Extreme Cheapskates S03E05

Extreme Cheapskates is an American reality television series that airs on TLC and premiered on October 16, 2012. It documents the lives of those who take frugality to an extreme.
money makes the world go round I'll embarrass myself my mother my friends I don't care cuz it's about the money but some obsessive penny-pinchers three to three like three as an oppressed to scrimp skimp and scrounge could I see the lost and found this brush I could use that in a search for every dirt-cheap discount I made my comforter with airline pillows no personal sacrifice is too high I don't even have a permanent place to live this is extreme cheapskates girl know about you but my feet hurt Oh selves a long flight so when are you going out again in two days in two days Oh hold on Oh Don Fisher when I get off a flight the first thing I do is scour the terminal for magazines and I tear off the perfume pages so I never buy perfume and I smell like a million bucks Stephanie's always looking for something free I walk through the aircraft I'll even check the back seat pockets and if I happen to find any spare change that's a good thing I'll be right out excuse me yes I see the lost and found lost and found yes yeah okay every place in the airport has a lost and found right banks they're gonna give you 30 days 60 days 90 days to come back and get it and then after that it's free game this scarf is awesome see this brush I could use that it'll be just good as new after i sterilize it all right thank you what are you good most people don't consider the little things that add up like I do I like to say get all you can can all you get and sit on the can this is rather embarrassing I'll go to any extreme to save money I'll embarrass myself I'll embarrass my mother my friends my sweetheart I don't care cuz it's about the money I basically just become numb to it you know I can just sit there just look like everything's okay this is what this is normal and just deal with it Jimmy tolerates me because he knows I mean well and although Jimmy and I plan to get married we're carrying on a long-distance relationship right now I haven't blown this relationship with Stephanie's heart you know I get lonely and just like she gets lonely I probably saved money by being in a long-distance relationship because if we see each other only once a month we're only spending date money once a month Stephanie's job as a flight attendant keeps her traveling for 20 days a month but when she's not up in the air her home is in Dallas Texas my mother used to say make sure you turn out the light before you leave the room and of course nobody pays attention to that until I started paying the bill before I leave I turn off all the electricity at the circuit breaker even though I'm not using my appliances they're still sucking up electricity standby power can try as much as 250 watts a day from major appliances by cutting the electricity to everything but the refrigerator Stephanie saves an average of $30 a month on her electric bill when the passengers leave the plane I go through and check for a meal that's left by a pilot or a passenger there's really neat stuff here like ravioli pasta primavera Stephanie's ideal fine dining is bringing home with the airlines leftover we open up refrigerator and it looks like a deli the food is perishable items are gonna throw it away if I don't take it home and eat it I'm saving myself about 15 dollars on every meal in first-class they serve mixed nuts in Maine cabin they serve the regular nuts now if they're unopened you're not allowed to take them but of course if they're open I'll bag them up I bring them home a job mixed nuts about $8 I don't have to pay for they're good for snacking and they're really good for protein that's not look at the day um there's still good they didn't touch them if they were gonna touch them they probably would have eaten whether they're stale or good she would continue to eat them until they're all gone the covers that go on the airline pillows are thrown away at the end of the day most flight attendants don't want those dirty pillows but I found good use for them before I do anything I make sure that I boil them down by boiling the pillow covers you're basically sanitizing them getting rid of any germs or lice or anything that passengers might have left behind these are the ones that have already dried what I do with him is I cut them into little triangles they make voila the perfect coffee filter every good deal is not a good deal the airline throw them away as they throw them away for a reason these pillowcase coffee filters save Stefanie about $6 a year and she's able to save even more with the pillows themselves what I've determined is to make the perfect fluffy pillow you need four little airline pillows stephanie has what I thought from Disney looks are like a nice blanket and took closer investigation it's a bunch of little airline blankets or something she took and she sewed them together there's four great airline blankets on the top and then they're four red ones on the bottom so it's reversible I'm not sleeping on that I don't think it's a good idea because other people have been homeless but blanka's you don't know what they've been doing on and on the inside I made my comforter filling with airline pillows I stitched them together it's very fluffy and I didn't spend thousands of dollars I tolerate Stephanie being tight being cheap being frugal because I love her I always hunt for the best bargains and the cheapest way to get it done even when it comes to an engagement ring I think