Family vacations for blended families

Attorney Garrison “Bud” Klueck and Dr. Keith Kanner discuss how to make sure your blended family vacation is a good one.
dad are we there yet are we there yet vacation should be fun not follow fights well bud book and doctor kit right here and they are going to show us the way to make sure that your blended family doesn't tangle up on your next trip welcome gentlemen hey vacations can be fun or disasters depending upon how you plan for him right and uh we're planning now I mean thought some people are on their spring break already you know I'm coming up later this week or they've got some are coming up so this is good stuff to think about coming off sure so about five points the Parganas make sure wherever you go is that it's an age-appropriate for everybody so there's got to be stuff for everybody to do so research your places before you go make sure there's kid activities and things for your adolescence to do otherwise if your kids get bored your vacation could go straight down yeah second one is the kids kids never get bored never right only in five minutes very quickly so lots of things to do research ahead of time read the reviews on the resort or wherever you go secondly consider bringing a friend really important for adolescents if you're going to take adolescents on the trip with you and you want to have a good trip consider maybe having them bring one of their friends they will make your life a whole lot better so that actually going to help the bonding helps the bonding because they've got things to constantly do and their friends often times will keep them in line because if your kids being rude to you sometimes their friends will say hey you're being rude your parents don't do it there's a bringing different privacy in rooms really important that you arrange your rooms that privacy is important so parents don't think about that a lot but no girls and boys in separate rooms otherwise anxiety can happen so important to make sure you've got privacy rules on those vacations next point bring stuff from home you bout to bring your own toys you bring your own balls doesn't paid for you not so I can't keep that this to know okay alright sorry about that all right I'll be nice too um we went on a cruise last year there were no basketballs on the on the ship they threw him overboard somebody threw over the lifetime of course bring your own stuff really really important mastery of it yeah okay that's obvious for preparedness but you wouldn't think of that no you think they would have it you would think so right think ahead bring your own stuff and then the final point if you want to have some alone time with your spouse plan ahead for some babysitting some some places have babysitting some places but they usually concierge is really good about finding outside people that are certified to help without so planet ahead well in the legal aspects yes okay i know we actually when my daughter was in high school brought her friend along we went at a vacation in tahoe had about 60 was a good idea was a good yeah okay i have four points joe i don't think that means i'm less of an expert than Keith with his five points but any case we have four points everyone is get started early which is what we're already doing it just turns spring and we're already starting talking about their summer vacation number two is don't book your trip until you get the legalities worked out number three be specific and number four give cooperation and expect cooperation but get it in writing writing a blended families now right if you got to decide who's going to go with who and and when as you say be specific but the legalities of of this trip I mean what do you mean by the legalities their your point number two with eagle is right well communicate in writing to your co-parent what it is you want to do first of all get down with your current significant people in your life and talk about where you want to go on what you want to do and come up with some tentative plans then communicate to the other parent usually the orders coming out of family court with a blended family is that either parent can take to one week vacations non-consecutive that's the Standard Oil orders and the reason for that Joe is because of child development theory they think that being away from the other and Keith obviously could China is much more the being away from the other parent for more than a week is problematical but you know your kids better than some child development theorist and you can determine whether or not the child can be aware from away from the other parent longer but be very specific and then know get it in writing and get an agreement in writing before you actually booked the trip there's nothing worse than have unruh fundable tickets or reservations then have your other spouse or your co-parent excuse me say this ain't working for me they're here get it in writing and get it signed off sure it understands and get it in writing thanks bud thank you very much support and be supportive to the other parent going on that trip to ya little great information all right now we'll do that again just before summer just to you know check out everything

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