Fidget Spinners !  Elsa & Anna Toddlers in Spinner Land - Toy Dinosaur

This toys dolls parody video shows toddlers Elsa and Anna in Fidget Spinner World ! Elsa toddler is having an amazing dream ! Little Anna and their friend Chelsea are in the dream, too ! In Fidget Spinner world the kids search and find a lot of colorful interesting Fidget Spinner toys ! They discover different metal Spinners, rainbow Spinners, stainless steel, titanium, copper Spinners , also Fidget Spinners with lights that glow in the dark, plastic Spinners with cool, strange shapes, even wheel Spinners with multiples blades arms ! How many Fidget Spinners do the girls find ? Also, a silly Dinosaur wants to get Chelsea’s favorite Fidget spinner ! Wow ! Can they stop the dinosaur ? Watch the movie to find out and enjoy their amazing fidget spinner adventure !

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Main characters / dolls of this movie:
From Disney’s movie “Frozen” :
Queen Elsa of Arendelle and princess Anna – the toddler dolls (mini dolls ) and regular dolls.
Chelsea doll – Barbie’s sister

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From YouTube Music Library
“Prelude and Action”, “Carefree”, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

spin-spin-spin space Wow good night kids and I hope I've a sweet dream yeah yeah me too else yeah huh wait is this a dream is that Hani over there was she doing there I'm gonna go to her Anya is that really you well of course it is me I I was just sleeping in my bed and then I appeared here hey did you see that box beside you let's let's find out what it is yeah Wow what are those oh I think they're fidget spinners wow they're so cool well let's just take them and now they're ours yay let's put them in the basket one and two do you think we should get done to course Anya Wow so rainbow whoa this one is spinning Tim oh I'm gonna see the red one now let's crack them all and put them in the basket look at that one yeah it looks like a wheel get it get it it's going up high over there climb I got it Hey look at that it's another cool box let's go see what's inside it maybe more frigid spinners in it up [Applause] oh wow it's another fidget spin art Wow super cool in the basket it goes I hear another sound and they're spitting to in their boxes I'm gonna open this one oh let's see what it looks like wow it has blue jewels on it that's so pretty and it's in a diamond box to get this one let's see the other one now wow this is so cool I never saw anything like it so cool Wow look there's some something spinning there it's another thicket spin I let's see what it is wow it looks like light bulbs just put it in the basket and there's another treasure chest over there let's see what's so many fidgets spinners this there's three of them let's get them all can't believe it we felt so many on yeah I love this fidget spinner that I found oh what's that [Applause] [Applause] my poor fidget spinner I was gonna have so much fun with it until that silly dinosaur came don't worry Chelsea look how much we have and you can share with us really yeah you're gonna do that oh you're the best friends hey let's push it yeah well it's so heavy should I touch it you can see what colors there are here is that a golden one oh wow that one must be precious let me stop it to see the color already oh and I'm you want to stop this one oh look at that bright pink and it shaped is cool yeah Wow with some rainbow love it whoa look at this blue one that's so cool whoa let's see what this one is Wow it's a rainbow wheel wow so cool let me guess is this one rainbow – it is rainbow so many rainbow ones LCI what about that little one over there hmm let me see Oh stars on it yeah that's pretty look there Lord Wow try try spinning it charlie Wow looks better in the dark Spinjitzu spin I could stay up here Wow chelsea won oh wow can you do that Wow in the middle you don't fall we look like we're flying on something yeah it's like a hoverboard this one looks like paint oh look at this real one whoa it's it's like a wiggly really usually all of the fitted spinners have one two three arms but look at this one this one has one two three four five six arms oh yeah you're right Anya and it has colorful bands on them blue green and red wow that's so cool this one has probably has to be my favorite spin it Chelsea mm this one is so quiet yeah listen yeah let's push it beside the other and then we're gonna do a big spinning party okay and these will buy candies wow it's so cool look mint banana and strawberry yeah yummy flavors this one is a cool fiery red wow so cool and some silver balls yes so it's like sticks yeah three sticks spinning whoa this one looks like a triangle and this one looks like like a circle spinning whoo now the special jewel fidget spinner is coming whoa ooh oh cool and I love blue my favorite color and it's golden blue yes and that's the best spinach Chelsea okay there's still three more left hold it you go get them LCR okay these look look like silver light bulbs yeah this one looks like claws see ya here comes the bulb whoa what a cool it looks like a flower yeah and this one is one of my favorites too [Applause] [Applause] so many colors it's like oh no yes I'm okay I have an idea let's make a tower with them yeah I'm gonna put this fidget spanner on top because it's pretty and I love it spend time wow so cool now let's add some alarm we'll add this one wow that is pretty cool but come see my Anja wow you put five of them already how many are there Chelsea five Wow so cool and I still want to put more like this one Wow Chelsea you're so good at this oh thank you hey look what we did Chelsea whoa that's really big now but come see mine again so I'm better than you you don't have to show ah look how colorful it is by 6 7 8 9 and I'm 9 Wow I'm Chelsey hours can spend – Wow I thought they it would fall but they're not so cool spin spin spin spin and spin come on fidget spinners just keep spinning yay wow so many spinners love them floating around to me wow I just love this word spin spin spin come on spin spin spin wow so cool spin spin huh that was just a dream what while that room was too nice and I didn't want it to end there was so much spinners fidget spinners and I love that Anya Anya you won't believe what dream I had huh you had a dream well I want you to tell me about it well my dream was all of doubt fidget spin eyes visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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