you're gonna like this place they might even have wedding stuff if you find a damn wedding dress down here at this place we his own extreme cheapskate Stephanie rivers takes advantage of her job as a flight attendant to save money she's using a layover in Atlanta as an opportunity to visit with her long-distance boyfriend Jimmy sweetie I want to see him more often but I don't want to spend more money so if I can see him without spending money that's the perfect date so what's the plan for today I know I told you we've been going golfing or doing something that you like to do but I think you're gonna like this place it's the Unclaimed Baggage center Wow the Unclaimed Baggage center is like the mecca of lost and bound you can find the best electronics the best jewelry clothes you know how a lot of passengers leave their items on board they walk off and forget it are they gonna help me they never come back for it so this place right here that's all I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend spending some quality time with her all of a sudden was gonna be going three hours away somewhere in Alabama and that was not in my plans maybe we can find you some golf equipment they might have some wedding wedding stuff you get a little bit for sumption st. you better thinking why you need you I didn't action about I mean and actually to marry me are you asking me to marry you no I'm gonna wait for you to do it you take me down here and see the touch so you know what the requirements are this is the requirement for me there it has to be if you find a damn wedding dress down here at this place you gonna have to have a tuxedo to and we as home drop down and propose to you right there I'm sure we can find the ring we could do all this right now I gotta think imma recreate this the 40,000 square foot Unclaimed Baggage center is located in Scottsboro Alabama and with over a million deeply discounted items it is the ultimate lost and found one do they have people to help you you get it at a discount even how you want help to you like that no I guess they might have left that on purpose Oh wedding bands who knows most of them are men wonder why were they off their fingers a good point don't you ever lose your damn ring that we're looking for engagement rings I'm looking for a $75 diamond ring can you help me now we're gonna have to come off the pocketbook a little bit for a diamond ring let's see what your cheapest one looks like you know we've heard different stories of how we end up with diamond rings where there's somebody packed it in a suitcase maybe for surprise proposal or they set it down in the lavatory and it you know fell off during flight and it ended up in lost and found I like this one let's look at that like this one this one is win thousand for 9:34 get out she's small perhaps she smiles for is the diamond size no I think he wants something a little larger thing that's not what this is antique ring it's only 230 dollars what do you think about that oh no we'd have to have this one resize well let's keep your options open because just about everybody has to have their ring size sizing that cost and then if you add that into the price then we really didn't get that good of a deal so let's look at all the rings that fit my finger that are in my price range okay gonna be small I'm gonna try that one on little snug good let's try this one let's check out this price 196 million now a little clown on my finger is that the absolute bottom price or can we get like a weekday discount ursin um I can do 10% off of this one right here so I can use you 10% off this ring why you're killing me wow that's a good deal oh I'm fine you'll take care of that we'll take care of that look again I went in there kind of naive thinking that you know Stephanie came in here looking for a good deal but the next minute Stephanie is waving a ring in front of my face and I'm being ganged up by a gang of ladies you have wedding dresses here we do wedding dresses and Men estate sir just on down the aisle okay all right over where that's what it is look at that oh my god the tuxedo in here oh that is my size 42 yeah 55 bucks for a tuck she can't beat it it's probably just a showpiece it's not we need help I really like this dress I thought we wasn't doing that for formal that's a gorgeous dress how much is it the dress is $230 $230 this 149 that's really nice at the Train that's formal doors do I mean where you kind of wearing it well I think we're gonna do the Justice of Peace you're gonna get a whole lot of Gawker's and it's like what's wrong with her versus you know what well how about this you were gonna go to the justice of the peace well what if we did a wedding here you know I've seen people come in and buy engagement rings and buy wedding dresses and I've always wanted to see it just come together and actually happen in the store I think so I think we should do this I got us this state of Alabama is home to nearly 13,000 churches and countless ordained ministers two of homework at the Unclaimed Baggage center do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband I do you may now kiss the bride it's not what I envisioned for us but hey that's my baby she got what she wanted I'm happy Jimmy and I said I do at the Unclaimed Baggage center it was just a bargain it was too good to pass up so that's what she brought me here for today for less than 500 bucks we just got married I'm not homeless I have a lot of homes and I managed to live rent-free in New York for the past two years hey welcome back okay have the good rest of your day okay let me get back