Germany Vacation HAUL | Ikea, Douglas and DM |MISSKAYKRIZZ (Philippines)

Late post of what I bought during our vacation in Germany.
I still have a long hair in this video!
These are the things that I brought back with me.

Home Goods and Make-up.

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hey guys you get crazy and welcome back to my channel if you are new here I am serious and I do all videos about beauty lifestyle travel blush and side appendices so right now this is a very special video because I'm going to show you what I got from our recent Germany's trip so if you want to see what I got just keep on watching so guys if you have been following me around in this channel you know that I do different halls of the things that I bought some different countries and today initially why I got from journey but this is an annual leave trip and I have to bring everything back to where I am so visitors shop a lot but I can't resist with some shop from Ikea and also shops makeup our makeup stop so right now I'm just going to show you well mobility so I got our from Ikea and I just let a few make up things so let's start everything that I bought from Ikea is this shift key so there are two types of this this shift in is very nice I just like to have a very mindful I want to put it on the Zelda or when I want to take roughly flatly flat laying some of our products that I use I want to put this in the background I want this this one is being sold for $9 nine cents or death translate into 565 so there are some types of this this one is the cheapest one and very some one another one I must qualify and my percentage as a leather just came so that like 30 euros so I occupied this one and there was two of them so this box I really like the color of it I bought it for my friend Jill actually the the rug it's a router you can use it as accessory the other ones I showed you the rod and this is my friend Jill she's the one on my grill on a blog and I did fill up so she had it at her apartment at our flat and I am so enthused and in temperature by opening and said IKEA so I bought myself one as well so this but it's being sold as 599 euros or 330 suspect so this will come like this I just have to assemble this one my own momentum ashishot I'm going to have giant 60-footer new juicer plant holders these are sold separately so all of the things that I bought in a Kia Allah Allah Allah get internships kit and everything is like four nine nine five nine nine three this is $4.99 or 475,000 this actually comes with a change the pollution II I know he hanging from honey I really like this on our table also enter enhancer right now I'm just putting this alone 3/4 in slant first class Franklin this is p90 knife or a sword in the question I'm just going to put them together Yangon yes so often say looks good so when we find a time then ask them to make a hole on ceiling and find the perfect spot for it it goes in pretty nothing special but I really like that it is gold and I follow this formula and all new if you watch my idea blog around we might have samples the houses silicon and then some of the sample health has this under whatever it is so styled very nicely so I plan to put like a black and white picture in here with me and John or something like that so it just so classy and this is Corning tonight or some independent repair it's actually a sparse folder and when we use this is just directed so I really like this this is for $5.99 and this is there is like this is you can book your sparks inside here it's like a really nice bargain answer or you can just use it to display stuff it's really nice and it's made of all fiery yarns so middle shelf let the conventional version of the art I really like this argumentum stuff something for the kitchen businessman in the 20-foot I watched it on fire shock I know potholders so this is in 1240 99 223 the real difference in Fitness fabulous news and in a deterministic function if it opens up the front so when you are baking there are no problem you don't need to get two of this anywhere in this use one and this is forget the baking of that you are get one so I find it very mean and you can use it as an office this is what I find is very cute so I bought one this pillowcase for a throw pillow it's just really cute this is called as $4.99 or 275 let me just show you the design I really like this yes so this is the throw pillow case and at the back is resolution design like my rule ish and I really like forever ended by 2000 which is what appeal yesterday and I'm still included they're still going to say that I got from Ikea and something that I bought man become a cup store as well is a Birkenstocks a fair overdue stop it's just from a regular store I bought this man I really like now versions but the time is length but also I read I found out once I was in Germany the persons that are made in German so it makes sense mean as bite from there I thought that I think my mind I think it's going to be much cheaper if I bought it from there so actually I don't know how much it is really hearing a bill in but this is being sold at fifty four ninety five euros and that is around three thousand census for a pair of it and this is very much advice we don't leather so I really like and it fits perfectly so whether a magnificent in so right now it's this move on to the things I've got and winter storm of Dulles it's like a website if you compare it to the Philippines there Watson so they have their high-end and also of trips or product or it's just a different format and although I went to a regular supermarket wearing I bought a lot of texture product so wait a minute how does so let me just show you what I got from Dublin so randomly I got lots of dry shallow the Philippines my English you always want to take a shower but when if your hair is really manifest or it's really thin and silky like mine it will be nice to have your hair wash everybody's day and please note this as a dry shampoo for your hair you can say it helps if you're at all of your hair healthy and become shuttle Endeavour been searching for this but it's a very shampoo it for the 399 euros and that is around 220 and this one I use this a friend when we were there if you see my glove I was doing my own hair and makeup and I was having a hard time to do my hair