Join us on our eighth day in Orlando, Florida where we finally visit Universal! It was such a good feeling to be back, and we ate on Diagon Alley at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. We rode a load of rides and finished off the day on City Walk at Antojitos which is an authentic Mexican restaurant, it is quickly becoming one of our favourite places to eat!

We are Becky and Lloyd, a married vlogging couple from the UK. Brighton, England, to be precise!

We love to vlog our crazy adventures, especially to Walt Disney World and Universal, in Orlando. We are annual passholders for Walt Disney World and Universal.

Becky is gluten free and hopes to share her experiences of this, whether that be whilst cooking at home or eating out.

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it's not about justice good morning guys so just past busy Springs and that is because like I've been waiting for ages I can't believe we've been waiting at eight days until we have actually got there so I can't wait I'm excited I love Universal indoor so the reason that we've waited so long is because I've got seasonal past and I've a block out date so and lookout dates were the whole of last week I think quite a lot the week before I'm not quite sure but anyway the next day that I could have gone is today so say well the first day I could have gone after the block out day sirs today which is the 28th and say yay we can finally go to Universal ooh it's got a or persevere you go washing for one I think we've got the one that's not the top you'd like the one there's the second from the top of that make sense yeah so though it's got that one special hours to hungry parking and things like that so I don't have any blackout dates of mine yeah it doesn't come in many book a days but a date I don't think my great hero so yeh so it finally go in I'm really excited any kind of it's kind of a bit better because we've had to wait so I just had a look is a preferred path it's a little bit busy crazy crazy busy but we're just saying it is a Sunday and if seasonal pass holders are coming back and I think Florida residents are able to come back as well so I think that that's probably why it's a super busy yeah so do Florida residents get I have blackout dates oh really what even if they've got a higher path well I think because being a Florida resident you get a discount I think so you would go for you have a I don't know maybe a Florida present if you're a Florida resident let us know because actually I think that you do have block out dates I'm fairly sure just the same or is it just the same as when when you have any other paths like say they have seasonal passes potentially but I'm sure that Florida residents have block out dates but no able to come I'm pretty sure okay yeah let us know if you are a Florida resident there's know how that works if you do have out they might not at all so the some unknown reason today they popped us down in gonna get me a escalator they parked us down in spider-man hello but astounding spider-man where the volcano Bay parking is really bizarre they're all part security and we're ready to go get off the city walk come flow excited literally this is the best it's the best part so if you watch out blogs you know that I look at this to see how busy the park is 45 minutes to write minion mayhem it's not too bad that's not too bad we think that everyone's gone to volcano Bay today because it is warm they might decide to go into a ball park first before a theme park here's the hoping and it'll be less crowds up as further on the part we go last time we were here there was a Christmas tree right here it's been replaced by a phantom wild cherry for stage wonder why others are so in saying there's a 20-minute wait for the mummy first we need to put you away in the lockers that was an excellent first ride is so good we loved the mummies we need to get some food we hadn't had any breakfast yeah a few cookies but the weird thing is though it tastes a bit like sweet foods but they remind you but every night it's been a really good breakfast snack yeah there we go but we need to find some proper food because yeah I'm – I'm hungry for you let's get some food so it decided to come into the leaky cauldron and there's they show you all of the things that you can have up here like fish and chips fisherman's pie or cottage pie almonds some other things sausage in there chicken sandwich yeah atchoo I also have an electronic board over here as well so you can see on the menu today don't know why really fancy though let's see what you can have as well here my dragon scale is really nice it's as good as the one the other science well they had me this is just obably it's the same thing I'm very excited to do with I put the chicken sandwich what drinking oh no just a pumpkin geez I asked my Pentium J's but that's only the other side here's my chicken sandwich it's really good the giant tomato on it is interesting they can in those wedges as well so hungry back these ones just coming out isn't the they my food has arrived so it's the efficiency chicken sandwich oh and an Italian dressing yay whatever hurt well I think I think the other side the chicken is my favorite he ever just decided to come out and finish our drinks reason Korea yeah we're just gonna go and have a little walk around Diagon Alley see what the wait time is but yeah this new face so we're gonna come up and ride men in black alien attack with suddenly a fifteen-minute way although was it ten minutes it's it ten or fifteen ten cool yeah so I'm very much looking forward to riding this and for the aircon because it is sweet cold aircon in here [Laughter] I got one five one five nine thousand yeah now this is teacher Montana just call it freaky to come home right away it was relaxed and crazy crazy nuthouse did you enjoy your ride on Woody's nuthouse Billy is quite brilliant it's over really quickly so kids don't really have a chance to think about it today we're gonna take a cheeky lurk in the Williams of Hollywood prop shop see what we've got in here $1,300 get this me that was in Terminator the experience in Terminator wasn't it I miss it too that's not nice won't anyone take that home a bonkers is that how much is it it's like nearly a thousand dollars why that's why by CityWalk sign how much is that one it's $100 you know you could have that