Elsa and Anna toddlers huge surprise!

Elsa and Anna toddlers get a huge surprise parcel in their house!
hey Anya maybe you should pick this lol it's so big it's like the lol ice limited edition do you wanna buy it yeah sure oh it's like an even bigger surprise oh boy oh wait 125 dollars okay go tell mommy to buy it mommy what do you want us yeah what do you want Anya ha what is it well mommy it's an oh well we won't buy it to you you have a lot no no but it's like exclusive it's the limited edition and like oh no there's only like one more in stock please please mommy please please mommy please it's the only one we don't have out out of our whole collection just buy one just one please mommy please mommy please we don't have it it's super rare Oh girls if I buy one too else yeah I'll have to buy one to you onion too no no it's only one it's only one hmm I don't believe you we'll share we'll share are you sure you'll share yes mommy fine do I have to get up and get it for you no mommy let me just bring the laptop let me be careful not to break it okay if you break it you're paying for it I know I know last time that I broke your tablet but yeah all right mommy Oh mommy oh you have to do it it's out out out all you have to do is click a button ow okay this is no interesting oh I can't read it oh yes perfect perfect oh this is a very good I can't miss it oh I have to go to this shopping in five days Anna where's the shop Lauri awesomeness well I have no idea you search it up on mommy you just have to press this button I'm warning you I'm only buying one ok I'm sorry mommy pink okay I bought it all right oh I have to get back to this so can you please bring the laptop back oh oh yeah oh this article's it's all good okay mommy why are you always reading the newspaper because it's fun okay I can't believe her mommy's but the even bigger surprise they're so good to us that the best mommy's in the world wasting $125 on us I wanted to hide them in the face no else yeah not after you you're starting to do your painting lol's courier oh and don't customize any of the yellow ones weekend okay okay and it said they were like um so many exclusive surprises inside so uh when is it gonna come I can't wait oh it's just gonna come in like one hour whoa how did you do that it was supposed to come in like uh three years what what anyways and I pressed the extra fast service but didn't and yeah I'll see ya yes did you have to pay for that $100 watts oh yeah you can't be $100 just just for fast delivery did you want to open in three years when we could possibly not like lol you have a point well uh our mommies never said anything about wasting extra cash huh oh well let's just read and maybe one hour will pass because time flies when you like reading okay I'll look down all of the information one hour later Oh yellows here I have a delivery wow this is much because we expected where's your mommies hey have to get them to sign this paper huh yeah Oh mommy are you here yes yeah well what is it oh um there must be a mistake this is not ours okay if you can just sign this no no no no there must be a mistake they asked for one lol this is one I love no this is like five thousand hundred olive oils what are you thinking here that this is not our parcel sorry Barbie this is just 100 L well what does it say here delivery Texas 100 125 for this whole parcel delivery $100 then speeding up 100 that that equals 325 what oh and it's already paid I just need you to sign it don't tell me I wasted $325 simple oh no it's the even bigger surprise with like four lol's inside and so many surprises get out by money it was only one all alone and we only bought one lol oh I mean what's the problem girls you meant by 300 and well 125 dollar lol with taxes of $200 so that equals three hundred and twenty-five dollars for one even bigger surprise how are you gonna open this girls girls we you only said one lol mommy not fair there's nothing wrong with this because we only bought one lol I mean it doesn't matter if it's bigger small or its price here or its pricier cheap girls oh it's my fault I didn't look in the computer Oh fine girls I'm just gonna go I'm just gonna lie on my bed my head hurts a lot I'm so dizzy girls what was the normal delivery time it was supposed to be three years one hundred for it to be delivered in one hour good night girls it's not even the night what am I thinking twenty five dollars less in my bank account all right so be careful with the paper oh it's so cool let's open this even bigger surprise yeah there we go whoa this is so big caution caution it's too big yeah we can use this for a swimming pool because we don't have one well we do have one but that's not the point here this is the legend of new swimming pools this we what we're saying we're not even on there oh wait let's write it yes we aren't you getting dizzy girls no mommies we [Applause] you're watching it what I think I'm gonna vomit oh sorry plants oh I'm so dizzy I mean an apple just sleep Oh without a blanket look can we play seesaw yeah we'll also use the swimming pool as