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➡L I K E 👍 | C O M M E N T 🗨| S U B S C R I B E 🖱| S H AR E📲
hi shower welcome to day to day David hello everybody and welcome back to another video thank you so much for clicking on this video today we really appreciate it and this is your first time here before you leave we hope that you subscribe to the channel as well as for those of you that are already subscribed have that notification bell on we really appreciate it so that you can be notified when new videos come out so lately South Florida has been experiencing some very bipolar issue whether the other day it was raining all day then it was sunshiny for the other half of the day and then it was just like back and forth all week long but today we have some beautiful weather and sunshiny outside it's still early enough in the day where we can go out and enjoy this beautiful weather I have to say I love the time changing guys because with this time changing you're able to do some of the stuff that we love to do like bike riding and walking and playing in the pool so to get the most out of today we're gonna get in the pool while it's still sunny outside was still hot because who knows within an hour so the Sun may be gone and they may be raining and we don't know that's just how South Florida does but anyways I'm really excited to get the kids out they love getting in the pool we finally get to get some really good use out of it yeah I know Freddie loves it he loves being in the pool any chance he goes especially Skyler – she already got her little floaties on who are you going Skyler sure her little ballerina bathing suit on today swimsuit she's getting it wait my mom wait for us we got to get your floaties out and put the towels down here look at that I was just talking about how sunshiny it is outside and then the freaking clouds just covered the Sun you see what I'm saying the Florida come on now get with it let's get let's get it together the pool is nice and clean we had it cleaned out the other day the pool guy came my pool guy Sean he's awesome he got us all good to go chemicals good salt water it's good can you test it and see what guy oh it's cold it's a little cold I thought you said it was warm Freddie it was in between Frederick will say anything to get in this pool y'all I have to remember I can't be believing him all the time that's what I said I was just in the house and it was sunny Schuyler stop all that yelling I showed them this big old cloud came over the Sun [Applause] hey bow yourself in there go Kate the thing you do a body chase when Skyler said I'm doing the foot test I'm Skyler such a princess she said one foot at a time now the water feel Freddy is it okay Skyler yeah I can't trust a little Freddy he just be saying Stan no he was hidden thinking what is it called Skyler you ready to get out look at that face you like it's cold I'm reading it out don't push her in there oh she say it's called letter get out this is no come on guys let's get out come on it's coming back out now hey mr. Sun Sun mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me hey there's the Sun this bright now it's like back and forth let go all over here it's like this is what I love with the Sun come out look at all that it's so beautiful please glisten anything what's glistening [Applause] go back on the other side sky that's the deep side go back on that side over there you know what I think we should do I want to do some of those pool challenges that they have they have this one where you have to like go across the floaties without touching the water so we got to go get a whole bunch of floaties run across yeah like we can go get like the what's it called the the pizza the pineapple the lemon orange all the different fruits we should just do all fruit and then run across no they're cheaper on Amazon I know that Unicorn was cheaper on Amazon I should've got a bigger one but I thought that I didn't know that was gonna be too big or not comment down below if you guys would like to see a pool floatie challenge I've seen a couple of them online and they look really clear and basically you have to like run across we put a bunch of floaties on the pool got a bunch of pool floats they cover the entire pool and then you have to run across the pool using only the pool floats like if you fall into the water you're out I think that'll be cool we'll do it between me you and loaf ready sky will be the judge yeah what this little floaty thing should just be swimming what's wrong when you want to get out no you know I was just trying to get acclimated it's still cold I'm are we not getting in the spot that side it's hard Oh what is it I don't know I feel like if I dip it in there because my mind thinks is warmer now you got want to get in this pot don't return all y'all want to get in [Applause] [Applause] read on your floating no good like if you fall the Aqsa got a folder for me fill a bag killing mm-hmm too much water sighs look at my airway exploding the tofu you I went under the floaties I thought I was gonna jump in it like I do the last time I forgot I was gonna be big you're Freddie thank you riding the horse real yeah did I give you this is life was all about inhaling the water by the phone I know make away with cowboy play navigating it with the UH with the noodles yeah one a one wrong Tony going down what one row one oh I can't get that I say one wrong turn going down by moving one wrong buses going down you're going down it's going now here it is there you go get away from the edge which are some bean wait wait wait yeah-huh it's it that means it's scary cuz you probably flip over yeah huh it's it that means it's scary cuz you probably flip over the arc I don't know what they doing but I'm ready to get in the hot tub we've been waiting for the hot tub Bonita the whole time we were in the spa what you doing so let's go look I got no Aaron got no Aaron II this is about the same excuse me let me see how this hot tub is but I forgot to tell you how Freddy had came back yesterday we went and picked him up and his cousin's from the train station oh it's warm I'm getting in here so then I turned on the bubbles I'm ready to get in where we trying to eat pizza Pizza at dinnertime yeah just gotta say you feel good in here turn my bubbles on it's ready under the uniform from the under the unicorn I'm trying to get in the hot tub y'all sky say I'm back from using the potty we had to take a potty break nice and sunny if a good guy there's a warm Freddy opting to get into alright so we've been hanging out in this bar for a little bit ready so so good on my feet you patient did you order the pizza the Jordan the pizza so the Skyler's this your pool Scylla always says that this part is her pool and that part is our pool that taught me yeah everybody's taking a quick break outside of the pool but we let the spa finish heating up our pizza is on its way so we got it we really got out something here when it when the bill when the bell rings and Freddie up here trying to find some show for us to watch I don't know what in the world he got going on somebody invader zim pizzas arrive Scott Lee ready to eat yes Freddie you ready to eat we got your favorite food Freddie pizza Freddie can eat pizza every day Oh Skyler's lemonade stand key turn that down so we can watch our movie we're watching Thor roller rolling mill record luck why you changed it Oh Star Wars you can put on Star Wars the last Jedi I'll watch that again yo they're like Liam's lame pizza opened up let me see what we got in the box is we got some barbecue chicken last we got I got some spicy sauce in there to dip it in because I really want it Buffalo Oh some garlic my leaves is y'all yeah that's a little Freddy brownies who did have yeah because he didn't want pepperoni so I got half pepperoni for me and you mmm time to eat honey alright guys sorry for that noise it's the dishwasher running I just finished cleaning up in the kitchen just a little bit but we did end up going back into the spot for a second time after we ate our dinner and now we're just winding down I know the kids are looking for a little bit of a dessert before they have to go all the way night-night but um I just want to thank you guys so much for hanging out with us today I had a good time today it was very relaxing and just a good opportunity to decompress and I really really really needed it and it felt great I want to thank you guys again for watching and we will catch you in the next one make sure your notification bells are on so that you don't miss this video we'll end it like we always do no Friday's over here you want to end it with me you drop on today yeah life is a day-to-day experience so enjoy and one and two and say goodbye say goodbye oh yeah thumbs up this video and always be happy

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