Giant Barbie Doll Haul ! Box of Cool Barbie Dolls Tall, Petite, Curvy, Ken Fashionistas

Giant Haul of Barbie Dolls!!! This big box is full of Fashionistas that come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles just like real people (petite, curvy, tall, long hair, short hair, dark hair, light hair, red hair, everything)! Check out the new boy Ken dolls too! Barbie is now cooler than ever!

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cookies well well well guess what cookie pants today we are doing a Barbie all yes I have a giant box here that is filled with the newest Barbies we could do session these dolls I'm telling you they are getting cooler than ever look at this doll so let's go ahead and check it out right now I don't even know where to start there's just so many amazing Barbies in here let's start with this one right here room so here we have the new hashtag the Barbie look brand-new a Barbie Collector doll is she isn't from the Black Label Collection which means she is oh so fashion-forward look at her she's so cute we can turn her around oh and there's another Joe that's part of the collection let's see is she in the box too oh she's right here perfect let's check them both out so here we have both of these absolutely gorgeous girls oh I think they are just so cool let's check out this one first but first of all it's really really cool that she is actually on the curvy body so you can see here she's kind of a fuller figured curvier doll what's awesome about her is that she is totally totally poseable so you can bend her at her elbow her wrist actually moves and of course her legs Bend as well so that's what's really cool about the curvy body one on her she's totally poseable now let's check out her face now as you guys know I absolutely love unique looking Barbie dolls ones that don't all look the same and that are unique just like individual people and I think she is absolutely unique looking she's absolutely gorgeous I love her SuperDuper bright smile and I'm loving this hair she actually has a little hairnet on let's take this off and it's just there to preserve the curls while she's in the box oh yeah go ahead shake it loose let those curls be free whoa look at that beautiful pink hair it's so gorgeous I love love love her hair look at those highlights that she has too in there know this girl is totally totally loving the gold including this outfit actually both of these girls look like they are dressed for fall weather so she looks like she's off to a very very high in corporate business meeting she's got this long sleeve kind of a heavier kind of woven dress with gold and teal woven into it she's wearing these gold heels he has a big giant golden tail ring on a beautiful golden hoop earrings now what are her accessories that he comes with they're right here on the table so she's got her little clutch handbag gold she's got some makeup with her including a little blush compact and look at this blue hook you tony little lipstick that you can actually open up just like a real lipstick just like that is next you have her go ahead and touch up her lipstick here just real quick here we go perfect and of course another one of her accessories but she never is without is her cell phone looks like she's on some social media right now probably promoting her newest product that she has going on we will groove on telling you she looks like a fierce businesswoman now this one she looks like she loves to dress nice and cozy again I think her face is pretty unique looking she's absolutely beautiful I love her brown eyes and I love her very very wavy wavy beautiful hair she also had some highlights in it too she's all snuggled up in this cowl-neck gray sweater that just is so SuperDuper soft it feels like it's made out of like real sweater material and of course he's almost look like leggings but they're really really high socks to go with her beautiful brown wedge boots the accessory that she has she's got some silver hoop earrings and we can go right on over here to the couch to see her accessories boom maybe she's a writer she's got everything that she needs right here in her bag she's got this really really SuperDuper soft slouchy bag that she can put anything in like her sunglasses in case the Sun comes out a little bit later goes right in there she also has her notebook all bound and wrapped up like this right here even comes with a little pencil I have never seen a Barbie pencil before it is so realistic and complete with a little eraser and you can of course see the little lead right at the tip of the pencil oh is that so cute put that right inside of her bag and of course she also is never without her cell phone she has a silver cell phone right in here now of course he is up nice and early this morning so she is definitely drinking down her cup of coffee which you can actually see the coffee on the inside totally totally awesome so what else are we going to be checking out oh how about these SuperDuper fierce dressers take both these packs out what now these Barbies come with these really cool fashion packs so you get a doll in two outfits for her to wear for us a purse oh and an extra pair of shoes here they come here they come they aren't both so so so cool too again super duper unique looking Barbies so this one absolutely gorgeous with her two-toned curly curly hair loving her face I love the little beauty marks that they gave her look at these high-top white sneakers well I love the platform she's wearing the super duper adorable little Daisy dress now this one is so cool – she also looks very very very unique to me as well I love this little outfit I love that it has a little collar but it's so colorful and so bright with the polka dots all over