Family Vacation - Disneyland Day 1 (S:04/Vlog 080)

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hey what's up guys we going on cuz right I beat well like I said today or Ashley the next couple days we're gonna be here and I'm LA Disneyland so our first day here it's about not even 8 o clock park opens at 8 but we're trying to get there early one way to the car get the stroller and some water bottles and things but look at the day beautiful day it's a little chilly but it's alright the sun's out this Sun's up what does it say all right where we going something's wrong with the castle looks like they're working on the castle the castle Oh what's up guys come on right here I guess today is a day one here at Disneyland I'm on this golf cart thing trying to drive but Monday hope you guys enjoyed your Monday make it a good fun day guys let's kill it that's how I would say and I hope you have enjoyed this video so far I think we're stopped here cooking all right let's get going [Applause] there's ten minutes [Applause] all right guys one way to save money is getting one of those lockers back there packing your lunch yeah I spend so much on right next right next to is actually a little picnic area bring your food and have a picnic play up that's that's one way to save money guys we're gonna locker things like seven bucks to LA [Applause] wunderlist [Applause] all right all you Star Wars heads United to start wars but what it is [Applause] oh you guys cut to put the stroller away – okay folks they have their trucks off [Applause] [Applause] alright guys that's it for day one AHA this videos gotta turn out but we enjoyed it a little man to hell it was a trooper passed around nine-30 was a trooper but I'll just say guys peace out

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