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damn them welcome to Ecuador so I've been here four or five weeks this is the longest time I've spent in one place this year I mean last year 2018 because I was travelling on here but in the last year I fell in love with pedo when I traveled to the u.s. last summer I stayed and never be lost and this lady was obsessed with Ecuador Nasser hmm well let's see but now I can say she was right because Ecuador is really amazing in Quito Tito is my second family city in the entire world after two more 90 countries why is that why Tito so amazing because I love Quito since the weather here is very wild that means it never gets too hot and then again still cold since it's very close to the equator you thought it must be hot but it's not why because it's in the mountains you know Quito is the highest temperature on earth in fact there was 3200 something meters it's a little high so the weather is colder but because we crossed the equator it's perfect it's just today is sunny 25 degrees and let all your on so it never gets less than 15 at a time usually and then gets 130 so you won't sweat a new one free so weather very good currency they have two US dollar cheap you can take a taxi it's hard to spend one $10 come one and realign of the city you spent $10 from the airport or of course is more expensive Apple is also outside the city but within the city uses 23 to $5 no matter where you go or even McDonald 50 with uber yourself like a bear convenient so prices weather and people people are amazing they're very friendly passionate and kind interesting how are you enjoyed here so I can be a force of December what we teach our thought is enough for a foundation week so the world of partying they having those Chivas Chivas are these kind of pathways playing music going from the streets people are drinking they have a fun holiday starting from noon until evening this is especially during the week of the key to foundation then lots of life music all around the city parade's Heidi's really cool we have this traditional drink called Canada so many local sex you don't like it but I think it's very very delicious you know it's strong it's warm and just costs $1 dollar 50 on the street so it's very very nice and our typical thing for food is free what is quick quick quiz a guinea pig that's a specialty of Peru I type one and was okay it's very similar to rabbit first expensive like a whole mini pig at least $2 so I always meet so just try this very easy but it's edible yeah lots of other traditional food samiches kelp soup and it was popcorn that's very interesting if there's two kinds of problems that one his pops and one are just like this fried corn and which don't pop another type of corn and they put it also into this delicious soup and of new seafood or vegetables onions and I also loved it so food here it's just amazing so what we keep them of course people think of ecuador Moses just think of Caracas because the most famous place well so why the Lagos is amazing for wildlife it is also super expensive and bit inconvenient yeah you don't have well the big supermarkets let you have here Quito so everything almost cost twice as much here in terms of food and transport is also expensive while you here pay 25 cents for bus they paid $5 often like from the airport to the ferry 10 minute ride faster la feria Dora the number 5 through the city centre Santa Claus when you come to the main airport then the boats they just charge a dollar for like a two minute drive to the ferry and then the ferry cost $30 or 25 you lucky negotiate for each way so I spent over a hundred on balls for now but of course it's also far away from each other so it's like – all worldwide so so you got off of that it's acceptable it's still slightly cheaper than for example – and then we have a hunk of an entrance fee first of all for this island plus another $10 if you go over something to Isabella there's not a bit aren't very nice chatting Dorothy I ought to check the luggage for plastics which is very deficient because a lot of plastic bags they didn't remove them of course as you say anything but while checking me we're not removing is just for money again so it upset about there is lots of money making there and accommodation although it's not too expensive you can get wounds for 15 to 0 and then the tours to us are the most expensive dollar usually least before a day trip to see some wildlife so I didn't read it but you can see the wildlife without knowing it was for example you can convey across the sea lions the beach you need to lose weight it's not gym 40 line man look at my pants and Ghani is wanna be swimming with sea lions [Applause] you can swim with turtles manta rays our fish as you can see a lot of stuff without on you to us I was basically the facts in spite of all my mother white life yeah yeah Galapagos although I didn't see penguins and I saw this group Luffy buoys on who is Mark my resume which I even didn't realize at the moment I just played somewhere in fact this new piece I've never seen them pricing wide life again so nightlife it's in Quito wildlife is in Galapagos I'm coming back to Quito great white light light wildlife too like you have like just around the corner here in the park Avelina which is downtown and they have hummingbirds I saw him two or three times hummingbirds in this park we Cooper I love it here so this is the south side of the Carolina Park you can rent a boat that Moors another metal pole Italian park beautiful so nature here it's just it's great and then you have this called Gaza Fox kind of and their own boss and stuff most cheap unit be a fedora before me and Cooper liquid feed a lot it's not too bad but I just been there drop three tops everything yeah yeah so five weeks and I just in Quito Galapagos why because I like you so much but you know other cities like Y Akina the second biggest city family's is also bad news there's like a swing bring out a little beautiful hotel and I also have a visitor and tomorrow I leave to Hua Leela with a night bus I was a day and night past 36 hours for handle crazy I will see hopefully it's going well so what he Peter there's not some stuff to do you can go teleferico which is a mountain nice to know City and there's a little amusement park Donnell you can ride the roller coaster for unbelievable ten cents with looping including oh yes I think it she just water closet I want cheaper maybe it was a looping you know where do you find it cheaper Holocaust in ten cents but I think emotionally other things like to know something so people come for roller coaster and then we pay a bit more for that stuff so still end up paying us yeah then we have departmental putting a bit of metal poor Italian it's cool to go puke and she just chill out see you tweeze other people and stuff the whole town is cool to hang out and then I want I think the main attraction of Quito is meat and oh I just arrived here $5.00 entrance so we do so much at the window as the name says it's the center of the world why is that because the latitude zoo zoos us when the Equator starts which is also the highest point of us which is too close to the Sun even higher than Mount Everest and sent off the earth so people even way of an average kid or less for example North Pole because it's like brownish on our sites is little poles a little bit crude also to the center and the gravity storm and here on the crater very very interesting and joke Monday I've been a Christmas there so settlers and celebrate Christmas here and New Year's Eve Christmas not expecially like in any other County people in annulus families but New Year's equals very interested you have those animals it's like pounce the dogs and on your vehicle and men dressed as women so to go to Street and dams and ask us for money so I was we fun I enjoy New Year's Eve 2019 time to leave Peter so today's the second of January so yes next time I come to you you yeah it's just a weather process yeah Cadiz is safer otherwise American countries yeah it's the best number one key to number one thanks for watching

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