sometimes the tenants in this building will drop stuff and it's you know kind of good to double-check you never know what you're gonna get but a nickel got a quarter and stick a gun as the doorman concierge in New York City I have the key to the city hey being a doorman hits freebie land like a hundred percent I've never approached a tenant to ask for anything it's just my charm I've given RJ mostly clothes pants of some running sneakers okay right now I look like Derek on the weekends you know it is what they say one man's trash is another's treasure Hades given to me comes down here it's like MySpace I love this basement I get to come down here and relax on my breaks this is place that comes to a lot but this is not my home I'm allowed to store things in this space but living here now that would be like I have to pay rent the average rent to live in Manhattan is around thirty nine hundred dollars but I managed to live rent-free in New York for the past two years I'm not homeless I have a lot of homes right now I'm staying rent-free at a beautiful home and Upper West Side instead of rinsing or subletting or whatever these other people do I've managed to live rent-free like from place to place babysit dogs implants it that's it for everybody I do not sublet I know let's the average American moves twice a decade RJ typically house sits in over 50 places each year and after three months in this loft today he's moving day for me to survive in New York City all I need is my face it happens to be on wheels it's my foundation and it's my mobile cart I use this cart to kind of go from place to place to place you know when I'm house-sitting or cat sitting or plant sitting I just kind of have this with me and all my stuff's in here all the gear and clothing and stuff for work are gonna be over here and then have like my photos just so I could kind of make everywhere that I'm at feel like home for a little bit if I'm not supposed to use a kitchen in my mobile contraption I got it all taken care of everything on this card goes with me everywhere when you try to push the mobile cart around New York City if that's not fun that's not easy I get every look in the world cars honk at me all the time I've had my altercation with the cab or two but I keep it moving I would say that my cheap lifestyle started with my parents they instilled in me blue-collar values my dad wanted us to know that you have to be appreciative of what you have so every little bit of cash that I have it means a lot to me I don't always stay and you know a beautiful Soho loft I don't always stay you know on Park Avenue hey RJ I've been to places that I don't even think are on the map really quick the brief rundown okay this is the rabbit his name is Sir Winston Winston okay so houseplants pretty easy just water as you see meaning uh mail we'd go here I prefer to have somebody stay in my house whenever I leave town in case an emergency happens someone bracing there's a small fire or something like that then there's somebody on site we can take care of it your house is in good hands anymore about it thank you RJ all right the rules of being a no let very very simple if you move it you put it back if you mess it up you clean it up just have some respect my no let lifestyle that affects the personal and social aspects of who I am like tremendously I mean I don't even have a permanent place to live that's the sacrifice that doesn't allow me to say hey everybody let's come to RJ's place you know with have a nice dinner party or whatever hey there's certain bonds that I maybe won't have with other people cuz I don't live the same life they do okay silly rabbit here we go okay okay baby mm-hmm how many free tell me what the free part is two to three is at three two is an oppressed two dos one three by house-sitting 365 days a year RJ Andrews lives rent-free in one of the most expensive places in the world New York City and every time he relocates bar Jay works to maintain his routine you guys have like a week trial or something all on a tight budget there's no monthly membership fees here but we're doing like free consultation you can do a free consultation wolf our trainers one or two sessions in there from there you decide if you want to train with us or not how many free tell me what the free part is two to three is it three to everything is negotiable willing and dealing has become my thing in New York City everyone's trying to sell you sometimes you just gotta sell them back three to three like three as an oppressed to those one I've met plenty of clients like RJ before where they come here and they just don't want to pay they just want to work out for free let's do this let's do the two so that's two days no two out two hours two hours okay you're only gonna stick with the two-hour thing I'm not gonna pay for an expensive membership there's no need to I'll go from one free trial to the nother free trial to the next free trial to the other free trial there's always a free trial man can we do one hour on like the second Friday of the month is really good for me yeah we good we're good on that okay boom I round it out when RJ comes in on that free session I'm gonna make RJ varmint he's not gonna want that other free session there is such an oasis of free food in New York I go to everything art galleries I go to the book signings brand-new restaurant openings I go to every I probably know every happy hour in New York there's just it is always a way to get free food in the city it's not that hard if you keep your mind open to it okay see ya guys Jasper no eating welcome to another