a seesaw all right I'll go get the giant scissors and we can use it for a slide wow I just fell on the ground oh man this really hurts out whoa um it just opened alone okay all right hmm it's the moment of truth oh okay here is our little I Spy things here with it what does it say look for secret clues oh this is so cool for playing oh this is parkour yeah a parkour parkour what how let's do parkour event be careful wha wha it's pretty huh bigger jump whoa bigger than ever okay now let's get on to opening our surprise say number from one to ten ten jump on the first one okay that's number one two three four five six seven eight nine ten bond this one let's see what do we have all right we got these boots they're so cheap there's no there's no glittery they have two colors me not just favorite colors blue and pink what questions these are so cute all right I'll just say eight one two three four five six seven eight can't open it oh my shoes my characters shoes so these are the characters we gonna have and it's my favorite color I can't believe is like blue and pink lick the other shoes talk about shoes my students all oh well I want around the lol shoes oh I can't wear the lol shoes I'm just gonna take off my shoes because I feel like wearing ll shoes and they don't fit on my feet Hey look at Tony all can it can enter the lol shoe whatever alright I'm just gonna go on to number six then one two three four five six thousand my characters gonna wear this weight I think else CEA's character has to wear it anyways it's super glittery and so cool it's I'm gonna give it to LCM because I want a more pinkish outfit okay it's my favorite color I like it you're sharing things alright um surely I'll get a different outfit because I'm just waiting to see if I get a more pinkish outfit so yeah it's your turn else yeah okay let's see what if I get a pinkish outfit I'll give it to you okay I'm just gonna say number two one two oh it's blue do you want it yeah I has a pink bounce alright wow look at all that glitter ins pink belt with golden touches else yeah I gave you my surprise and you gave me your surprise pretty cool right it's your turn by the way I like resting alright I'm gonna pick number one who I want this outfit I want this outfit speech I'm hugging this one it's so cool says a man my turn my turn my turn I bake we'll start with this one number one did it what's this oh this was a pink outfit Anya I'll trade you this one for this one all right I have this one and she has this one this is the best of the little dress I had in my life I mean it's all pink and Glary wow this is so pretty I figured they're getting glitter easy I know right wow these are the best color nominations well I'm gonna do number two no yay that is such a pretty cap oh wow that is such a pretty cap wow I love all my accessories for my LOL now I only need another pair of shoes yeah me too Oh me next oops no dress dress you stay here good dress I'm gonna do number one maybe I'm curious what's in here so Cleary I cannot resist this is like covered in blue sparkles that is like this I want to wear this right now mommy can you buy me a cap no you already got a jumbo lol okay yay Wow I love my blue accessories they're just so pretty I know right they're just so pretty can you see look it's all pink don't be broken key and this has the shape of the yellow eye look I have a giant eye like in lol anyways I'm gonna pick number two so one sale try digging with my boot oh this is solid finally what is in here oh do you like blue skirt LC do you want this if I get a pink accessory yeah alright it's just so cute it really matches it's super cool it's like blue and dark blue wow it's so pretty alright LC you're on the last one yay I'm keeping this one look at this on you it just it's just meant to be do you they're meant to be okay um I'm keeping these they are so cool I really enjoyed these olive oil surprises alright now I invented another way of playing when you're born and if it's raining because right now it's raining yeah woo we can't even play with a plastic thank you mommy oh well I'm really glad you like it yeah and we used her mommy's bank account [Applause] alright let's see what it says okay and the first one it says in the big one it says get in Wiggy with it huh what big hair don't care okay that says big hair don't care and this one says unbelievable alright let's open it I'll open the pink ones a lot better blue ones I mean this this isn't this one is your first one alright and the light pink ones a wheelchair alright so this is my first one I can't believe and this is gonna be so cool and so fun um big hair don't care I think they're like hair in here is there like head that you can replace lol or something Oh wigs put it on the wall mm-hmm no our mommies will not like that anyways there's like this sticky thing can you give it to me because it's blue and pastel blue yeah I'll take off my crown I'll take off my crown – so like that if I get any wigs I can wear them yeah okay I don't run to break this so I'm and I want to write this so just for a second