because I'm not really a hair stylist so I YouTube how to do the hair and I saw that I possessed racially agents use dry shampoo to make the hair more manageable so what I did is I was the nearest store and in from the first dry shampoo that I can find and I found this and this is POSCO brand and i'm actually this smells really good but this is really expensive like 15 euros so how much is that it will be it will be around 800 pesos or something like that so but it's not so good and I've heard of this grant from other flight attendants well it was really nice man 1 and but and it really helped me when I was doing my NFL during our trip in Paris because if you watch my blog it was kind of live in our DIY engagement photo shoot there so that's like Oh in the grass I bought this off throwing brush kit so this is what it looks like it comes with a floor items inside this is held at $19.99 and Oh $19.99 that is around 1,000 desert or something like that okay so for you I don't know I just want to try how to learn stroke so it has three different brushes for highlighters and I'm going to open it right holders a let's open it up for a second I'm so excited so this is how the brushes looks like okay so the first brush actually is a foundation brush so the first brush is the foundation brush it's actually really nice so if like angle it's angled and it's also so it's so cute and the next brush is around blending brush brush it's actually really soft and thin that and it has a real asshole named Douglas on it and this one I really find this nice if I don't wanna fight so this is coping brush or highlighter brush back brush oh it's called a fine brush so far apart with a highlight because oh it's so soft I really like and then we have a mini blender here and we need leather so this is products I use about inner corners of your eyes it's so cute so I'm so happy with this purchase I'm going to try it out in this piece one of my questions and so far I still have insight how it looks like okay so that is the trophy brush tip that we've got from dolphin and also another of the brand I bought a luxury product concerning Palace current politics our little bit up so when you open it this is what you will see members on black dick another instruction and I really like the Hollis I think it's perfect for my skin tone so yeah I can't wait to play with business and it has a really big mirror so I really like perfect distances and I got the palette for $14.99 so around 15 years not one thousand dismiss this so also I got this from Douglass a Beauty Blender I never use this eggs and ER but right now and using the Missha BB cream in sometimes my hands are really sweat especially during the summer into cycles so I think the Minnesota V blender of that now so this is for $6.99 or three hundred ninety percent loss and also both just for fun this um so are usually but this is a good brush as a base this for fun echoed then about $4.99 or 275 the fiscal space is the black one I saw in in YouTube there are a lot of products math class with base they're using activated carbon what it looks like so I'm gonna make a review on this is Becca's Omaha opposition and defense so I'm really into life in your own seat I've been using crack streets for a while now and I didn't want to try to help lips right another thing that I bought from Douglas is this beautiful from benefit this is actually what is my favorite goes to products the high end from benefit is being sold in Germany for $28.99 or 1656 s so if you know I know if I don't mean packaging and I on the radio has a video for before menthol exciting of this really gives the illusion that I have higher because if I just prefer the eyebrow product but if it's actually a volumizing fiber gel if I put it on my roots by romona Keveza and Guyana I don't put anything else during the day I just put this for I'm no makeup look it still looks really nice and I still really put together so I really love this product is my favorite eyebrow product selected for the table now when we went to the end it's like our growth report they have this beauty session so from there I bought do my a mix lipstick mixes being sold there for 785 or that's around four hundred and forty cents if you so I bought one in zero is zero and this is the one I'm wearing right now I really like it I'm going to swatch it for you guys that's how it looks like and the other one that I bought some a little bit more dramatic it's called murder doll so this is I'm going to flush it for you guys so this is a little bit of dramatic red ink is red and I really like it well I really like this I want to change something I bought more brushes study em so this this was where brush is for 595 0 and that are on 333 pen so I really like using conferring brushes I always support deeper sagginess to say if not remove our number with a shadow so again all waiting to reveal it so I am open clearing brush and I also bought a concealer brush this is a concealer brush for this is salt as soon as 5 euros or 165 days so the surprised if Evelyn it's really I think really soft and realize I bought a highlighter is just a drugstore brand something like me doing that and but this one is constant Catrice cosmetics and i really like a liquid eyeliner is a human matter home on week model model it so i really like yourself if now I do this control and it's listed so invalidating the board from an article in day much as much as it may be because nicotine Molly so yeah leave it I rang so that's all of it you learn the hakama binnacle Germany thank you for watching this video if you have any questions about the products that I bought put it on the comments down below I would love to hear from you and if you like this video give it a like share and subscribe to this channel if you haven't yet been already subscribe and I will see you guys on the next video bye and as always like this one

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  1. hello miss kay krizz.. i had initial interview for saudia this morning and it your blogs really helped me a lot! I just want to ask if they are really strict with eyes? Im wearing contact lenses 250 both eyes 🙁 but its corrected vision 20/20 im wearing clear contact.. would that matter?? thank you so much..

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