FAMILY VACAY (4 DAY-VLOG): 404 To 440✈️




crazy crazy baby subscribe subscribe okay meet my brighter anyway yeah cuz I do it I want you know I got a rep receipt everybody there a freedom but check this out man I got a whole day planned for y'all I'm sorry Phineas CDs only awful even travel today we traveling traveling over a cake yay Oh God we're gonna go up so y'all stay to watch out and they see what's eating me how much I check out my hair I didn't know you ever know sweet y'all I stayed up all night I said I was gonna do it she says y'all writer from but no yeah they saw me security is gonna be a lot I got to security in 20 minutes any minute I don't made it I had to say fight you got we out here in OST yeah Ohio here try blue it see here but yeah just turn I fell asleep I pop my ears my water please all uncomfortable even what isn't it thing I got like a Dane Creek the money I need some high water bomb yeah but I mean yeah Chile oh yeah I'm really chill walking like I know where I'm going they say it is hard field I better pay 30 it's a dart is 1042 about myself and my folks in here you know what I gotta do ma I'm gonna beat on them when they come cuz I wait these boats uber back to the lab I'm out yo body weight still took 10 minutes 30 minutes to come get me actually you just not here oh I just got here I got here at 228 I'm getting picked up please explain it's not a good mom what's her name it's her name your life is together why do you keep punching the best yeah it is idiot keep punching good can I enjoy a showerhead mix on it Oh what I got sample no that's all right I want such area anymore they take it what kind is that chicken to hurry up watery we're gonna taste that right [Laughter] I'm just praying for littering why you scared to get over ain't no state super behind us yeah that's like the state parole like wait why did you go to jail so you're in the system you're a criminal because I had a ward a word wait for missing in court our missed course I put a woman on first and then they pick my answer I bet you won't miss Court yeah you did it by East pool I know and we stood up we used to make you oh my god this is my richest call with television over here where I live – around children Georgia on the ferrets are graded with the joys of fourth grade yeah we using Lorena Lyons it would look like oh that rare thing I did cleaned it right you forgive me right first day here I ain't even say me a whole day I just read it today are we having a blast from this part right here wouldn't they call these I'm using a part for this thrillbilly got my bad game real good yeah used to be my name or used to make their own cycles I used to play their own God but I got this oh god this frickin amusement park is in the world workers Jenny's look yeah that look she fishes cute but we have in the pledge what's up yeah these kids don't know where they want to go mix but look man we don't road that truck that ride you ever had Cedar Point soap sea or any water part and will that mud I do like this boom you just drop yep ain't no edge on Fiverr and that's oh god you too man I'm sorry I couldn't shut out a fun I had like I really had a sound-alike it's a water party I got to think about it if y'all ain't plan for their fun to get fit is why when getting no water with it but I get some I had a good time look at this ten I got it I just got my hair done last night I've always known forgive my hair done they're going swimming this day nobody's in there is that everything in here nothing less this is only the first day gives us we're going back back back yes it's the next morning you're in it this is the next morning when you do blahs you'll need that big old carrying on saying you gotta know what you're doing you jump for K you see what I'm saying you look at H to clean you got the X you know I'm saying you know I'm saying you can make it good you know I say this your dress Bobby they are cleaning up I come here and make them clean oh you could be what I'm training tough oh my god versus to everything my black sauce I got you some shoes okay open yours the six and a half check out the jib okay okay you got no shoes on already yeah always gonna go jump on a trampoline yeah I think I can do a blip differently you're Lucy if I need to put with me on folks hello I think I can't you did I can see between this this fence what's up nice day to a job do we have it fun I told Oh ain't this is a family trip away no remember having fun she's up the gang gang gang gang gang putting this thing hey Chilly is they – oh when I was playing jumper got your black she here roughly yeah outside yeah knocking okay job too far no nobody's is bad child because if you're not thank you ladies oh we're saying it was not a death what's that man look my brother yeah yes are you are you a my utility vlog you I got you something let's check them up welcome Nana say you can't wear to school it up cuz you'll be in bed look who that is you say you thought she forgot about you she didn't forget about you see look I told you I was gonna bring her didn't I tell you I told y'all I told you forget about you look at your shoes yeah I got matches shoes he thought his sister forgot about him so I took him to hang out with each other copy the old toys ooh okay notice the motor down wonky jaw together this is a three yep the other day through tomorrow fuck I saw y'all his date food this my last day I got my little brother I got my cousin with me one day I got my other because it might right Michael Michael me you always gonna have him do some nice this is a family trip you know me hey I want to do this boys against girls we're gonna do boys against your body for this Oh have you liked what they saw but don't go high because you might fall all right put it in the middle you ready guys y'all gotta grab one at a time that's the rule I gotta grab one at a time are you right you said everybody got to get behind in line everybody got to get at least behind the line you're not behind the line never you can come closer though just make sure you behind line all right if that's what you want to do run do you want to get right here oh you're right he said go while you're running farm I got the kingpins one other times I want to burn pause everybody pause pause pause my Michael get one Lundy I mean uh what's your name everybody go get one ready everybody give me get my daddy [Laughter] yo this is where these girls yeah I think you made three good-looking security bro I'm happy see we're at the top blood which these are Oh that question if I wanted to they look like you're like a cadiz lab missile your mouth will I got a question for you because we're literally on top of the clouds you know if rainbows in top of the parent these are college real crowd is there like a painting I finally made it home liddie this didn't really give an aura listen about the car my house so Marcos below where okay they're gonna make down okay this the Porsche debut okay earlier behavior got the Porsche we and I'm home that literally just said right now as we speak a little vacation I was really forced to go to Cali but only was shouldn't wait to board a fruity what's up on in the video I'm back home I got my brother with me he say he died missed me I got my daughter with me we just ugly did you miss me bro and we got this thing like Skyy Carlo hope you enjoy

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