she's got these cool white boots on now I've never done this before but whenever I went to cut the little Toggl you know in their hair like what this girl has right here I accidentally snipped her hair that she never happened to me before so she kind of almost done we both fought right here because I accidentally cut it so I'm trying to like cover that up aa stage she'll have to grow her hair back out so these fashion girls will absolutely love love love clothing which is why each doll came with a second outfit let's get them changed row and here they come right back in in their new outfit as you can see these girls are not afraid to mix it up and change their style out they love love love color and texture I love this big white chain necklace it goes over her little king of green shirt look at that super duper sparkly SuperDuper soft skirt and then she paired it with these pink gladiator sandals and of course we have a little pink bag for her to put right on her shoulder looks like he's ready to go shopping Rubin she's ready to go shopping with her shopping buddy really cute this is actually kind of like a little cropped cami right here with a little bow right on the bottom but because those stripy skirt is so high you can't really tell that it's a crop and I love the two lengths on this skirt here with a tiny little slit here on the side and she's got these blue little sandals she even has this white bracelet on – that really pulled in that white color from her skirt and of course we can give her a yellow bag to go with her outfit hey after this video let's go shopping Oh for hate you got it who are we going to be checking out now oh now we're going into the fat he says hey well let's start with the coolest candles around I love it when Barbie makes new Kindles so here's one oh here's another and another no B three are just some of the newest boys that RV is coming out with you can see them on the back of the package I am so excited about it look at this guy in this dude the process just so so so cool so let's check out these three here we have the Ken dolls oh oh so so excited I'm so happy about these okay let's start with this guy right here who is so so so cool and unique and the reason I'm saying that is because whoa check out that face sculpt it's a totally different look he looks so cool and look at his hair he actually has cornrows that he has inside of his hair that are molded in I love it so much I think that's a first for Barbie to have a kin like this at least I had never seen it so I think that he is so unique and just so awesome which I love I hope they do more Ken dolls like this because we need a variety of candles in the Barbie world and this is totally it this is so cool he's got this really cool little white shirt on with a black ties got these gray pants on and of course he's got these cool spicy silver shoes so it looks like they actually did a different body type for the kin too because he actually looks a lot broader than these two guys right here so I think they did something a little bit different as you can see his arm it looks just a little bit bigger on this guy he just seems a little bit bulkier this guy is way cool to look at that unique space all you've got this really cute little smile I love his hair look at how it just kind of fades down it looks just really really cool super sharp love love love his shirt he looks amazing with black pants on and his tan boots and of course we've got this Ken doll right here so cool look at him he actually has a little freckles on his face is that not the coolest love his hair has kind of long and off to the side here he's just really really cool he's wearing a little tank top that's really colorful you've got some denim pants on and he's that from white sneakers so so totally cool I cannot wait to see what other new Ken dolls Barbie comes out with because this is an absolute amazing amazing set of dolls so really cool we need lots of variety of boys in the Barbie world well what other fashionistas are we going to check out let's check out some of these girls right here I'll be select a tall girl so here's one and here's one whoa so they used to say it but these were the tall dolls but it looks like they're not saying them on the box but look at how tall they are in the box they go right all the way up to the top of the plastic here so let's check these two out whoa so here we go here are the two tall dolls she is awesome again I feel like this was just a really unique looking doll and loved her big big curls that she has in the color of her hair whose cactus dress is so cute I would so wear something like this and keep and bared it with these little boots – she looks like she's ready to go out and adventure out in the desert and look at how beautiful this one is she's really cool I love that she has her hair just kind of off to the side here she even has it kind of twisted and pulled right here very very colorful stripey dress she has a little white bracelet on and then check out these shoes oh I love the look at how high up they are they are super duper cool you know what I would them standing next to each other even though she has the SuperDuper tall boots on she's actually kind of normal-sized so she may actually be a normal sized Barbie but this one actually is a tall one you can see just how much taller she has been missed all right here so cool so here we had even more Barbies people kind of look like they're the average size so we got this one this one and this one hmm oh look at this one with her gorgeous gorgeous hair and this one too look at that color it's like a really soft orange realist check it out so let's start things off with checking out this girl right here Tao cool is she with her big puffy puffy