oh it looks so pretty I wish I had this hair does it to me yeah else yeah it does cool but now I have to take it off it was really fun wearing you I'll just leave it here for a second yeah Oh water on dispenser thing are you happy alright he's happy I'm gonna get this Oh your turn Rhys mm-hmm blue all right be careful I want only the zipper only the zipper no no good good zipper do it alright let's see what we have in here it's a purple way can I have it yeah at the end of all of these wigs will um say which ones are mine and which ones are yours else you likey this is uncle bye bye week he I'm gonna get the last pink one well dark pink one dispenser all right I want the zipper I don't want anything here we have it and we're gonna open it oh yes this is so pretty well um what do you think you look cool without this I think it looks kind of crazy but also cool I'll look like bubbleisha from the shoppies goodbye hair sorry here let me just put you on your stand I turn nope thank you now all right let's open it up oh it's just like me I feel so good I have curly hair finally neat whoo all righty goodbye curly hair I look pretty in it let's put it in it stand finance your turn no I just opened one all right let's see it this is still on mine because um we have to see who this who's for the colors and everything oh it's a Glary you can see closely it's like kind of metallic anyways oh this one is totally mine but like wait who is it because like it's blue Bing hey everyone I look fabulous this fashion show is so cool and I'm the show yeah it looks like Bambang like some candy girl I'm a candy girl oops eat it candy world okay now I'll just bring this back to its the last one and also I got an idea we can make this we can make jacuzzis out of this and you can woo jump from one jacuzzi house you're gonna meet yeah here you go on you now I'm gonna open it do another please well she's jacuzzi husband hers but if I mean we're still gonna on the side later hey Ana cannot I open yours yeah sure you can open mine but then it's mine okay yeah I know well we still have to choose whose is whose oh this for Anya mm-hmm pastel she loves pastel stuff hey everyone I have the coolest hair out there don't you think so pastel Oh everyone would like to have my hair but you have to buy the LOL surprise even bigger surprise to get this look oh yes and the fringe is going in my face okay uh yeah now this one's mine okay this one's mine three four each whoa look at the things we got so far these are mine and these are mine whoo now let's open yellow dolls which are in the other air oh yeah let's split this all right we'll have these lol's and then I'll have the baby and you'll have the pen okay all right you know what this means more jacuzzis with fun I will start with my lol surprise all right so oh I need them okay here it says look for secret clue their secret clues serious I spy okay so I know it's the serious I spy now I I learned some valuable information from this lol thank you lol you're just a baby but you're really interesting to listen to okay because this secret message what does this say I think this is under a rock well I mean there's no stickers so let's see the second layer oh it's so special what do we have in here yeah I think this is the bottle yeah it's the bottle it's so pretty water with mixed with milk seriously it's so liquid oh by the way hmm yeah wait there's a part okay rip rip rip my leg I can't do it so I'm just gonna do it the normal way that people open it looks like yeah no no more a little bit like by the way I think these are the shoes they're so cute you guys you guys they are like mini party shoes I think this is like a bunny so cute look how glittery that is they're like little pom-poms and not so cute now the next layer and final layer we will see what is waiting for us at least give me the final layer with a zipper all right here oh look there's a like pizza slice and some metallic it's really pretty this will be the outfit guys actually pink there's like a heart wow it's like a bunny it's a bunny because these are the ears these are the legs these are the little pom-poms yeah of truth the first lol we are opening this week on news lol LT gallo are opening these lol let's see you're gonna be fun all right let's see what accessories she has I think these are sunglasses or something yep sunglasses and they're just so glittery this is oh she's glittery boo the best LOL ever oh she call her changes because this looks like she's color changing into a swimsuit ah try and move her she looks so pretty let's give her awake let's give her these it's curly wig me wow she looks so pretty yes Marie if she's my week for the rest of my life yep and you are gonna have the best of everything this is yours oh okay I'm gonna change into it alright I'm just gonna put it on now go with my sunglasses I look so pre my boy you know I'm a lake miss with the water it's weird it's weird i'ma wear my slippers whose food oops you probably forgot the food order uh first foot second foot it barely fits me you'll have to buy me other ones no