spoker supportive group let's get started I've been smoking for like three years smoking can't really take it to a bad place we're glad you're sharing so that's my vision I'm a compulsive smoker and I haven't smoked in probably six months RJ is one of the most beneficial members of our group he's really great and but always text me if you're feeling like I can't get through it you know these guys really became my family pretty quickly thank you guys for helping me and you always I text you just as much I know I've dabbled in a cigarette or two in my life but I'm not a active smoker but I support them we share we bond I eat it's good without question my habits are extreme and it's it's not the easiest thing in the world sorry you wanna help me grab it so I can't see myself ever changing that up can you grab that door for me please most people would say that New York City is the most expensive skip this thing in here if I can be cheap here I could be cheap anywhere money makes the world go around you said you had a hole you lookin but some obsessive penny-pinchers why are you saving the hair here has a lot of uses scrimp skimp and scrounge shove a bunch insulation in a plastic bag up it goes no personal sacrifice is too high my lawn service is zero and has been spying good ol rusty here this is extreme cheapskates my name is Kelly Watson I live in Oak Park Illinois it's just a lovely neighborhood we live in I guess you'd call it an upper-middle-class neighborhood the houses are all about 80 years old appearances are pivotal in my neighborhood I love my little Porsche it's an older car it does have a few idiosyncrasies the driver's side door doesn't exactly open and close so we have to get in the car through the passenger door I ride my bike about 360 days a year even through the Chicago winter so it's seen plenty of snow gears on the bike really don't work anymore maybe five or six years of those last time I was able to shift but we keep up appearances with the neighbors we do just great cat yeah can you help me with the groceries please okay I think our parents have been cheap for as long as we can remember probably as long as they've had us in this large house how's the store fine well our house certainly does not have air conditioning and got a hole in our living room ceiling right now it's uh it's got character that say I use plastic bags for weather stripping and this door and also I put him in this exhaust fan over here this is basically a eight inch wide gaping hole when the winds blowing 40 miles an hour and it's 15 degrees out enough bags enough insulation makes a huge difference a good insulation solution would save 30 maybe even 40 percent on your energy bill home repairs cost an average of 333 dollars monthly and the Watsons repurposing allows them to maintain a middle-class lifestyle for under 30 dollars per month it's alright living with cheap parents of course in the winter it gets very cold in the summer it gets very hot so that's uncomfortable I think my parents being cheap is just part of their nature to keep our house cool we would need six air conditioners one air conditioner running 12 hours a day is an extra $40 a month on our energy bill my husband has figured out how to make home air conditioners this is a styrofoam cooler that you would buy just at any drugstore fill it off with ice and then we put a little piece of PVC pipe on it and it kind of just sits in here and then you turn on the fan and it blows all the cold air off the ice into the room each homemade air-conditioner it saves us $36 a month the cooler air conditioning units they just don't work whatever that's coming out of those cooler units just is not enough to keep this entire house cool in this neighborhood it's very important to have a good-looking yard everybody's got a nice one a lot of them look like Country Club yards to be honest with you my husband has found a way to make our yard look great for nothing people in this neighborhood spend ninety to one hundred and forty dollars a month on their lawn service I could not tell you how old my dad's lawn mower is two hundred years old my lawn service is zero and has been zero for 15 straight years you know after buying good old rusty here my husband is a commodities trader whatever you can trade he's in it we really want to lengthen the spine collarbone to tailbone and make it pumping nice and vigorous and calm Kelly is very successful doing Pilates she's had a studio for think about 10 years all right that looks like a good distance running my business I have rent I have insurance I rent all the equipment all of those costs add up both of us have a very volatile way of earning a living so we never really know how much money we're going to have month to month to cut some costs save some money Kelly is closing her Pilates studio and she is going to teach classes in our living room I want a contractor to fix the ceiling because I have a really high-class clientele and I cannot have this hole in the ceiling I haven't gotten around to fixing the hole in the ceiling because hey I didn't feel like spending the money and B I got used to it so quick cuz I don't even notice it oh wow you said you had a hole you weren't kidding oh boy doesn't seem very safe my suggestion to you guys would be let's go ahead and install 5/8 inch drywall and then I want to skim coat the entire ceiling from wall to wall how much would all that cost approximately $1,200 to do the ceiling alone but I recommend we also paint the walls and the ceiling to do that we're gonna be looking at an additional 300 dollars approximately an