Film - First Solo Backpacking Trip - Afton State Park

This was my first time going into the wild alone…
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today I'm super excited I am on my way to absence State Park to do a solo this is my first time ever doing this not my first time I love her backpack before that probably about four or five times before this I'm really excited to get out of the hustle and bustle and into the calm wilderness why did I do this myself well you can read my blog post why did I decide to come on this trip instead of bringing someone along and if you have any questions and feel free to comment down below and I will be sure to answer them okay rebound away from the state and it's about 4:45 we left at 3:30 so we're making good time only I just hope we get there before the Sun Goes Down that's my goal my other concern besides meeting the sunset it's going to be carrying all of my own backpacking equipment so normally it's distributed between two people there we go so I'm wearing a packet doesn't seem actually as heavy as I thought it would be it's only been about less than a minute since I put it on so we'll see after 30 minutes if I still feel like that have you breathing good thing about doing this in October not only is it really pretty it's also very cool I don't have to deal with working hard like this and sweating it was hot I've been miserable so for me this is perfect I want to get there before dark because I want to put up my campsite well I can still see you may be thinking why are you doing all this hard work the farther I walk the less people there are which means the more relaxed I'll be our campsite is for probably another 10 minutes and then I have to get firewood so the work is not over this is side 20 it's a nice little site you're some wilderness cooking you

20 thoughts on “Film – First Solo Backpacking Trip – Afton State Park”

  1. Great video, Solo backpacking is something I've never done. I've been backpacking and car camping for many years now. I'd love to see your gear load out for your trips. This can inspire some of your subscribers to get out in the wilderness. Awesome trip. Thanks for sharing, take care.

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