to see the Aruba grounds are back to normal. I just uploaded a video I took a month ago and it was still a little tore up.

  2. Girl, I am loving your channel 🙌🏼 Haven’t stayed at CBR in a few years, but it looks amazing now!! Definitely going to have to give it another try soon 😍

  3. What?! Caribbean Beach over Poly?!!😲😆. The Poly goes head to head with Grand Floridian as the best resort..Grand Flo has a slight edge, though. Nice video!

  4. I'm a sucker for the steel drum soundtrack too. But I wish this resort had some larger shade trees. And I also wish the skyliner continued down the road a bit, all the way to the cirque du soleil boat house yard… theater.
    And here's a video of the unwrapped gondolas…

  5. How come you sticking a finger in a light socket makes you look amazing and if I were to do that I would end up looking like Gollum aka (my precious guy). Careebian Beach ,Ya mon tally me Banana 🍌. You have to sit on the Hub Grass, one of these days to watch the sun set Jenn. Question: Publex Sub or Subway sub? Please take your time this may cost you a sub so tread lightly. No pressure.

  6. Apparently my wish (at the end of the video) has come true!! Went to CBR a few days too soon!!😘 Also, I do apologize for my pronunciation of the word “Cay”. I know it’s pronounced “key” but it’s hard for this American Chicka to say that for some reason😂

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