additional two of my least favorite word's okay Gabe we'll talk about it we'll let you know well that's one of the largest holes I've ever seen you know it's it's it looked like a meteorite or something crash to the ceiling see ya I thought Gabe was good contractors certainly saving all his stuff this is all labor no materials practically I'm gonna give it a shot myself how can I help you I am looking for something that can absorb a lot of perspiration respiration mm-hmm penny-pincher County Watson and her husband Richard live in an upper-middle-class Chicago suburb and in order to pocket an extra $800 a month Kelly has decided to close her Pilates studio and relocate it to her home I'm going to need smaller equipment and I'm definitely going to have to fix that hole in the ceiling right there where this son of it was going I think if my mom's gonna teach a Pilates class in the house she needs to make sure that the clients feel comfortable and safe my mom using this house to teach Pilates it's unfortunate it looks great you know it really matches with the rest of the ceiling it's like all camouflaged I am very impressed by what rich has done I think that my clients coming over for Pilates class they're gonna be perfectly safe now I really don't want to spend $700 to equip my home studio so I'm looking for a less expensive way to do what's this this is really good that's the ugliest thing you've touched so far I never good evening all right mr. Mario how can I help you I am looking for carpet samples something that is comfortable and that can absorb a lot of perspiration perspiration mm-hmm hey that's that we can go ahead come on follow me let's see what you got these types are commercial grade carpets this will give you 20 plus years of good wear okay so Kelly what do you really need these revs for well I'm using them for Pilates Mads oh I see so I have to test to see how they would feel if you were to actually do Pilates and I really like this I think this would be a viable solution how much for a six by two mats eight of those two by six I'll cut them out for you about three or four hours what can we get for 50 bucks I don't have anything for 50 bucks just long as it's clean and dried clean and dry okay panting I got ya typically when people come in for carpet panting would be for an area rugged they may have not for Pilate mats so this here I'll cut your eight mats for $50 done okay a decent Pilates mat would cost about $30 each sometimes more and I got six 450 I can definitely say no one's ever done till a decent hour warehouse back room I do it well you're having a wheels for this no no for something out front them back sure okay right back Pilates is so expensive to equip a home studio hmm I like these to do a well to do it right I asked what are you doing oh I'm thinking of using this for Pilates equipment yeah do you have any inner tubes when she started doing the funny things what did the wheels that I absolutely had no idea what she was thinking about yeah good it was a strange and this actually would work how much are these you're looking at $30 for a front-wheel mm-hmm $45 for the rear do you have anything cheaper cheaper I've got something I believe that's probably follow me okay now we have a few other wheels here ready to see the scrapyard oh this is perfect size another 27 that's a little large oh this is great inch there how much for these two wheels and all those tubes they're yours Oh seriously seriously I mean I can just have them you can have them my blessing oh that's so great getting material without paying for it you know not stealing of course is fantastic it's the dreams core I'm sure glad we came in to you sir I can recycle this great nothing in my pocket but little garbage out the back door dad no cost to me I have everything I need for this applies class I have weights I have bands it'll be great what are ya feelin good how are you I'm on the mat okay man find a mat I will do that I noticed the patch job right away when I walked in it looked pretty fresh okay so let's just start with the bands and just like normal put them underneath your arch really give yourself some resistance so you know who use the orbits in the studio this is your orbit substitute hips board okay you look right think you're connected belly button to the center of the wheel I think everybody had a great time and they got a really good workout this was such a bare-bones workout but you know my muscles are quivering and that's what Kelly oh he says you get a good workout when you get the Quivers so I've got him so it was good I think the equipment was really effective I think everybody got a great workout with it if somebody wants to be cheaper all you have to do is open your eyes a couple bucks a day really adds up I don't think our parents will ever be big spenders no they're never gonna stop being cheap I make my dad save all the hair that he cuts because it actually saves me money once you put the hair in it it makes the couch a lot softer okay lean back for me okay you give me like two seconds all right come on now we'll got you hey once school and she got her cosmetology license and she came to me and say hey Dad I'm out school now so then I started working for you doing here I created one of the best decisions I made before Palin started working here we used to just sweep it up and throw the hair away but since she's been here she's been collected in I make my dad save all the hair that he cuts because it actually saves me money I have long hair short hair straight hair curly hair kinky hair it doesn't matter I collected because here