hair I love it so so much it is so thick and just the way it feels it just feels absolutely amazing I think this all again is super duper unique and absolutely gorgeous loving the beautiful like purpley color that she's got going onto the top part of her dress it's got some flowers on it she has on a super duper cool golden bracelet ooh and these awesome awesome sneakers check out this girl look at that hair I don't even know how to describe this hair color it's like a peach meets orange it's just so gorgeous it's so pretty it's a really gorgeous color I love that you've got some bangs going on to the really cute face is like a denim dress that she is going on in town the patches and polka dots all over got this white watch on her wrist that goes perfect with her high-top sneakers and then now we have this girl right here kind of looks like the classic Barbie she's wearing a really pretty tweed outfit that has a little bit of some ruffle here right at the waist with shiny material I like that a little braided yellow bracelet and some white shoes or gray totally awesome right what are we going to check out now looks like a petite girl right here and right here whoops whoo so these ones just look a little bit more petite to me they look a little bit smaller than the average Barbie or some kind of regular size I can't really tell let's open them up and find out bro perfect open event so it's so cool again just like real people these new fashionistas come in lots of different sizes so this one is the petite one as you can see she's really short she's much shorter than the average Barbie so here's a regular sized Barbie you can see just how small this girl is she kinda has to like look up to Barbie so she's super duper short just like how I am so I know exactly how she feels especially when you pair her next to a tall Barbie look at how tall this doll is next to her there is a huge difference in sizes she comes like right up to her shoulder it's just so so so cool so I love that I love that they all are unique just like real people just adds to the realism I love it she's really pretty I love her face I love her dark dark dark brown hair there's a little bit of some highlights going on she looks like she's not ready to go on a boat ride and have like a complete nautical day because she kinda has like some sailboats and some like boat knots tied up right here for a belt so I'm getting a total total sailor theme going on from her and these cute red shoes so here we have the next girl and how cool is she I love the attitude that she's got going on you can really see her own unique style shining from this outfit I mean really it is super shiny so she's got like this overall skirt going on with this metallic e color to whisky do little side pony going on she's got a little headband absolutely gorgeous gorgeous face and look at these boots we made color boots it's so cool all right we've got one more collection of Barbie look at it looks like these are curvy girls so we got one right here look here look here whoa and here what so here we have all four of these girls right here looking so totally fashionable I can't even stand it let's check them out in more detail from you one so let's check out this girl right here who has this really really light platinum blonde hair I am loving it this color is so cool and I love how she styled it too she just pulled it right back here into a little ponytail and just let it just fall right back down into the rest of her hair just really really pretty she has a gorgeous gorgeous face like he's got little tiny stud earrings back there on her ears I think she looks mega trendy with this really cute like blue and almost looks like it wants to be a denim kind of looking like dress and she's got some red shoes on so she is way cool who is the next girl look at how smiley he is he's got two little pony tails going on on the side of her head which is really gorgeous pretty brown color it's almost kind of like an auburn brown she's got a gold heart necklace that's dangling over this really pretty butterfly babydoll dress and you gorgeous gorgeous kind of peachy orange color shoes oh this one is absolutely gorgeous she's so pretty I love love love her hair so amazingly beautiful redhead big big big green eyes she's representing girl power on her shirt and wild animal print too look at that skirt and cool black suit she actually came with a hat too that you can put right on her head just like that and the last fashionista girl we've got this girl right here now she has a really interesting face I have not seen a Barbie like her I just think she just looked different just really cool she's absolutely beautiful I love how she's going with a unique hairstyle with these two little kind of twist steps right here on both sides of her head here she kept it long in the back she's got a silver necklace kind of a little crop top that's on a one-shoulder and this Lacey pink skirt along with some white sneakers so all of these dolls I think are just absolutely way too cool I hope you cookie fans enjoyed this giant fashionista halt I mean aren't these Barbies just so unique and beautiful which is every single one of them I love each one of them and I love that they are just their own unique doll in their own unique way with their own unique style don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up I would love to hear from you please leave me a comment below so I can read it and I will fashionista see you guys in my next video bye awesome couch bans alright cookie fans who remembers which one of these dolls came with this little mini coffee cup do you remember is it the doll in the blue the gold or the grey bye cookies zero

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