Full-time MBA: Transform your career

Whatever your background, the Manchester Full-time MBA could help you change industry, secure a promotion, boost your salary or relocate to a new country. Find out more here
at Alliance Manchester Business School your career is central to the MBA experience our renowned Career Management Service aim to provide you with all the skills and tools you'll need to increase your employability and navigate the labour market our specialist career consultants get to know you personally from the outset and work closely and strategically through your MBA journey with weekly sessions and unlimited one-to-one consultations let's take a look at the class profile made up of 100 students 82% of the class is international with over 30 nationalities represented we are proud of our employment rate which is reached in encouraging 85 percent within three months of graduation on top of that 61% of them attained jobs in the UK and Europe with the top 3 destination sectors being consulting financial services and retail FMCG while also joining some of the best companies in other attractive industries like technology farmer and manufacturing so how did they make this transformation well we don't just give you the theory we show you how to use it by offering a rigorous MBA curriculum of practice based learning and reflection through the Manchester method with three live consulting projects and an internship with top organizations such as Google NHS and American Express feedback from recruiters suggests the MBAs unique project focus is a key factor in our graduates success in fact we around 16th in the world for career progress not only that our alumni have enjoyed a 108 percent salary increase enviable average weighted salary of over $130,000 our practical approach produces highly employable MBAs who challenge the status quo in a complex and rapidly changing world the Manchester full-time MBA an experience of a lifetime that will change the way you do business forever

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