FRAUD IN CANADA | International Students and Job Seekers

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Beware of Job Frauds in Canada

47 thoughts on “FRAUD IN CANADA | International Students and Job Seekers”

  1. This same happened with me sir … really I’m Belleville I did the same … they asked me questions… and then they said ok… and then they send me 4000 dollars…. and he said me to send some money to bar .. I said I don’t wanna do this job and then he said uh can trasfer me money … but when I go to that bank they said your account has been freeze and then I told the whole story to scotia. … they said Neha that was a bad cheque and then after a week that money was deducted and … then .. my money was on hold and after a week too it worked but that was soooo bad

  2. Hello sir actually same thing happened with me actually I was thinking of job which I can do from my home and at that time I came across such a website and I gave my email id now they are continuously sending me emails about receiving money and all can u pls help me out that how can I stop receiving such a email from them.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Pls help me outt I even unsubscribed still no solution…

  3. Very interesting, I deeply appreciate your knowledge and efforts. I always find your videos authentic and genuine, which are quite handy or useful. Great thumps up to you Bhai..πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Hi Sahil,I enjoy your videos of various topics of PR related.I would like to know regards to sponsorship of parents.My son got his PR this year but he was on work permit for 6 yrs.My question is whether my son is eligible to sponsor us .Is there a time bar for him.Thanks.

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