I'm not wasting any more cash on our walls fine we stop I know you're a baby but stop okay Wow I love my customized lol I'm gonna play with her all autumn yeah it's already like October so like yeah well this depends on when they're watching the video I know when we're making the video is like October okay my turn to open my big lol Arts this secret message has to be secret it's not secret then what's the fun with it it's the same message I hope we're not getting the same lol well that would be fair but like I would have the same whatever let's just open this up to do I love lol's they're my favorite toys to play with littlest pickups are the second because I love all my toys oh I love all my toys equally but lol is better LOL is a french LOL is friendship for me let's see the bottle please don't be distinctly it's not the same yeah it's not the same it's not the same with my bottle and this is anya so it's a little bit deflated like this one it's kind of deflated but it's gonna match the shape okay it's kind of deflated does it have any difference color this one is gold it's pink and blue our favorite colors okay stop singing alright singing is weird in front of people whatever no their pink shoes you can we change shoes yeah sure my little shoes oh no their bunny shoes I'm keeping them I like keeping I'm gonna keep them alright can we swap no because it's another will and it wouldn't be fair right right right right right right right right please no Anya we cannot swap all right here's my okay I hope it's not deflated because it was really stressing there Anya that is such a cute outfit mine is gonna be possibly pink but it's it's like a rabbit it's a bunny rabbit it has a BR bunny rabbit Wow as a bean dinar right here it's kind of weird all right easy enough oh yeah oh look at blue Aulani and her that pink aligning I was right on something there like swimming girls yeah we swim together we on the same swimming team oh that's cool and you have gold hands just like her I don't know why they have gold and but like that is super cute okay let's dress her up first let's give her her wig I know which one I can give her pretty oh I look pretty pretty pretty pretty and why what are you giving me well I guess I'll just give you this and these okay I'm gonna go change Isaak wheelie fancy she means she looks really fancy yeah way I'm all done now I want my pet right now because my pet is so cute do it thing I want how right now okay just step aside okay alright lol I want my pee too alright let's just open it up okay well hey pretty hard but it's worth it you know you always have to take risks for your love ya love equals risk soulmates let us open it up with glorious glorious lol's o day with no curious surprise stop saying glorious me alright there's no surprise over name no surprise there because we never got to the surprise I am a little confused but like I love these elements these are the best I've ever yeah my little bit confused like why doesn't it have it all right so first we'll check this one out because it's wow what is it oh oh yeah it's a little pizza box what is this it's such a sparkly piece of pizza and then there's this really cute pizza box Oh guys so cute you can just Pete put your pizza pizza in there alright what's in here mmm-hmm oh this is squishier than the normal LOL bottles it's popper no missing have you seen me me Oh have you seen me oh how have you seen me perish it Wow it's just so crazy open it up and let's see what it is it's the pooper scooper ooh I cannot believe my eyes right now it's just so oh oh it's the first kid in pooper scooper got look at the Clarion pink Anya you're you're happy you got them the pets right yeah I'm still happy I got me a little bit ah I love my life don't get hyperactive Anya all right so that's the dress we're gonna put on our pets and now our pet oh she's so cute me are you look cute I know you think I look cute so cute let's put this on you can actually put the wig on her too so let's but I'll just put this on her mirror I like awesome like feisty oh hey my son yeah I would like to you to open my a poop thing yeah all right let's some digging your poop and see what we can find in there so we can find you know woods do yeah I don't know how to say it but it's metallic oh that is so oh it's sticky why is it sticky hmm let's get it out they don't give us an old checklist no the shoes are glarry – this is the best day ever okay this is like oh you get lol shoes and fetch shoes and wow you get two pairs of shoes okay wait so the first you I'm digging in your poop okay the first pair is this pair wow how cute we got some blue shoes they go to else yeah Thank You Anya and these pink shoes and which are for me it's because I have to share right soda what do you put in my bottle I didn't put anything I swear ah hai you swear and then you don't swear ha all right now let's open the awesome maybe 5 surprises but it was 7 in the normal one whatever let's just open it because I love I love and I'm right there why does it be so hard to get it is it oh okay let's get our microscopy