has a lot of uses why are you saving it here I use it for fertilizer how you ever heard of plant food I'm not gonna spend money on plant food it's not food for me I use the long strands of hair for the couch cushions because would be stuffing inside it just makes it more comfortable to sit on once you put the hair in it see this one it makes the couch a lot softer she showed me the couch I'm like what what the hell is that you know there's not enough money in the world to have me safe here the customers they may think Palin's really cheap and she is but she saves me and the shop a lot of money when it comes to everything I'm cheap the car that I have is perfectly fine and it still runs so I don't finally need to buy a new car I got into an accident so instead once the dealership paying like $200 I got my own grill and it didn't cost me anything and I put it on with these hair ties it gets really hot here in Georgia so instead of buying a steering wheel cover I wrapped it in wick tape and it keeps my hands cool there's nothing you can't fix with hair ties and wig fake I booked this bridal party for this weekend you know that could get kind of expensive you don't have to worry about anything Jacqueline help you today I was thinking if you guys had a couple items you could sell me we're a bridal party hairstylist Palin Mathis is hosting a bridal party at her salon in rural Georgia but before she can host clients Taylan needs products the most expensive thing about having bridal parties at the shop is they want expensive lotions bits of creams I actually figured out a way I could host these bridal parties without spending very much money at all a lot of people don't know this but a lot of salons that I've gone to actually use products that are really for animals you how's it going hi how are you pretty good hacking will help you today I'm a salon owner and I'm throwing this big like bridal party huh I was thinking if you guys had a couple items you could sell me for a bridal party we sell feed Hey we've had people coming by asking for roosters and hens and goats one of my goats all the time but never Beauty Supplies everything we gots for animals is it okay if I look in the shed yeah I knew I could find some of the pretty supplies at the farm I don't know Beauty Supplies might be okay to farm that made you beautiful the maintenance of shampoo a lot of salons actually use that product so I knew I hit a gold mine and I found some kitty litter play kitty litter has the exact same ingredients that you would find in a 200-dollar clay face mask what the world could you use kitty litter for it'll work perfect for like a face mask never heard of such must be a city thing are you gonna do that gonna make good out of it or something put it on people's faces yeah boy the world are you gonna do with it she got two big jugs of petroleum jelly for cows udders to keep them tender so when the calves are sucking on them I have about 50 ways to use petroleum jelly you can use it for your lip balm salt scrub a foot scrub you can use it for just about anything oh yeah people farmers hands yeah she's gonna use more people's lips that's cheap let's see B five eleven twelve thirteen fourteen uh uh heck I don't know about ten fifty ten fifty oh that's a little pricey but okay if I had gone to the beauty supply store I probably would spend well over $100 so it worked out perfectly the weird I need some milk put some jelly in this bowl okay this is gonna be my chocolate fence let's grow the chocolate fantasy consists of chocolate chips salt and petroleum jelly then I stick it in the microwave and melt it and I mix it up so you're gonna put chocolate chips on people yep now what is this for it's a special clay mask go ahead mix it Oh God mix that in really high K ladies we have some pegs finger sandwiches instead of spending 75 $200 on finger sandwiches I'm actually made some waffle and sausage sandwiches and I had some Twinkies and I put strawberry jelly on top for the dessert just get these puppies off there okay we're gonna get your hands looking great this is a scrub is our famous chocolate finish that's organic when I was reveling in that chocolate fantasy after a while it really smelled good to me yes it's our special clay mask very exfoliate I'm really glad I can't see pale in a rock shop this has been a really great way for me to start off my wedding I'm always gonna be a saber I think nothing nothing's probably ever gonna change it's a massive

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  1. Honestly, I get the pilates thing was a business so she should have used proper equipment, but at the same time, she found a way to reuse something that would have otherwise gone to the landfill instead of buying more plastic and whatever. The ladies got a good workout anyway- as extreme as they may be, cheapskates have a really low carbon footprint and I think while taking it to their extent is excessive, others should be as considerate as them.

  2. When I flew to florida, this lady was on my flight, me and my friends watch extreme cheapskates, including this episode, when she passed by us one of my friends called her and ask if she was on this show, she did not answer and just kept walking.

  3. This flight attendant is going to get some kind of disease, airplanes are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria. The tray tables and seatbelts are NEVER CLEANED. So whoever reached into the nuts already had filthy hands just from the surface contamination on board. Chomp chomp lady, enjoy…

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