up in your house it's a soft side as well so we could I take it home what we're going to rock the universe as well that's really cool so much as I want $75 there we go the journey continues and it certainly does we are going over to islands in a minute but first of all we're gonna go and get grab some mint cheese frozen yogurt because it is hot so many cheese is right next to dudu donor that's just there but we definitely need some frozen you up there the excited regarding cookie sandwich so they know pineapple sorbet don't wait we've got our bowls of Awesomeness there's Becky's what flavors did you get it's so many flavors okay I got mango and it's kind of mixed yeah strawberry and peanut butter no it's salad amazing loads of toppings here so I've got pineapple sorbet mango the strawberry one actual pineapple marshmallows M&Ms and gummy bears yes I hope this will call us down so we've just come in to Starbucks and they have the new mugs as well so good Wow we can call them the loving it ah it's so good I think we're definitely gonna have to get one we're hoping there'd be soft openings of this new hopeful I know what is it Hagrid's ride right judging by this front doesn't know they're gonna open anytime soon got like still like there's like electric stuff it and stuff so we are doing something that we've never done before and that is this Poseidon's fury it's like a walking tour I think isn't it like special effects we've got to do it the majority I think is inside as well so I'm looking forward to getting some air con but HC bacon absolutely bacon I think it is probably about 34 degrees today Celsius that is not so all that is in Fahrenheit like in the probably in the 90s somewhere yeah super hot and definitely go see you have a pretty good lots of water your pets are amazing what made it really this one bit in it that we've really really enjoyed it which won't say about this one he's going to it because I wants to check the the speech rate the universe work me two three they might not be expecting that so we've just been in and it's the allergy diet the only thing they contain so we are sat in outside in the hogshead pub is literally our favorite place and Becky's got her favorite drink the pumpkin tis and look at the cup as well I like the cup yeah it's really cool and I have gone for a hogshead there so I decided I'm not gonna have one in answer he tell ya and de tous where we going tonight by the way yeah if you watched if you've watched the vlogs last time Becky yeah was very calm well yeah well we will be really cool being a lovely nice we've written loads of rides by the way as well but due to the world the way that Universal is you can't film on any of the rides so there's a bit yeah which we did yeah they don't have the IP for you know so it's a bit breezy probably can't hear me too well but this is where the new Jurassic Park Coast is going to be so pulling it all this area and then if you cut across here here they've also cleared this area of land as well so it's probably going to go over water which is going to be epic it's gonna be so amazing once it's done look at the views that you get as well across the water absolutely so we're in Starbucks and we're gonna get it oh it's so so nice building our collection back up these brand new ones Iquitos very loud music that we're very excited to be in here that's good thank you very much how's that work so good like you get a massive portion as well I mean it's a little bit pricey but we are in holiday yeah he came in did they work last time yet yeah our food has arrived with comfort tortillas to share the heaters to share rather not tortillas they are guilty as the fajitas to share we've got steak and chicken with the vegetables underneath and Becky's got corn tortillas so that she can eat them yeah this all looks very very nice let's get stuck into it you trainers I'm ready to drive uh-huh yeah oh it's currently starting the backseat some puffiness trainers on you've been a flip foots all day I know he's been liberating for the feet no no we're back in the car just such a lovely day it's been awesome very nice I love universal I just love it if you can't already tell by today's vlog listen favorite Park definitely studios is yeah but yeah I think we can't compare the two if they didn't we I don't you can compare Disney and Universal because they're so different I love Universal too but then I love Disney as well I love Disney I'm like don't get me wrong I absolutely love the Disney parks but there's something about Universal though that has my heart amazing as always lovely food lovely waiter didn't was his name Quan Quan Estrela yeah they say thank you one for serving us that was really nice and yeah really lovely really lovely guacamole that I've taken away you can take that away with chips and we just ask for more chips and then I got a pot for my guacamole and then the fajitas we're lovely weren't they amazing beef was so tender it was like the best be yeah the Walden all great meal when my cocktails nice too and also we met one of you guys one of our subscribers so yes and yeah thank you so much for coming over it's so nice and people come over and yeah it just makes it worthwhile is doing this really just meeting you guys and yeah thank you so much for coming over and saying hi and on that note thank you for watching yeah and if you enjoyed today's vlog please do give it a huge thumbs up if you haven't already please subscribe for more of our April slash made slash may Florida vlogs 2019 yes and we shall see you on the next one


  1. Finally found the time to catch up and watch all of your vlogs while Florida planning, so much fun in every vlog but you can really tell in this one especially how much of a great time you’re having!! Super fun vlogs thanks guys! ❤️

  2. Fun day at Universal – looks like wait times weren't too bad. We will be excited to go back next year on our non-Disney trip year. Antojito's – thought the food was great, but we were staying on property… if we weren't we probably would have driven off-site and pocketed the extra cash.

  3. I’m a SoCal resident and there are specially priced passes for universal and Disneyland. These have quite a few blackout dates. We can still buy the regular passes but for the same price you would pay. I believe it’s the same in Fl.

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