thing she's buddies Buttercup Oh buttercup alright I hope here there's like the secret message because that would be a miracle because we haven't been finding the secret messages so yeah let's see you are look I mean it's no problem be like I want to find it let's see if we can find a discovery we can discover that they do give it in the baby alrighty awesome Ella what ok we have pretty much lots of surprises in here so yeah let's put the yellow ball aside and let's start with the flat one yay you guys this is the best this is the best look look we got the other slice I am going to share this with my mommy because you know she's she's so kind that she bought me this she thank you mommy if you're watching our YouTube videos yeah yeah all right so let's close it I read mommy again we really cherish this I'm gonna give you both pieces you they love you all right so I'm gonna reopening this mommy what what okay let's see is this another pizza piece or what oh yeah that is really um tell us in the comments what you think it is is it like a magnifying glass or is it a tennis racket or something else tell us in the comments oh and mommy I'm really grateful for you – anyways but you know okay I'm gonna stop mommy thank you that's all I'm gonna say Oh Oh neither sorry wait wait I don't wanna I'm half bald please I'm half wold like thank you with my eyes okay your eyes are like the same color and everything she's like well this shoe okay they have golden hands I don't know why it's kind of weird no like it's so cool can't wait to see what this based on the sound is a keychain yeah seriously it's always I always get a bag with a curved handle why pretty on the sides you have lol and if you rub the magnifying glass you can see nothing look it's plain last layer of ll surprises not not lol but like surprises we don't know what's in here maybe lol I don't know that's okay dudes like a body ah there's like a little surprise Oh interesting is this like for your lol alrighty what so cool it's like a face mask hello I'm a skeleton it would be perfect for Halloween actually this would be perfect alright it's big chocolate whoa whoa I look weird but it's perfect for me Cola yeah I know ah relaxation is a BS alright and this is exclusive for this one so yeah I would recommend buying it if your money is good enough hey that's me actually yeah hmm Wow look I can change my hair whenever I want umm yeah like this you just take it off in just the same quarter and then you put another one on I look so pretty white onion oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah we were just looking at the other real Harrison comparing to the plastic ass well I think the plastic has a better we think the real hair is better well just he's oh are you yours alright I know my new head I'm gonna waste with my hands my face oh I'm gonna give this to LC ah sorry lol but we love your style hey now let's just peel this plastic off and then open this it looks like I'm wearing a hat ah yeah this is only freaky lol they look so pretty in these hats shaped wigs yeah oh okay I'm gonna change my wig for a second yeah and I'll look rockin look I do have a weight look this is perfect I love else okay else yeah it's just time to open the spa thing oh hey look I must get an Kiki this is perfect for Halloween I guess I will save it for Halloween we're not I don't know Hey all right on ya I'm opening this one alright else yeah and this is for you let me treat it surprises this is the URL style and a ballerina style let's we're the most decent kids on the block huh and you look and you're the most chickeny kid on the block Anya I'm sorry I don't know where that voice came from uh but the mask is mine there we go I'm prettier than anyone yay I look so pretty I'm a chicken girl not anymore well I'm not a ballerina anymore and I'm gonna open this because I'm feeling it at something oh I'm giving this to you Elsie oh I'm giving it to you Wow there is like what is this they're like a really cute kid we let selfie set yeah and we look awesome I'm gonna take my wig off me too let's open this up no wait and see you guys this is a mermaid I'm keeping it no I'm keeping it I put it on my face first so I'm keeping it okay I look so pretty my eyes I look so cool I think it's for Anya yes definitely for Anya it's blonde Wow and you're blonde why are you giving it to me oh I know because you're more it was long person I'm more of a blue and purple person all right listen here is a robot I bought some pizza here is the pizza well I am gonna eat some pizza yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum thank you I ate pizza today oopsy we hope you like this video please comment down below what lol and what lol s accessory with your favorites and and comment down below if you if you think we should go to a wig store to try on some wigs yeah bye bye you guys head and yeah I'm you you don't know how to make videos see with me you have to do the outro it's called it out whoa bye you guys my dick goes out the way now and yeah

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