Greece Islands summer 2018 | NEVERLAND


A travel vlog of our experience visiting the greek islands (Santorini, IOS, Mykonos and Athens). We explore the secret cove known as NEVERLAND. I wanted to capture the essence of spontaneity and friendship in this film, just going with the flow and living in the moment. Chasing moments, exploring new places and making memories with great people!

I really hope you enjoy this video and the message behind it, a ton of work went into creating it! Thank you endlessly for supporting my ideas and journey!

Summer 2018

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IOS: Cycladic Gem –

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50 thoughts on “Greece Islands summer 2018 | NEVERLAND”

  1. ı really really like your videos and your song choices they are really good combination for us .And ı wanna say that this video gave me so much energy about travelling and exploring new places so whenever feel down ı watch it again and again .Please keep doing this kind of videos .You are really good at editing and living this life 🙂

  2. Calvin I will settle for just you, I am 44 years old and have Multiple Sclerosis and my 25meter fly is right now 12-15 sec's I officially challenge you to a 25 meter fly, I am close to becoming a Paralympic swimmer but not enough money to get to you so you would have to come to me here in Canada‼️

  3. Love the video! You are honestly living my dream life, I also enjoy filmmaking and I am hoping to improve my skills whilst travelling in my gap year. I share your passion for swimming too as I used to swim in a club 7/8 times a week! Keep the edits coming but remember not to rush them 🙂 xx

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