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Where to eat the Best Dimsums ever?

As you guys know, we’re all about the food here at Second Breakfast! And if you love eating the traditional food of a place on your travels, you definitely will love this Dimsum place in Phuket.

Here’s the address to all 3 branches in Phuket:
Timings: 6 am to 10 am but they sometimes sell out earlier. Go early to try more options!

We are currently on around the world trip since 2016. Will you come along for the ride? ✈⛵⛴🚟🚀


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[Applause] right people I recommend to have the bread spread in front Smith there are a lot of them are dumpling this is a taru came with the fourth belly spoon and this is the spicy fish soon so what should I start with first furnace shrimp and pork spicy sauce yes that's a spicy thought one arm who's the battle team Sam I've ever read in my life so seriously the best dim sum I've ever eaten in my life and I'm not even like a big fan of division but now that has changed I am adamson person dim sum for president woman I'm not sure so the only option for a vegetarian here is this one this is a taro cake with fried onions and garlic on top unfortunately all the dim sums looks so yummy but everything has me I wish they made a veggie version but I'm gonna try this let's say order by going by the reaction of Peru cheese of everything's he's eating and expecting the same reaction from this for me I'm not a big taro fan but I'm a huge fan of fried onions and fried garlic and they go well together it's amazing I don't know what this a medieval a sources okay I'm going to try them the shrimp and pork dumpling so these are versus more shrimp less poor and this is more poor classroom so I'm Louis room it's just so fresh and they get so knight-fish super spicy it's just fish chili and garlic it's just so nice shape so I eat it fresh where I read a whole pound of this [Applause] we have to burn we did a Ford van it's very nice thank you so much coffee laughter we wanted very good we tried out a lot of things like almost ten things and it costs about 200 baht which is about 400 Indian rupees that's insane for so many different things and it you cost you much less if you're just trying maybe three or four dishes and a cup of tea or coffee in the ten minutes that we've been eating here we've seen about 50 people stream in and out like the line is constant this is like one of the most popular breakfast places in Phuket I'm happy as long as I'm getting lots of protein for breakfast [Laughter] that's it for this video guys we really hope you enjoyed this video we love exploring the traditional 4 of a place everywhere we go we found this place really really unique dim sum was first brought to Thailand from China by first generation Chinese settlers and this family has been making these dim sums in with the original recipes for over a hundred years this is not amazing they have three branches they open at 6 a.m. and they sell out really really fast so make sure you get up in the morning and go this is really important old don't miss out on this like I still feel bad for missing the custard dim sums because we went at 8 a.m. all the information you need is in the description box don't forget to give this video a like or a dislike doesn't matter we just want to know what you think we are currently in Bali and we can't wait to bring you some exciting stories from Indonesia in the meantime don't forget to follow us on Instagram we post a lot of daily updates and photos there so please subscribe to our Channel and we will see you in the next video bye

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