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A Sudanese-American goes to Addis Ababa. I met a lot of wonderful people and most importantly had a lot of coffee, delicious food and great conversations with locals. I hope through these images, the world will have a wider perspective on Africa and its diversity.

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[Applause] hey guys I am in Addis Ababa Ethiopia right now I'm here in a 24 hour layover so I don't know what to do in 24 hours so I'm going to just go out and walk around and see what happens so I just had lunch at the hotel and it wasn't good at all so now let's go get real food I asked the guy where I can go get really good coffee and he directed me to this local place I don't want to walk around with my camera so I'm gonna just get there and then like guys know how it goes listen ah what I guess I'm on a mission to go find another coffee spot I don't think I'm I'm sorry yeah like okay I'll try it you know how to do this you gotta do this like what like like this you gotta do that traite chaine under yeah like this you jump like [Laughter] how do you say thank you and I'm hark how to say thank you I'm sleeping say it again I'm taking it slow and I'm a second okay one more time ah I'm a second uh uh yeah okay break slow okay Oh Massa eat me ha left I'll work on it that's very hard my second that I'm a second I'm a second now I'm a second Ella I was close enough thank you so much I must say Kannada we say shokran can I say shukran shukran coffee took forever to make but it was so worth it she was she was a roasting for like 30 minutes and then oh my god I can't wait so good she's already put inside okay I'm like speaking everything I don't even know why but it's what I know who's hot this last one was really good it's like a traditional kind of coffee but it's like sweet I like that the mall was really busy and really loud people told me that I can come but it is without trying the meats here and this is one guy I just met at the coffee shop so let me to try this local place that I'm going to right now I'm so nervous holding my camera Eliquis because I don't know I don't know he will add another sleeves very well and everyone is just staring at me like what battle shooters I'm gonna get run over by a car know what this camera would be my only evidence so there's many places right in here I think it's like a super local place and no it really does what I am he told me they make meat here it's also a bar kind of reminds me of some kind of reminds me of that's actually all I know how to say no mark but it reminds me of Tanzania a lot like paying homage OMA places but I'm really excited to try it they don't sell meat that's disappointing hi Gloria sex enema oh I'm looking for you speak English yes okay I'm looking for like a good sometimes I'm looking for like a local restaurant to have meet me yeah is there a good place nearby no ah so what do I do now I go hungry yeah what do you what do you recommend they told me like a butcher a butcher good market they have meat but I don't cook looking for much I just want I want to eat it right away no problem no more shots for me they have meat yes yeah like a butcher yes and they cook yes you sure okay go all the way over there okay so inside the mall there's the finish underground oh where the red signs are the hospital okay no all right cool thank you shukran all right well he told me there's a supermarket let's try that out just work so really big supermarket a lot of things I think they saw everything Herod this reminds me off definitely fancy I don't know if everyone can afford this I know I can't um I'm looking for meat if I should ask someone my lips are so dry and ashy I'm like Ashley Larry out here among all these gorgeous people somebody come rescue me so what pupils are really beautiful and there's me with these a Shia's lips I need some cocoa butter for this let me get something I should get some coffee I hear them grinding fresh coffee right now I think that would be perfect coffee ah yes Paradis this is heaven what not good so tell the listener what I get it so tonight what I go to the food tonight what I girl ready to learn English and school and school yes yeah his English is very nice and he's selling umbrellas how much yeah I forced me get a ruble I'm from Sudan Sudan yeah but I live in Washington DC where Obama is you like Obama yes yeah good president yeah yeah so how much when David chop what fifty five zero one five one one five yeah I'll take one for ten for ten you give me one okay all right what color doesn't cut us what Kyle give me a nice color yeah I'm gonna cannabis a warm break or anything in no damage I'll be damages what is he smart yes okay I give me a nice one anyone I'll take it any India and a very nice one this one a red one okay I like red that's my favorite color okay I like that I take down opponent what is this no nose that scheduled Ramudu okay very poor girl listen ah look I get it come on okay I'm heading back to the hotel now um I only had twenty dollars and I think it was a wolf than twenty dollars I had plenty of coffee plenty of food plenty of meat and and now I am gonna go back and try to get some rest and get ready for my flight oh and they're serving dinner

47 thoughts on “Follow Me Around Addis Ababa | Abir Ibrahim”

  1. It is ok sequar is the samething in Amharic. Arabic and Amharic are very similar. I hope you had a good experience. Also it was very funny how that guy in the store said yes to everything she asked and then she went the super marked and didn't find any siga (meat)
    And you look soooo HABESHA

  2. Hey there , I absolutely love this vlog, I live in the UK and I often visit my homeland which is South Africa. I use Ethiopian airlines and I usually layover in Addis Ababa but I’ve never had the guts to go out and explore Addis, your vlog has definitely made me take the jump to explore Addis next time I travel . It seemed like you were safe considering you’re a vibrant, attractive woman

  3. My people always on some good vibes🤪❤️🇪🇹 I loved the music you used, and the video in all! Were you also in other places like Lalibela, Bahir Dar etc. out of Addis?

  4. Most of the eastern African nations and Yemeni people's pretty much look like each other .not only the physical appearance but our culture and way of life are very similar to one another. Thank you for sharing this video. It means a lot to Ethiopians also is a good to show our similarities to the world. Thank you my pretty sister from another mother. 🕊🕊🕊 be upon you !

  5. I sewer I thought you one of those kids dyaspora kids who doesn't speak Amharic or trying to numb Eric I was thinking one of those girl I didn't know you were my sudan sister and I love that

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