44 thoughts on “Duchess of Sussex flies to US Open over Scotland trip with the Queen”

  1. You are people from a "civilized" part of the world, who appear to have a strong case against Meghan and Harry. Why don't you come together and sue them? You are instead devoting time and resources to incite the masses against them. You are exhibiting all the characteristics of "Terror Recruitment Organizations" that your countries have been fighting over the past 30 years. You have stooped too low!!!! What a shame!!!

  2. 👎 NOTHING ROYAL about HER…. SHE keeps PROVING it…. megsey…. is ….1st and foremost the MOST important person ….in HER mind!…. Even before Archie …as is noted by HER recent behavior ! A MOMMY DEAREST!!!!!😵😵😵


  4. “Flying commercial” is a loose term. If one hires a jet from a jet-for-hire jet limousine services, such as NetJets, it is classified as a “commercial flight”. But be aware that they operate private size jets like G5’s, Citations, and Lear Jets…. “commercial” does not necessarily mean you’re on a jumbo jet with 250 other passengers. Also, these leased jets operate out of a completely different area… those passengers do not use the main terminals. Personally, I don’t believe it would be possible for MM to be on a big jet, in an airport terminal, going in and out of a public terminal w/o being photographed and the photos plastered all over the Internet. When the term “commercial” is used, more questions must be asked to clarify.

  5. I don’t understand why you racist, troll and hater focus your camera and attention why not focus on Prince Andrew with sex scandal. Double standard. Do your job in a Godly way. Harry and Meghan are not the only royal flying private jet, the Cambridge’s used private jet for their undisclosed vacation you media didn’t fuss about them. Leave this couple alone. The world knows your intention and it is shameful.

  6. Prince Harry doesn't understand you are not meant to marry the Actress. You meet the Actress at a Freshers Party at University, enjoy her as a one night stand, then move on to meet a decent girl who you can invite home to meet the family.
    The Actress at the Uni Freshers Ball is just a Rites of Passage before finding a real girl friend! Harry Boy you are as silly as a sack of Ass-holes!

  7. Princess Meghan=An abominable little piece of trailer trash. A Hollywood Bimbo to the core.
    And Prince Harry Boy should have consulted his biological and genetic father Major James Hewitt before entering this disgusting little mismatch.

  8. So bored of the Meghan bashing. She’s spent a significant amount of time at Balmoral so why is it a problem to go and see her best friend play at the US Open final in her home country?! There’s other news to cover so please cover it. 🙄

  9. The Hyena syndrome is out there😾 .
    Get the vaccine people to avoid getting rabies .
    Piers Morgan has it😸
    The Brit tabloids and many folks are infected😽😼😹😹😸😺😿😾.
    Ummmm I'm praying for y'all with rabies🙏

  10. Oh, get a life .. I, in fact, couldn’t give a shit about them luv. But (1);are the two brothers as close as before MM came on the scene and (2) is not MM. Hollywood SJW? Just lighten up.

  11. Meghan always hungry for fame as she was not that famous actress who won Oscar with box office movie she only just on tv series so Serena top tennis player and Meghan knows she will get attentions with the crowds of Serena

  12. She flew first class commercial for about 10K. She should have taken a boat…….way cheaper and she has nothing to do anyway. She is just trying to get attention. All PR for money. She is only accumulating her wealth so she may bail out from her situation. My guess here as it is pretty obvious. Going to be interesting if she succeeds…..before she trips on a banana peel. Oops……an accident in the making.

  13. I swear The Duchess of Sussex is the biggest story in journalism history in the UK and Australia!!! Now everyone will have to check their carbon footprint when they travel, or is it only Meghan??

    Sorry I missed the press briefing where the Queen announced that she invited Meghan to Balmoral and she flew to NY to watch Serena play tennis instead. However, I'm sure that if Meghan did not support her friend, then the news would have been that she abandoned her friend when she needed her support. There's no denying this, because that has been the MO……criticize Meghan's every move, no matter what she does! No wonder it seems so petty and we see it for what it is, a witch-hunt!

    Meghan has always been a world traveler, long before she met Harry; she has always had an excellent work habit; she has always been a disciplined individual; she has been supporting herself since she was a teenager in college; she has always supported the less fortunate since she was a child, etc., etc. Now, why should she lower her standards simply because she married into the British Royal Family???? Be careful about hating her because of the lies you heard about her, because there just may be a greater force out there that may hate you for what is known about you!!!

    Perhaps we can move on to a much bigger topic, say like paedophilia since that's a criminal offense! Last I checked, tennis, airplanes, hard work, positive energy and wanting the world to be a better place were not listed as criminal offenses!!!

  14. Snubbing our queen is not an intelligent or a nice thing to do.Mind you she makes a habit of snubbing people e..g her own family and past friends who she sees as not still helpful to her plans!

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